Feng Shui: Healing Gemstones for Garden

Regardless of how big your garden is, you can apply feng shui tips and tricks to create a thriving and blossoming garden that reaps you fruits, flowers and vegetables with thriving energy. Feng shui healing gemstones for Garden are compiled after practical experiments on what works.

Our post will show you everything you need to know about gemstone for a garden based on Feng Shui.

Why Feng Shui for Garden

Feng Shui governs, manages and regulates the free flow of energy for goodwill, wellness and positivity. If you ever wondered if there were a weapon to stop the unexpected disasters in your backyard garden, now is the time to dig it up and transform it for good.

  • Protection

Feng shui gemstones can help to stop parasites and weed in your garden when used every day. It will protect your garden from large scale disasters too.

  • Powerboost

Ever wanted to have a miracle fertilizer that could empower your plants without harming the soil? With gemstones, all you need to do is touch the plans every day or program the gemstone in the middle of the plants.

  • Nutrient absorption

Gemstones can also make your lovely plants become nutritious and healthy, in case it is attacked by plant diseases, just like us humans. All you need to do is use gem elixirs regularly to strengthen the roots of your plants!

How to use Gemstones for Garden Feng Shui

Using gemstones for feng shui of your garden is effortless. All you need to do, find the right place to place your gemstones for a free flow of positivity.

  • Burry it in the Middle

Dig a tiny hole and bury the gemstone in the middle of your garden. Don’t forget to keep a marker plant for ease of shifting it next time.

  • Decorate it in the Corners

You can also place protection gemstones to prevent diseases and disasters from harming your garden.

  • Program it at a Place

A temporary podium for the gemstone also works to facilitate growth energies in your garden. All you need to do is, charge the gemstone with chakra rituals or grid before placing it next to your highest priority plant.

  • Gem Elixirs

When you soak a gemstone in a bowl of water under the warm rays of the sun or the breezy winds of the moon, the water gets charged. All that is left to do is shower the gem elixir on your plans to boost their powers of growing!

The Right Healing Gemstones For Garden with Feng Shui Tips

Finding the best healing gemstone for your plants is not an easy job.

So we decided to help you out by showing you the best gemstones for the garden.

Using these healing gemstones in the garden will guarantee you double the harvest, mind you!

  1. Moonstone

Ideal to negate the geopathic stress that affects the plants, moonstone is a cleansing gemstone filled with the powers of Crown, Third Eye and Sacral. The potent gemstone must be placed in the middle or four corners of your garden where all the plants can energize from its healing powers.

  1. Clear Quartz

Another supra-potent purification gemstone, clear quartz is the stone for protection. It is a crown chakra gemstone that prevents weed and other attacks in your garden when used as a gem elixir.

  1. Tiger Eye

One of the best stones for boosting your backyard garden growth, tiger eye is excellent for preventing diseases too. It is a multichakra stone empowering solar plexus and sacral chakras that pulls your destiny closer to you.

  1. Boji Stones

A grounding gemstone ideal for people who love flowers, boji stones in flower pots is excellent to boost nutrient absorption by the plants. It balances the yin and yang energies!

  1. Malachite

One of the most compassionate gemstones for activating higher heart chakra, malachite helps to attain peace too. It will help your plants harmonize with one another and the energies of the environment.

  1. Citrine

One of the higher chakra gemstones capable of grounding the plants, citrine is a crown chakra gemstone that will prevent negativity from harming your garden. Being a sacral and solar plexus stone, it will protect you too.

  1. Moss Agate

If you see an agate where you can spot plants, fruits or flowers, it is built for empowering the feng shui of gardens. Keep it buried in the middle or with a wind chime to reap the best harvests!

If you love your plants, you will try every way to save them from visible and invisible threats. Gemstones will serve you for both purposes without any charge.