Gemstones that guarantee peace of mind

For centuries, gemstones have been used for changes within people as well as the environment. Gemstone Energy can amplify based on how you program the healing stone. Using the right stones to meditate will help you gain clarity over confusions and emotional turmoil.

Encompassed in the secret energies of mother earth, gemstones are extensively used for healing works pertaining to the mind. If you’ve been craving for peace and serenity in your life, buy any one of the nine following crystals for tranquility.

1.      Smoky Quartz

A brilliant crystal that absorbs negativity by helping your mind let go of the emotional baggage, Smoky Quartz releases stagnant energy within your body and mind. Flushing out the old energy and resentments also revitalizes you with a new peace.

2.      Citrine

Carpe Diem is a reality when you wear Citrine as it is the ultimate stone to help you separate reality from dreams. Prosperity and abundance are not the sole trademarks of Citrine, but also contentment.

Keeping Citrine Tumbled Stones close to you at all times also protects you from negativity, so remember to carry it everywhere on you.

3.      Larimar

A unique, famous and ideal stone for establishing peace in and around you, Larimar removes mood swings flawlessly. Wearing Larimar also promotes the power of intuition and simultaneously helps in taking calm decisions.

4.      Blue Sapphire

From  experience to actions and reactions judge the resulting peace or lack of peace, of mind. Blue Sapphires is the gemstone of the God of Saturn. For heightened calmth and mental peace, Blue Sapphire is a good luck charm that shields you from danger and nerve-wracking episodes.

5.      Amazonite

A pleasant and calming stone that soothes anyone who touches it, Amazonite brings down your stress by giving you a personal treat for your time. Meditating with Amazonite is helpful for people haunted by guilt, remorse and jadedness with life in general.

6.      Blue Lace Agate

Known as the absolute gemstone for contentment and satisfaction, blue Lace Agate has powers to calm the nerves as well as help hot tempered people. The gentle energy of Blue Lace Agate promotes tranquility in addition to activating your throat chakra.

Blue Lace Agate is popular as the highest spiritual stone too.

7.      Rose Quartz

Quartz is a remarkable healing stone with powerful human traits such as love and compassion. Rose Quartz is excellent for relieving stress as it promotes healing of the heart chakra, which also spreads love in your aura.

8.      Carnelian

Yet another powerful earth gemstone with ambient powers, Carnelian is ideal to relax your mind, make the brain secrete more melatonin as well as serotonin. Wearing Carnelian regularly also boosts decision-making abilities as well as a psychic shield. One of the top crystals that can guarantee happiness, Carnelian impregnates you with deep inner peace.

Keeping a Carnelian Reiki stone in your palm during meditation every day will transform your peace!

9.      Topaz

A healing stone for emotional freedom and balance, Topaz is revered excellent throughout history for being a relaxation stone. Topaz is excellently grounding for people who are heated or sentimental too long.

Spiritually, Topaz signifies peace, tranquility and love.

10.  Bloodstone

A rare and sacred stone used for multiple ailments throughout history is bloodstone. The unique shade of the crystal resonates a vivid color energy that energizes you and put a stop to lethargy. When in doubt or introspection, using bloodstone helps to clarify your dilemmas and think crystal clear!

11.  Black tourmaline

A protective crystal, that must be in contact with your skin at all times, Black Tourmaline meditations are unbending to the spirit and body. It shields you against harmful electromagnetic radiations that can disturb your sense of peace.

Regular wearing of a Black Tourmaline Pendant is ideal for removing emotional disturbances as well.

Before You Go …

Healing gemstones are effective on your mind as much as your physical body. The powerful energies of a gemstone are potent to penetrate your skin as well as thoughts. If you bond with a stone or two, follow a ritual of healing baths as well as program your gemstone regularly, you will have peace in no time! Healing Crystals must be cleaned regularly to clean the negativity absorbed and charge the power.

Stay Powerful!