Purple and Violet Colour Energy….

When you’re working with Purple and Violet Colour Energy, you must know that you are dealing with the energy of your own spiritual awakening!

This colour energy will bring passionate feelings to the fore. It will also awaken the magic in your life.

It has a variety of effects on your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Purple and Violet have long been associated with feminine grace, elegance, royalty, and beauty.

This colour energy also suggests magic, mystery, uniqueness, and strength.

It’s a colour that has very strong calming effects, and it can trigger your creativity and imagination.

If you’re always drawn to this colour and it has become your favourite colour, here are some important things that you should know about how it can make an impact on you!

Why Would You Use Purple and Violet Colour Energy?

Purple and Violet Colour Energy signifies creativity, awareness, integrity, and sensibility.

This colour energy is about being deeply influenced by inner knowing.

It’s about being someone dynamic who will assert their morality to promote and teach respect for all life.

When you have a Purple and Violet Colour Energy, it means that you are guided by your mind’s eye and you are led by your heart.

This colour works primarily from the third eye. It’s highly intuitive and can impart a wide range of arcane knowledge!

The insights that you will get from this colour will help you see the pathways of limitless potentials and possibilities.

It is not uncommon to know that Purple and Violet Colour Energy may hold the important answers to life’s mysteries!

This colour energy can absorb and process new pieces of information quickly, like in Lepidolite.

If you possess Purple and Violet Colour Energy, you may have a tendency to be overwhelmed by the vibrations in your environment.

When it comes to this colour energy, everything will be experiential that your way of relating to others is through the use of similes and metaphors.

But your channelled prophecies and revelations will be delivered on point!

When you possess a Purple and Violet Colour Energy, you are brave and bold with your honesty.

You wish to serve as an example of testing your limits and breaking down your barriers.

You are very outspoken when it comes to correcting social injustices, doing your part as a functioning member of society, and quickly setting the record straight.

Having this particular colour energy means that you are clear with your convictions, and you know the right thing to do.

People with this colour energy sometimes have trouble understanding the reason why other people don’t understand the same knowledge the way you do.

You may also feel alienated or ostracized from society, and you just want to disappear for a while so that you can regain your balance.

A Purple and Violet Colour Energy indicates that you are very intuitive and aware.

You harness your vision, wisdom, and leadership qualities and harmonize them with different kinds of healing arts.

You feel a sense of obligation to elevate your spiritual vibrations of humanity so that you can heal and nourish the planet.

This colour energy is fascinated with collective consciousness, cosmic connection, and overall cooperation.

When you have a Purple and Violet Colour Energy, your approach to almost everything in your life is holistic.

You possess an intimate understanding that everything can be interdependent and connected.

As someone with a Purple and Violet Colour Energy, you believe in the proper alignment of energies between body, mind, and spirit.

You believe that this is a catalyst for powerful change.

It will encourage you to participate in pursuits that will keep all three balanced, and to facilitate your personal and spiritual growth.

Purple and Violet Colour Energy carries both physical and spiritual presence. It represents your well-being and your sense of oneness and unity.

How Will Purple and Violet Colour Energy Help You?

When the energy in and around your body becomes blocked or out of balance, it can manifest as physical ailments and mental stresses.

Purple and Violet Colour Energy will make sure that everything is working as it should, and that your energies are enjoying a healthy and continuous flow.

Purple and Violet Colour Energy and Wealth

Purple and Violet Colour Energy has always been associated with the good life. It symbolizes power, luxury, ambition, and elegance.

When you work with this colour energy on a regular basis, you will also be inspired to achieve more with your God-given talents.

You will be motivated to make your dreams come true, and you will not let a little hiccup on the road stop you from trying!

Purple and Violet Colour Energy, Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, Purple and Violet Colour Energy signifies good judgment.

It’s the colour that represents your desire to achieve fulfilment in all aspects of your life.

It is said that if you surround yourself with this colour energy, you will achieve peace of mind and happiness in your heart.

This colour energy also represents your purpose.

When you work and embrace this colour energy, challenges will not seem as difficult, and even the simplest things can give the best kind of happiness.

Purple and Violet Colour Energy will make you more focused.

When it comes to the things that happen between you, your significant other, and your relationship, you will be more active and dynamic.

It will inspire and motivate you to be the best kind of partner and to impart the best kind of love.

This colour energy also has a very strong grounding effect, like in Tiffany Stone.

How to Use Purple and Violet Colour Energy for the Best Results

Harness your Purple and Violet Colour Energy when you want to use your creativity and imagination to the fullest, or when you need to calm your over activity.

If you’re going through a difficult phase in your life, performing a gemstone therapy with a purple and violet gemstone can help you deal with your current situation.

Use it when you need to regain the balance in your life and remove the obstacles in your path.

Wear anything purple when you want to establish an air of mystery about you, or when you want to live in a fantasy world for a while!

Just remember that too much purple and violet is also not good. Too much of this colour can aggravate depression in some people.

If you’re vulnerable to depression or depressive moods, use Purple and Violet Colour Energy in small amounts only.

The Best Combination to Use with Purple and Violet Colour Energy

Purple and Violet Colour Energy symbolizes power, leadership, wealth, passion, respect, and spiritual goals. It’s calming, refreshing, and pacifying.

It has also come to symbolize independence, success, wisdom, and psychic ability.

It is suggested that wearing or carrying purple and violet gemstones will strengthen your generosity and inspire inner strength and creativity

This colour energy will also grow your wisdom and enhance your artistic talents.

You can wear violet gemstones as a standalone, or you can combine them to amplify their energies.

Try wearing Stichtite, Purpurite, Charoite, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Fluorite, or Amethyst.

You can also wear Rubellite, Tourmaline, Spinel, Lavender Chalcedony, Purple Agate, Purple Topaz, Purple Garnet, Purple Sapphire, Tanzanite, Jasper, or Tiffany Stone.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Purple and Violet Colour Energy

Purple and Violet Colour Energy relates to your imagination and your spirituality. This energy will stimulate your imagination and inspire high ideals.

It’s a reflective colour that will allow you to get in touch with your inner self and your deepest thoughts.

Purple and Violet Colour Energy will guide you as you seek the meaning of life and achieve spiritual fulfilment. It will expand your awareness and connect you to a higher consciousness.

This colour energy is associated with your soul’s transformation!

It represents your future, your dreams and your imagination. It will also inspire you and enhance your psychic abilities.

It will give you spiritual enlightenment while also keeping you grounded.

This colour energy is also associated with the fantasy world and your need to escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

When it comes to this colour energy, you’re the daydreamer escaping reality!

Purple and Violet Colour Energy will promote harmony between your mind and your emotions.

Achieving this kind of balance will contribute to your peace of mind, and to your thoughts and activities.

It will inspire a selfless and unconditional love that’s devoid of ego. It will encourage you to be more compassionate and sensitive.

It will encourage creative pursuits, inspiration, and originality.

Violet and Purple Colour Energy will remind you to be unique and independent because there are just so many copies in the world.

This colour has power. It possesses a rich quality to it that demands attention and respect.

Purple and Violet Colour Energy will make you reach for your dreams, and it will show you how you can be more confident in your own skin!