The amazing benefit of Moonstone rings….

You might think the diamond is the most popular stone, but the fact is moonstone has been widely popular as a jewelry since the earliest millennia. Why is moonstone so popular? It has something not many other gemstones have- adularescence. The floating blue light of moonstone catches attention quickly however you look at it. But what else does it do to the body and mind? Can moonstone guarantee marital bliss when worn by the couple? What is the best way to wear a moonstone ring? Get all your questions answered!


Made from orthoclase feldspar, moonstone is a shiny stone that was once believed to have fallen from the sky. Some other feldspars you might know are amazonite, labradorite, and Sunstone. The soft milky white stone with blue shimmers is a gentle stone, often cut into cabochons for the maximum dazzle.

When you wear a moonstone, you might feel butterflies in the stomach or head. Don’t worry. This is just the third eye and sacral chakras awakening in your body. Besides balancing higher and lower chakras, moonstone is a feminine stone often worn by mothers for protection.


Do you know moonstone was once called Aphroselene? In Greece, it was called aphroselene as it activated powers of Goddesses Aphrodite and Selene of the beauty and moon, respectively.

Indus valley civilization believed moonstone to open the third eye and Europeans saw visions in moonstone when gazed under the full moonlight.

One thing you can find common with all the above lores is the moon. That’s why, today, the shimmering blue-white stone is called the moonstone.


If you were born under the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Libra, wearing moonstone will clear your hurdles in your life. Other than zodiac signs, if you’re trying to attract the power of the moon, gem moonstone will be perfect for you.

When you know next to nothing about astrology, moonstone can still help you if you’re in the service industry as a doctor, teacher, hospitality or management. That’s not all folks. For depression to emotional instability, moonstone ring has many benefits. So, read on!


Moonstone is best worn on the right chakra. However, as moonstone activates multiple chakras, it is best to activate your chakra and wear a gemstone jewelry that keeps you connected with multiple chakras all the time.

That’s why nothing beats a moonstone ring as you can activate multiple chakras with the moonstone ring.


The best time to attract and utilize the benefits of moonstone is by wearing your rind during the full moon. Moonstone localizes your chakra energies to align with that of the moon to purify and rejuvenate your mind.


If any of the below benefits is what you want, you need to wear moonstone rings too.

Protection during Motherhood is a unique feature of using moonstone rings. The best variety of moonstone when you’re pregnant is rainbow moonstone. It will align your reproductive cycle with the moon and help in fluid retention common during pregnancy and menstruation. From bonding better with your baby as well as keeping the health intact, moonstone rings for pregnant women work wonders to make your delivery easy too!

Traveler’s Talisman is what our forefathers called moonstone. They wore moonstone when going on long voyages and journeys across land and sea. If you’re a hiker or biker, moonstone ring can keep your step steady and avert dangers. For those hunting for their destiny too, moonstone can be a guide. For long road trips, activate and keep a moonstone in your glovie.

Stress Buster effects of moonstone work by resetting your brain. The flooding of cortisol leads to stress and the main cause is negative thoughts. Rubbing the moonstone on your third eye chakra will show you soothing visions. Creamier the moonstone, better your perception and intuition will be, thus reducing anxiety!

Sexual Health is your right. It is a physical yet spiritual communion that can decrease in strength due to age or life events. Suffering from low libido is the sign of a sacral chakra out of place. What moonstone does when you use it as a couple is raising your sensitivity and levels of oxytocin, the love hormone. If sexual health is your goal, use a moonstone egg in your bedroom!

Peace and wisdom are other bonus benefits of wearing moonstone. It relaxes and comforts you to discover more about yourself. When you wear moonstone for activating higher chakras, you will find naturally attracted to knowledge and enthusiastic to learn. That’s why moonstone for kids are great, same as for adults going for interviews!

Angelic Communication is not far-fetched if you ever had visions with a moonstone. Did you know if you keep a moonstone in your mouth on a full moon night, you will see your future? It happens because moonstone connects with Goddesses Nyx and Selene of night and moon to commune with your guardian angels when you use it as a scrying mirror.

Insomnia will never bother you again if you keep a moonstone under your bed. It flushes out the sleep debt from your body and resets the circadian rhythm. If you have sleep disorders such as waking in the middle of the night or sleep apnea, moonstone can help you relieve it forever. For kids who find it hard to fall asleep, keep a moonstone under the pillow or hanging at the window of the bedroom.


Amethyst with moonstone detoxes the body and opens your spirit to new dimensions by aligning crown and third eye chakras.

On the other hand, Rainbow Moonstone with alexandrite can help you let go of emotional burdens easily.

While white moonstone and Labradorite enhances clairvoyance and astral travel, with turquoise, moonstone becomes a confidence booster stone that can see into the future.

Even though moonstone does nearly no harm even if you’re completely opposite, zodiac signs such as Aries or Leo. That’s because wearing the moonstone will find the spontaneity of the Aries and egotism of Leo unbearable.

If you wear a moonstone ring on your left-hand ring finger, you will find your true love easily!