Gemstones for Empaths

Why Is Gemstones For Empaths Considered Underrated?Empaths are people who can detect sensitive vibrations of energy, easily. They can empathize quickly and spread cheers in a wink. The right healing crystals and gemstones for empaths will uplift their supernatural powers and help to balance life with other activities.

Our combination of gemstones for empaths will help them regain balance and mediate with the higher realms!

What can gemstones do for Empaths

Gemstones are used since ages to interfere with energy rays and frequencies to tap into the chakra powers of the human body. By using powerful rituals such as energy grid, programming, and solarisation, you can harness the potent powers of healing crystals for your good too.

–          During times of Difficulty

Using a gemstone to recognize the energies around you during moments of physical or mental weakness can significantly reduce the energy load on an empath.

–          Better Responsiveness

When you’re feeling ill or cursed, your supernatural aura will also escape. To ensure that your powers of empathy remain strong, use a gemstone for boosted power at your disposal.

–          Stability and Enhancement of Powers

With regular programming of higher chakras, an empath can tap into the powers of the spiritual plane and higher realms. You can also attain stability and health by neutralizing the imbalance of chakras within you.

Gemstones for Empaths

Empaths live through life with a heightened sense of belonging, unlike ordinary people. Empaths are not superhuman, but better than the humankind we come across every day. Below you will find the complete details on how to use gemstones and healing crystals for your empathy powers.

1.      Amethyst

One of the grounding gemstones known to imbibe stability and healing to the users, Amethyst activates the powers of the higher chakras. It is an intuitive stone that can dispel curses, evil eye and negativity from the wearer by raising intuitive vibes.

2.      Black Tourmaline

A powerful gemstone capable of protecting you and keeping you alive, Black tourmaline is also a psychically endowed with higher powers. It awakens the ethereal chakra of earth star in addition to the base. Black tourmaline can help you get even, with your past life karmas too.

3.      Lepidolite

A superior gemstone capable of unlocking divinatory traits in the wearer, Lepidolite is a crystal that awakens the crown chakra powers. It can help you discover the destiny as well as hidden potentials. Lepidolite is renowned for being the direction gemstone as it helps people find meaning and direction in life.

4.      Rose Quartz

One of the unique gemstones to empower an empath, rose quartz helps to let go of past life pains and struggles too. Rose quartz must be worn as a jewelry to relieve your mind from the heaps of negativity you’ve absorbed as an empath from the people you talk to.

Rose quartz will help an empath become more charismatic to others by emanating powers of divine love around.

5.      Malachite

A gemstone of motherly love, malachite is renowned for being the heart chakra stone that revives people from pain and suffering. For empaths, malachite can help to reinstate belief in life and compassion. It is considered a higher heart stone that can help to decode happiness that applies to your life.

When kept around the office or entrance of the house, malachite can help to instill feelings of harmony too.

6.      Hematite

A base chakra gemstone ideal to put your life back on feet after a trauma or grave incident of importance, hematite rekindles liveliness in life. It is a gemstone of higher powers as it can find answers to any number of questions or problems.

When used to program the lower chakra, hematite can find opportunities and destiny easily for the user.

7.      Citrine

An intelligence stone with a history of being magical, citrine is a multichakra gemstone. It activates the divination chakra of solar plexus for health, life force via sacral chakra and intuitive powers via the crown chakra. It is widely believed that citrine can help to recall memories of the past life as well as promote telepathy when used by empaths.

Grab yourself a citrine right away to check if you’re an empath too!

8.      Aventurine

Another heart chakra gemstone, Aventurine is a stone of love. It helps to spurn negativityand dissolve feuds. Aventurine palm crystals are excellent by feng shui to attract harmony, leave, health and wealth too.

9.      Quartz

One of the most important gemstones for empaths, often a dusting of the soul using the ultimate purification crystal of quartz is more than enough too. Quartz empowers of the other gemstones and must be used to clean every stage during crystal healing.

In a Nutshell

If the gemstones above inspired you as an empath, grab one and check your powers of sensitivity right away. Gemstones, when used by empaths, can often open new portals to life.