Combining healing gemstones and stones is an art and improper combination does beckon disasters!
If you’re into wearing multiple gemstones all at once, you need to know what really happens when you haphazardly mix gemstones.

Do you know that apart from the environment, gemstones also pick up energy from each other?

Art of Wearing Multiple Gemstones

The golden rule to remember from the history of Gemstones is that it is forbidden to wear more than three gemstones at once in contact with one another. According to scriptures this leads to Gemstone Chaos.

What are the gemstones that you must NEVER combine

Metaphysically wrong stones, such as a crystal for enlightenment with love or opposing color energies must be put far away from each other. More importantly, gemstones repel each other when it is not bonded. It is for you to tune up the gentle and warm vibrations of your stones when wearing them as combination gemstone jewellery.

Active gemstones can undergo damage as well when fading of the powers when stored improperly.

8 Ideal Combination Healing Gemstones to Wear as Jewellery

Ever wondered, how many is too many with gemstones? If you’re a gemstones aficionado, you know what I mean. Moreover, combining the metaphysical properties of healing stones is not an easy task.

In addition to wearing gemstones with same energy vibrations together, we will tell you perfect Gemstone Combinations to make magic happen!

·         Chakra Stones

The best combination gems to try are the 7 Chakra generator stones. You can either wear your jewellery with multiple stones or multiple crystal jewellery on seven different chakra points.

·         Agate and Carnelian

A comforting gem, Agate gels well with Carnelian, the gem of warmth and fulfillment. The unique vibration of both the gems brings auspicious beginnings, productivity and success.

·         Birthstones

Each of us is born under the sacred 13 constellations (NASA found one more in early 2016) or zodiac signs that represent each of our birth chart and hour. For every zodiac, there are at least 6-7 healing stones and wearing these gems one or all at once is beneficial too.

·         Peridot and Garnet

Related to self-empowermentcourage and security, Garnet is a bright stone that is highlighted often with Peridot, the crystal of Emotional Balance. Together, Peridot and Garnet can relieve emotional traumalack of self-confidence as well as the pain of suffering too.

·         Citrine and Smoky Quartz

Citrine promotes healing of the kidneys and digestion while Smoky Quartz eases mental blocks such as depression to fear and negativity. Inner peace and strength are the key adjectives to define the combination of the two powerful gems citrine and smoky quartz.

·         Labradorite and Sapphire

Blue to the core, both the gorgeous healing gems are ideal for bringing harmony within your body as well as around. Ideal for success, fame, health and wealth, the combination of Labradorite and sapphire brings good fortune too.

·         Amethyst and Ruby

A stone for pleasant and gradual healing, Amethyst silences anger and boosts passion and Ruby boosts your focus. Together, Amethyst and Ruby harnesses immense power as well as enlightenment and peace.

·         Fire Opal and Emerald

An ideal stone to wear with your office wear early every morning, Fire Opal and Emerald together can heal nerve related disorders too. A medical combo that everyone must have, Fire Opals and Emeralds have complementing energy vibrations.

·         Topaz and Aquamarine

The best combination that puts you on par with your spiritual mission, Topaz and Aquamarine helps to calm down and attain peace. It eases up tension around you and keeps you away from harm as well as negativity.