When the right gemstones are used, it can interfere with your energies to regulate multiple chakra points, by which the physical and spiritual body is grounded. Using the century old crystal rituals below, you can charge the crystal to its maximum powers.

By activating the higher chakras, it is easy to uplift the physical and spiritual selves. Gemstones will purify you inside-out.

Crystal programming

The best method of charging your physical and emotional energies with gemstones is by programming it according to the chakra you want to clear. You can also charge a gemstone based on its own chakra powers by pointing at the chakra point.

Crystal massage

By patching the gemstone on the body with a hot towel or massaging it, you can help the energy rays penetrate the skin cells effectively.  Rub the gemstone gently in a clockwise motion on the affected areas for quick healing.

Crystal elixir or bath

If you mix healing crystals in water and solarize or lunarize it for up to 12 hours, the water will be imbibed with the powers of the gemstone. You must ensure that the crystal you use is susceptible to sunlight and water before doing so.

You can even consume the water or bathe in it!

Which gemstones to use for Detoxification of Body and Mind

The right gemstone for you can only be found by you. It is important to bond with a gemstone intimately before you work together in energy or healing works. We have compiled the best list of stones for various types of detox for the body and mind. Observe closely and purify every stone with a clear quartz before use!

1.      Amber

An amazing crystal used since centuries to heal the imbalance of lower chakras, Amber can be used to reinstate well-being of the body and mind. By activating the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, Amber also empowers the life force energy to revitalize the wearer by expelling toxins from the body.

2.      Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful gemstones used for protection, Black Tourmaline is renowned as an Earth Star chakra stone. It awakens the basal energy of the root chakra to introduce the balance of hormones and thoughts. When used on the lower chakras, black tourmaline can also protect the user from toxins in the future.

3.      Snowflake Obsidian

A beautiful gemstone in unique colors, Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful stone awakens the power of Third Eye chakra. As a result, Snowflake obsidian also boosts the powers of intuition in the user. It is an excellent stone for foresight and perception too.

When used for programming higher chakras, snowflake obsidian can help the user peek into the future too!

4.      Fluorite

Another incredibly powerful gemstone that awakens dual chakras of Heart and Throat, Fluorite is a physical detox gemstone. Fluorite wand when programmed with the higher and mid chakras helps to eject the toxins as well as the evil eye cast on the user.

Simultaneously charge heart and throat chakras to remove the emotional baggage sediment in your psyche effortlessly.

5.      Clear Quartz

Considered the Total Purification gemstone, clear quartz can relieve the negativity on your soul, physique and even the gemstones. Always wake up with a cleansing bath of clear quartz infusions or massages.

Clear Quartz is excellent to awaken the powers of Crown Chakra, helping in central detox therapy.

6.      Smokey Quartz

An essential stone for those who want to declutter negative thoughts, Smokey Quartz activates multiple chakras. It can awaken the Root chakra to introduce balance and harmony in life. In addition, the Solar Plexus chakra helps to detox the liver and food that you eat.

A gemstone for shamans, Smokey Quartz is an excellent detox therapy for the mind.

7.      Black Onyx

The base gemstone known to power the inner desires of a person, black onyx awakens many chakras. Black onyx guards the user and awakens the primary chakras of Root, Third Eye and Solar Plexus. It introduces the power of peace, insight and wellbeing in the wearer.

Black onyx can be used to repower yourself. It beckons protection in addition to personal growth and success.

Before you go …

Gemstones are all magical. In order to reap the effects you deserve, it is best to start by connecting with a gemstone that pertains to the problematic chakras. Healing crystals can rekindle the charge you lost through life.