Why does my gemstone change colour?

Gemstones often change color. Heck, there is a collector’s edition rate for best healing gemstones with maximum changing color effects. Explore the world of gemstones and color changing including the true meaning of the reality when your gemstones change color!

What does Color Changing Mean in Gemstones?

Optical illusions due to the difference in light when passed through unique gemstones lead to color changing in gemstones. While our forefathers checked color changing gemstones using sunlight, modern day laymen check with incandescents, which are inappropriate. To understand the meaning of gemstone changing color, you need to look at the effects of multiple color changing lights on healing gemstones.

  • Sunlight

The most commonly available light even sunlight leads to gemstones changing color. Alexandrite is one such stone that reacts to sunlight to change from green in the day to red during lack of sunlight, at night.

  • Ageing

Stones kept out in the open can change color if their MOHS hardness is lesser than that of Quartz (7). Due to its presence in the air, quartz can suck out the luster of healing gemstones and fade its color.

  • Iridescence

Iridescence refers to the ability of a gemstone to change color when viewed from the angle of light falling on the stone. The same is why iridescent stones change color when you look at it from different sides. Common examples of iridescence in gemstones are seen in Opal and Labradorite.

  • Chatoyance

The ability of a stone to create a slit like light in its center, looking akin to the eye of a cat is called chatoyance. A commonly seen illusion in gemstones, chatoyancy is seen in gemstones of all kinds from moonstones to rose quartz.

  • Opalescence

The shine of whitish opal is referred as opalescence. It tends to make the gemstone shine in all the seven colors. Opalescence, as you might’ve guessed, is seen in opal gemstones. Now, you know why opal gemstones change color!

  • Asterism

The property of a stone to create a star like effect on its surface due to light is called asterism. It is also known as star-effect in healing gemstones. Emeralds are seen with the most prominent stars that form black bold strokes on the green emerald called Trapiche Emerald.

  • Adularescence

Called the Schiller or shiller effect is often seen in moonstone. Adularescence is termed as a bluish loght or glow that roots from the bottom of the gemstones to cover it in the sheen. It looks like the sky in a palm!

  • Labradorescence

When labradorite shows a black base with metallic colors, it tends to have Labradorescence. The optical illusion in labradorites creates a metallic paly of fire with colors such as yellow, orange and red.

What to do when your gems are changing colors

Gemstones are natural gifts from Mother Nature. They are alive and change color according to the seasons, heat, cold and even based on your body temperature. Heard about mood rings right? Hence, when your gemstone is changing colors, stay calm. Believe that evolution is happening and the change will guide you too. Moreover, color changing gemstones mostly return to their original colors soon!

Don’t worry if your healing gemstone is changing color. Observe and compare it with the 9-pointer chart below!

  1. Yellow

Yellow stands for the solar plexus chakra, the middle chakra that guards you. It translates into wellbeing, power and balance in the wearer. If your gemstone changed color to yellow, believe something good is en route!

When you’re working with yellow chakra, try to get outside to blend with the yellow in nature as well.

  1. Red

Red stands for the Base Chakra. It controls everything to do with your body from your balance of the physical reality to your emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. If your gemstone changed to red, something that will change your life comes closer.

When you’re working red chakra, try to find the safest place in your house or outside around it.

  1. Orange

Orange stands exclusively for Sacral Chakra. It controls the sexuality and virility of your body, mind and soul. Fertility brings the youth of the spirit and the body and orange gemstones do just that. If your gemstone is changing to color orange, your love life or sex life is about to be hit with positive energy!

When you’re working with orange chakra, ensure you’re in the safest place inside your home, preferably in the bedroom, where you can sprinkle the healing energy without leaking.

  1. Pink

Pink stands for the heart chakra. It controls your compassion, kindness, love and respect towards yourself as well as others. Pink brings the power of oneness with the cosmos and every power around you. If your gemstone is turning pink, your true love might come home or you might find the best moment of your life soon.

When you’re working with pink chakra, ensure that you’re outside. The open air, wind and earth will help to amplify the energy you’re charging into you.

  1. Violet

Violet stands for the crown chakra, one outside the body and the third eye chakra, the one that connects you to the future. Crown and third eye chakras are the most powerful and the ethereal chakras in the human body. It brings the power of divination, intuition and insight. If your gemstone is turning purple, it’s time to chase your destiny as it must be getting closer.

When you’re working with crown and third eye chakras, choose the sacred most place. It must in the open, preferably under the full moon energy surrounding you.

  1. Green

Green stands for the Heart Chakra, in your heart. The heart chakra is the gentlest chakra of all. Green has higher heart chakra energy than pink as it attracts more than romantic love. If your gemstone is changing color into green, believe that you’re going to be at peace really soon about something important bewildering you since long.

When you’re working with Higher Heart chakra, choose the bedroom or a gemstone ritual that boost the heart chakra like programming, massage or pendant therapy.

  1. Blue

Blue stands for the Throat Chakra, which manages your physical voice to inner sense. Throat chakra helps kindle the communication skills of a person.  It controls how confident you are as well as surrounding chakras such as third eye and heart. If your healing gemstone is changing color into blue, you will find the truth finally that you’ve been searching for.

When you’re working with Blue chakra energies, it is best to choose a place you can speak your mind out without getting disturbed or by people around you.

  1. Black

Black stands for soothing and protection. It powers the base plus higher chakras to calm your body and divert the evil. When you’re in times of dire need, gemstones can change color in black to protect you.

When you’re working with any gemstone, it is best to use black gemstones or even brown gemstones along with it.

  1. White

White stands for purification as it is powered by the Crown chakra. As it comes from outside, the divine energy cleanses and changes gemstones. Use outdoors when powering white gemstones!

Before you go …

Gemstones are offerings from the womb of mother earth. Blend with it and appreciate the changing colors of your gemstones.