Not all gemstones, but some contain toxic metals that can react with water when you use it. I have compiled a list of toxic gemstones you must not use to make gem elixirs or gemstone infusions of any kind. I’ve also added the toxic substance in each gemstone so that you can decide which gemstone rituals best fits it.

Toxic Gemstones Not to Use in Gem Elixirs

Which gemstones contain toxic elements? Is ruby toxic? Is garnet toxic? Why is moldavite not recommended for gem elixirs? Why not use selenite in water? Get all your answers cleared right now.

  1. Alexandrite

As Aluminum is a toxic mineral present in alexandrite gemstone, it is toxic for making gemstone elixirs.

  1. Amazonite

Traces of copper are opulently present in Amazonite making it too dangerous when dissolved in water.

  1. Aragonite

You will find Calcium Carbonate in aragonite and hence using it for elixirs is not recommended.

  1. Aventurine

As Aluminum is prominently present in aventurine, red, green, white and all varieties of aventurine are incompatible for using in elixirs.

  1. Azurite

Never use azurite to make gem elixir as it contains trace amounts of copper inside.

  1. Beryllium

It is important to avoid making elixirs with beryl group of healing gemstones as it contains carcinogen that can affect you.

  1. Blue Sapphire

You must not use blue sapphire gemstones to make gem elixirs because it contains Aluminum.

  1. Boji Stones

The prominent stones for prayers, boji stones are filled with sulphur and hence not recommended for use in elixirs.

  1. Chalcopyrite

Presence of Copper Sulphide in chalcopyrite makes it unworthy for using in gem elixir or any water infusions.

10. Chrysocolla

Another gemstone that is toxic with Copper Sulphide is the teal blue chrysocolla. It is toxic in water.

11. Cinnabar

The source of Mercury, cinnabar must be worn with care. It contains high amounts of mercury and must be kept away from water and skin.

12. Dalmatian Jasper

As Dalmatian jasper contains the toxic element aluminum, it must not be infused or used with water.

13. Dioptase

A unique stone, dioptase is toxic as it contains the substance Copper Cyclosilicate.

14. Emerald

It is best to avoid using emeralds in gemstone baths or elixirs as it contains traces of aluminum.

15. Feldspar

You must not use feldspar group of gemstones in water because it contains the toxic substance Aluminum.

16. Fluorite

One of the corrosive gemstones, Fluorite must never be soaked or even touched in water as reuse can cause infections.

17. Garnet

The stone of sacral and heart chakra, Garnet contains the toxic element Aluminum and are hence toxic in water.

18. Gem Silica

You must not use gem silica for creating infusions as elixirs as it contains Copper.

19. Hematite

The earthy stone of truth, Hematite easily rusts even though it is not a toxic gemstone. Avoid using hematite in water!

20. Iolite

Iolite is another gemstone that contains toxic traces of aluminum. Hence, you must not touch water on iolite.

21. Kunzite

It is best to keep the gemstone kunzite away from gem elixirs as it contains the toxic substance Aluminum.

22. Labradorite

Due to the presence of aluminum, Labradorite is not a good choice of gemstone for bathing or gem elixirs.

23. Lapis Lazuli

The beautiful indigo stone of night is toxic in water as it contains pyrite with traces of sulphur in it.

24. Lepidolite

Aluminum is the chief cause of toxicity in gemstone Lepidolite. Keep away from all gemstone rituals involving Lepidolite and water.

25. Malachite

It is best to keep malachite away from rusting factors including moisture as it is toxic due to the presence of copper.

26. Moldavite

The spectacular natural glass stone, green stone or moldavite contains miscellaneous toxic substances and must not be used for gem elixirs.

27. Moonstone

You must not use moonstone gemstone for making gem elixir as it is a toxic stone with traces of Aluminum in it.

28. Morganite

Another stone with Aluminum, morganite must never be used to make gem elixirs.

29. Prehnite

Aluminum is the culprit behind the toxicity of the gemstone prehnite too.

30. Pyrite

A gentle grounding stone, pyrite contains Iron sulphide and hence, it is considered highly toxic for gem elixirs.

31. Ruby

Due to the presence of Aluminum in ruby gemstones, it is best to stay away from ruby gemstone infusions.

32. Selenite

As selenite tends to break off into tiny parts in water, it is best not to use selenite infusions or yoni eggs.

33. Serpentine

Another toxic gemstone to avoid making gemstone infusions is serpentine because it contains Asbestos.

34. Smithsonite

You must not use smithsonite for gemstone infusions or baths as it contains traces of zinc and copper in it.

35. Sodalite

It is wrong to use sodalite elixirs as it contains toxic substance aluminum which can cause severe deformities when dissolved in water.

36. Spinel

Stay away from spine infused cosmetics and elixirs as it contains the dangerous element Aluminum in it.

37. Sugilite

As the crown chakra stone sugilite is observed to contain Aluminum, it is toxic to make infusions and gem elixirs.

38. Sunstone

Stay away from goldstone or sunstone as it contains Aluminum, which is toxic in gem elixirs.

39. Tanzanite

The rare and precious indigo stone of light, Tanzanite is highly toxic in water as it contains Aluminum.

40. Topaz

Due to the presence of Aluminum in topaz, it is best recommended to stay away when you’re making gem infusions.

41. Tourmaline

Aluminum is the silent killer in tourmaline and hence, considered a bad choice to infuse in water.

42. Turquoise

Both Aluminum and copper are found in the teal blue stellar stone of truth turquoise. Stay away from infusions of turquoise for throat chakra.

43. Unakite

As both the toxic substances Aluminum and Zirconium are present in the gemstone unakite, it is unfit to be used for gem elixirs.

44. Zircon

It is best to stay away from zirconium in zircon due to the high toxicity of the substance.

45. Zoisite

Another toxic gemstone that contains Aluminum is zoisite. Hence, never use it to make gem elixirs.

What can You Do with Toxic Gemstones?

Not all gemstone react with the skin, water, oil or oxygen in the air and can be worn freely. However, in case of doubts, check the list above for the list of toxic healing gemstones before using it for gem elixirs.

You can use these toxic gemstones


Wearing gemstones with aluminum does not expose you to toxins. Just ensure you do not splitter-splatter water on it.

Feng Shui

You can avoid toxins due to direct contact such as touching by using toxic gemstones for feng shui around different parts of the house.


For many gemstone rituals, all you need to do with gemstones is keep them around you. That’s zero contact with you physically, right?


You can also use gemstones for interior designing to enhance the looks of your home or cabin.

Every gemstone is different. The doses of toxic elements in healing gemstones vary from gemstone t gemstone.