Do healing gemstones really work you may well ask?

If you’re wondering whether healing gemstone magic is just placebo and hearsay, you’re far from wrong. Gemstones and healing gemstones contain powerful energies capable of changing the physical, the emotional and spiritual status of a person. This post is for all those who are digging for real facts that make healing gemstones a genuinely powerful gift from nature!

What is the Science behind Healing Gemstone Effects on Physical Body?

According to vedas and scriptures, chakras based around the mid-riff, activates the chakra of wellbeing. Science says when you activate the middle chakra, it penetrates the energy surrounding you and the chakra point. Called the ultimate chakra for all physical ailments, mid chakras are powered by the solar plexus chakra.

The third chakra in the physical body, solar plexus chakra is located at the diaphragm and is represented by the triangle facing down.

Physical ailments cured by healing gemstones

Physical disorders can be cured by using specific chakra stones for your ailments according to the nearest chakra to it. Chakras can heal physical disorders such as Obesity and high cholesterol. It can bring down your appetite and balance the high blood pressure. For those suffering from a stomach ulcer, solar plexus stones are a relief.

How to Use Healing Gemstones for Physical Healing

  • Gemstone patch: All you need to use healing gemstone patches is tie the healing gemstone of choice with a silk cloth around the affected area.

 Gemstone Massage: It is easy to give a gemstone massage. It helps to penetrate the chakra points more efficiently than gemstone patches.

 Gemstone Amulet: A talisman made of a healing gemstone or collection of gemstones to protect you is a healing gemstone amulet.

 What is the Science behind Healing Gemstone Effects on Spiritual Body

According to the esoteric science of healing gemstones, Higher Chakras are the centre of empowering your spiritual body. Spiritual peace and balance are necessary to attain peace and enlightenment in life. It can be harnessed using healing gemstones when you charge or activate the higher chakras.

Higher chakra activations also boost astral travel and spirit communication and Christ consciousness. The core higher chakras that result in the said effect are Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakra.

Spiritual ailments cured by healing gemstones

Spiritual disorders such as lack of purpose, feeling, love and enthusiasm for life are the key imbalances. When you use healing gemstones for spiritual healing, your inner eye opens up. It also leads to communication with your guardian angels.

How to Use Healing Gemstones for Spiritual Healing

  • Gemstone Programming: By charging the gemstone with your mind or will power is gemstone programming.

 Gemstone Meditation: When you meditate with the healing gemstones in the vicinity, it is referred as gemstone meditation.

 Gemstone Yoga: Yoga is empowering. When you add healing gemstones to your yoga mat, you can dispel much more negativity than you did otherwise.

 What is the Science behind Healing Gemstone Effects on Emotional Self

When you use gemstones on the lower chakras, your emotional energy is uplifted. Chakras such as root, sacral and heart chakras are the key to your emotional well-being. Healing gemstones do so by charging your life force and truth energy.

The combination of multiple lower and mid-chakra energies lead to peace and contentment in life too.

Emotional ailments cured by healing gemstones

You can get rid of guilt, heartache and endless pains by using emotionally powerful healing gemstones. Core emotional disorders to heal with gemstones are broken heart, lack of love, cold behaviour, anger, temperament issues and lack of empathy.

How to Use Healing Gemstones for Emotional Healing

 Positive Affirmations for Gemstone: By using positive sentences that re-emphasize your intentions, you can charge healing gemstones for emotional wealth.

 Gem Elixir: By infusing the gemstone power in water, you can make gem elixirs on a full moon. All you need is a healing gemstone and Tibetan singing bowl to get started. ·        

 Gem Bath: All you need to make a gem bath is drop the healing gemstone in the bath tub. Have a soak for 30 minutes and you will be revitalised and refreshed!

 My Verdict on Healing Gemstones

Finding faith is the toughest thing in the world. If you have no faith in healing gemstones, there is no point in using them.