Healthy hair is the result of lifestyle to genetics and pure luck, at times. However, when you use the healing energies of gemstones to your hair therapy, voila! You have a total hair cure in your hand. Explore the most effective gemstones for growing hair within a week!

Gemstones for Hair Growth Explained

Our experts wanted to find out how gemstones actually added to healing hair problems. The results were shocking. And, now we want to share our gemstone wisdom for saving you from hair problems forever. Get started already!

Why use Gemstones for Growing Hair?

When you make use of gemstones for stimulating your scalp, gemstone rays energize it. Hence, your hair cells are loaded with nutrition to grow your hair and keep it healthy from dandruff or split ends. Healing gemstones for hair loss also prevent baldness and thinning hair. It is essential for people living in vulnerable places where the UV rays are toxic.

How to Use Gemstones for Hair Growth?

There are many ways to use gemstones for growing your hair. We will show you the top 4 ways to use healing gemstones for growing your hair.

  • Gemstone programming

When you use positive mantras or chants to activate the chakra energy, it is called programming. You can use the power of your will to program healing gemstones for manifestation.

  • Gemstone Wand Massage

The most powerful tool for hair therapy, gemstone wands can be rubbed directly on the hair or just above it for healing your hair problems.

  • Gemstone Elixir

You can create activate water with the gemstone energies of your choice under the divine light of full moon. It will work as a powerful hair serum!

  • Reiki Healing for Healthy Hair

When you use the positive energy of a Reiki Master for hair therapy, it can revitalize your hair and smoothen it.

  • Gemstone Hot Hair Treatment

Follow the regular hot air treatment for hair with oil and hot towel. One change, keep the gemstone wrapped on your crown chakra too!

Which Gemstones for Growing Hair works well?

Why are gemstones for hair effective? Are gemstones effective for growing hair? Why do beauty experts use gemstone infused hair products for shiny hair? Get all your questions about gemstones for growing hair answered right away!

  1. Black Onyx

From baldness to dry scalping and lice or dandruff, black onyx is the total protection stone for hair. Use it every day to nourish your hair and it will grow strong.

How to use Black Onyx Gemstones for Growing Hair

  1. Take your black onyx in hand.
  2. Clean/ Cleanse/ Purify it.
  3. Soak it in moonlight overnight.
  4. Use the infused water to wash hair.

Best Gemstones with Black Onyx for Shiny Hair

If you use black obsidian and howlite with black onyx, you can power uproot chakra and crown chakra too. It will make your hair shine for days to come!

  1. Clear Quartz  

It helps to purify your hair from dead cells, grime, and dirt. The clearer your Clear Quartz is; stronger your hair grows.

How to use Clear Quartz Gemstones for Hair Growth

  1. Take your Clear Quartz in hand.
  2. Purify it.
  3. Charge it using sunlight.
  4. Use the infused water to wash hair.

Best Gemstones with Clear Quartz for Shiny Hair

If you use yellow topaz and selenite with Clear Quartz, you can power up mid chakras and higher chakras too. It will make your hair strong and thick!

  1. Mookaite Jasper

A balancing gemstone that protects your hair, Mookaite Jasper gives stamina and strength to your hair. It helps to stimulate new hair too.

How to use Mookaite Jasper Gemstones for Frizzy Hair

  1. Take your Mookaite Jasper in hand.
  2. Cleanse it.
  3. Massage in circular motions on your Frizzy hair every day.
  4. Repeat for 7 days.

Best Gemstones with Mookaite Jasper for Shiny Hair

If you use snowflake obsidian and rose quartz with Mookaite Jasper, you can power up heart chakra and root chakra too. It will prevent hair loss by nourishing your hair!

  1. Smoky Quartz

One of the best stones for dandruff and frizzy hair, smoky quartz kills the toxins and microbes in your hair. It is excellent for lice as well. Smoky quartz affirmations can restore the shine of your hair too.

How to use Smoky Quartz Gemstones for Dandruff  

  1. Take your Smoky Quartz in hand.
  2. Clean it.
  3. Charge it using positive mantras.
  4. Repeat 7 times daily.

Best Gemstones with Smoky Quartz for Shiny Hair

If you use carnelian and peridot with Smoky Quartz, you can power up solar plexus chakra and higher heart chakra too. It will make your hair soft and tangle free!

  1. Moonstone

One of the warming stones is considered the best healing stone for thinning hair problems. It can strengthen your hair by coating it with moisture to prevent breakage. Moonstone gemstones for hair thinning work on all types of hair.

How to use Moonstone Gemstones for Thinning Hair

  1. Take your Moonstone in hand.
  2. Smudge it with sage.
  3. Energize Moonstone with yoga.
  4. Repeat for a week in different poses.

Best Gemstones with Moonstone for Shiny Hair

If you use ruby and lapis lazuli with Moonstone, you can power up heart chakra and third eye chakra too. It will make your hair lush and moisturized throughout the day!

  1. Orange Fire Opal

One of the fiery stones for total hair problems, orange fire opal can also make your hair shine. It is a powerful stone that rejuvenates your hair using kundalini energy from within you. It can heal split-ends and make your hair tangle free.

How to use Orange Fire Opal Gemstones for Split Ends

  1. Take your Orange Fire Opal in hand.
  2. Detox it.
  3. Soak it under a black
  4. Use the infused water to wash hair

Best Gemstones with Orange Fire Opal for Shiny Hair

If you use jade and azurite with Orange Fire Opal, you can power up heart chakra and third eye chakra too. It will make your hair frizz and dandruff free by protecting it!

  1. Sunstone

Better than any hair serum, sunstone infused water is considered a hair serum of priceless benefits. Use it every day before bed to restore the shine and health to your hair.

How to use Sunstone Gemstones for Growing Healthy Hair

  1. Take your Sunstone in hand.
  2. Purify it.
  3. Keep it in a Tibetan Singing Bowl.
  4. Visualize the hair you want.
  5. Repeat before bed for 7 days.

Best Gemstones with Sunstone for Shiny Hair

If you use amethyst and coral with Sunstone, you can power up crown chakra and heart chakra too. It will detox your hair and revitalize it from the roots!

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