Empowering Gems

Gemstone jewellery has been worn for thousands of years for several reasons; to display wealth, show status or for its beauty. Furthermore, special beliefs have long been associated with gemstones. For example, jyotish gems are gems that relate to Vedic astrology, gems are referred to in the Bible and some gemstones have traditional significance in Islam. When it comes to Crystal Therapy, the energies of certain materials are believed to have healing powers. Furthermore, particular gem types or colours are associated with specific properties. For example, colourless quartz is thought to promote healing.

With the modern world comes a demanding lifestyle and greater stress. At times, it can be difficult to fulfil all of the tasks that are required of us and keep our mind in balance. Confidence is an important and necessary quality for success in both professional and private life. Indeed, positive thinking can help to bring about a favourable outcome and a healthy dose of self-esteem can lead to decisive, definite and positive actions. In some ways, self-confidence can be said to be at the centre of all aspects of our being, and it is something that we should look for within ourselves, rather than expect others to provide. According to crystal healing beliefs, there are several stones that can assist us with self-empowerment.

Alexandrite is a rare and special gemstone that has interesting colour properties. First, it is a colour change gem that changes from greenish in daylight to reddish under incandescent light. Additionally, it is a pleochroic gem, which means that it can show different colours, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Alexandrite is thought to help increase the wearer’s self-confidence and bring peace to the mind. For those who were born during the month of June, alexandrite is a birthstone.

Citrine is a sunny yellow member of the quartz family of gems. It is an affordable gemstone that can be easily found in large sizes. Citrine is believed to be a useful stone when it comes to business. More importantly, citrine is associated with the relief of fear and self-doubt. Citrine is also the astrological stone for Sagittarians. Another quartz gemstone that is said to help self-esteem is rose quartz. This is a light-pink crystal which tends to have a translucent milky colour. Rose quartz is connected with love and healing, especially unconditional love. Aventurine is a variety of quartz with a green glittery appearance caused by fuchsite and hematite. It is an important and powerful healing stone for self-confidence because it is thought to bring about feelings of well-being and promote courage.

Of the “precious gemstones”, diamond and ruby are most associated with self-empowerment. Diamonds are believed to have the ability to amplify emotions. Therefore, if there is some self-confidence, diamond can enhance and intensify this. There is also a longstanding belief that diamond can help its wearer to achieve victory. Diamond is the official birthstone for those born in April and has been marketed as the stone to give for an engagement and marriage. Red rubies have long been associated with love, but when it comes to the chakras of traditional Hindu belief systems, ruby is concerned with the energy of the self. This is why ruby is a great gemstone for realizing the power within oneself.

Garnet is an important gem type, which has many varieties of almost every colour in the rainbow. Furthermore, it is a wonderful jewellery gemstone for its hardness, durability and availability in many colours. When it comes to the crystal healing properties of garnet, it is associated with feelings of security and stability. Therefore, garnet gems are good for promoting self-confidence. For those who were born