How to remove negative energies with gemstones….

Have you ever felt like a dark aura is following you or has cursed you? With the help of the ten sacred gemstones below, we will teach you how to remove negativity forever.

In our age, there is a rat race for fame, fortune and even pollution.  If you’re not smart about cleansing your mind, body and soul, irreparable damage can happen due to the heaping negativity around us.


Since ancient times, our ancestors have used healing crystals to remove bad aura, evil eye and harm from their life. When used with your workspace, bedroom or house, the same crystals can rejuvenate your property with positive divine light by dispelling negativity.


By bringing together the inconsequential entities onto the physical self, amber realizes 100% positive in the wearer. Not only does it absorb the negativity, but also shields the user from all harm.


A powerful stone passed through history as the miracle purple, Amethyst can dispel nightmares and absorb negativity away from your life. Crystal advocates vouch that amethyst wearers are blessed with healing chakra holes as well as cleansing.


Yet another astounding protection crystal with humongous power, black tourmaline heals your tears of the mind and consoles the woe. Wearing black tourmaline on you also accentuates positivity by repelling negativity.


Black crystals amass great power to absorb sadness, negativity and toxins. If you believe negativity is haunting you, wearing black obsidian or carrying it always on you can keep you safe from the darkness.  The gorgeous stone attacks enemies as strong as its flawless shine.


A crystal with subtle color energy, smoky quartz is excellent for people suffering from severe confusions towards life. If you’re tired of being scared of people to things, smoky quartz can help you find reality once again. If you believe your psyche is affected by negativity, smoky quartz can even release you from demonic possessions.


A lovely crystal with lovelier energy values, Quartz is perfect to push negativity out of the way.  In addition to displacing negativity, quartz also attracts happiness and abundance to the wearer. Quartz helps in filling the wearer with the vitality of life as well.

Quartz crystals are blessed with a protecting coat to their aura as the crystal also seals your aura from danger.


Another potent healing crystal with soft color energy, jade is a magnificent crystal to keep your children safe from negative energies. Jade protects kids from bad company, negative influences and pain too. Wearing jade strengthens one’s aura to automatically deflect negativity with inner peace.

·         CITRINE

The bright color of citrine crystals is as radiant as its power to spurn negative auras. Wearing citrine or keeping it in contact with your skin warns you against harmful auras to keep you safe at all times. Citrine when used during meditation bonds with the wearer and keeps the aura pure.


Powerful crystals effect fast and emphatically. The best way to repel negativity is to program a fluorite wand against negativity every night prior to sleep. Fluorite is capable of keeping diseases as well as pain away.


A traditional and trendy way to cleanse your space from negative energy, HPS or Himalayan pink salt is a magic tool. Cleansing allergens, dust and toxins out of a space using hygroscopy, Himalayan salt lamps are affordable and natural dehumidifiers.

Negativity when neglected heaps up into malignant mental agony. If you have hidden pain and negativity within your heart, banish them using the powerful crystal above.