What Makes Gemstones For Hope So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One?

Hope is not an emotion, but a quench for satisfaction and peace. Hope is alive when there is a purpose to life. Interspersed with destiny and fate, hope is not a derogatory virtue. It helps to grow optimism and self-confidence in people.

When gemstones are used to instill hope, it can affect the heart to mid chakras to influence the emotional status of your mind.

How to Use Gemstones for Hope

You can activate many chakra points in the body using the potent energy of gemstones. By using gemstones for rituals that awaken your emotional, spiritual and mental energies, you can eradicate hopelessness permanently.

The gemstones will also teach you to live a fulfilling life by influencing your destiny- making decisions.

  • Solar Infusions

When a gemstone is kept under the sunlight for up to ten hours within a bowl of water, the liquid becomes energized with the powers of the gemstones. It goes without saying that you must never keep a gemstone that fades under sunlight! But, compatible gemstones create gem elixirs with solar infusion.

  • Lunar Infusions

Akin to the above, if you keep a gemstone in a singing bowl under the moonlight throughout the night, the water will be charged with the gentle energizing powers of the moon as well. Lunar infusions are particularly powerful when made under the full moonlight.

  • Gemstone Patch

When a gemstone is tied to a specific chakra on the body, the energy rays actively penetrate the skin and charge the chakra point for further healing.

  • Gemstone Yoga

Once you hold or place the gemstone on your chakra points during Yogasanas, you will charge the gemstone more powerfully than ordinary programming. You can also place the gemstone on your yoga mat for best results.

  • Gemstone Programming  

Holding, placing or pointing the gemstone at a specific chakra while simultaneously activating it with affirmations are called gemstone programming. Learn more about it here!

Which Gemstones or Healing Gemstones to use for Hope

Once you lose hope, life becomes meaningless. Often we focus on the wrong corner of life that we miss seeing the light of hope opposite to our vision. Gemstone energies will help you find peaceemotional happiness, and freedom through opportunities that will transform you into a hopeful person.

  1. Rose Quartz

One of the essential gemstones for activating the true power of home. Rose Quartz works by dissolving the hatred in your heart. It resolves anti-social mentality by emanating true love in the higher heart of the wearer. It can instill hope with the help of divine love.

  1. Aventurine

Yet another gemstone to awaken the heart chakra energy, Aventurine works by activating your energy of compassion and kindness. Using aventurine to program your heart chakra helps you forgive your oppressor and attract opportunities in life. Always keep an aventurine in your pocket so that you can hold it whenever you feel as if the hope is draining away.

  1. Amazonite

A throat chakra gemstone, Amazonite is excellent to vent out your negative thoughts. It helps you relieve the emotional baggage by sharing your fears and anticipations. Thinking aloud is the key ritual that makes Amazonite the best gemstone for hope.

  1. Candle Quartz

Another heart chakra gemstone, Candle Quartz helps to heal woes of the heart. If you’ve lost your faith in love and goodness, candle quartz is all you need! It will restore your faith in good will and attract true love towards you.

  1. Citrine

A focus gemstone that helps you remove distractions, citrine activates multiple chakras. From making you intuitive to receptive and perceptive, citrine activates the life force energy of the Sacral chakra. When programmed with the crown chakra, citrine can reveal your destiny and reinstates hopefulness in the user.

  1. Emerald

A gorgeous heart chakra stone that also fills you with love, emerald is a stone for the confused. It comprises of a hypnotic color energy that soothes the wearer from all pain. It can be carried in the pocket or worn as a jewellery to offer permanent protection against evil eye and curses too.

  1. Topaz

One of the little known healing gemstones for hope, Topaz is a third eye stone that instils the ray of enlightenment in the wearer. Ideal for those who’ve dealt with traumas and unfathomable loss, Topaz helps you in showing the fate and the road you’re headed to.

  1. Tourmaline 

Another protective gemstone that repels the curses from the user, Tourmaline is a stone of immense power. Black tourmaline can balance the physical and mental self quickly in times of distress. Wear a black tourmaline on you at all times to activate the root chakra energies.

What we recommend …

Hope is vital to living a life of fullness. If you feel jaded or lost in life, use gemstone for hope to restore your mental and emotional quench for positivity. Gemstones for Hope will stand right by you!