Gemstones for eternal marital bliss……

Whether you are planning a gemstone wedding or the blessing of Feng Shui for your wedding, the right gemstones can not only get you married to your soulmate, but also boost the love between couples. Picking the right gemstones can help you find your love as well as marry under the amorous moon with the true blessings of ‘Happily Ever After’!

Gemstones for Getting Married and keeping the fire alive in your relationship

In addition to the extravagant flowersaromatic candles and ornate satin, adding the shimmering glimmer of gemstones to your wedding will bring the best of luck to your love life.

Have you had the trouble of emotional baggage in your past? These gemstones can lift you up and seat you next to your true love.

To start with, clean your bedroom and prepare a sacred place for you to harness your love.

  • Carnelian

A gemstone known to raise your bodily vibrations to match the love fate, Carnelian is an incredible healing gemstone with multiple effects on one’s love life. A quintessential stone for keeping the hearth aflame in a relationship or marriage, wearing carnelian activates yours heart chakra to attract your beloved too.

  • Rose Quartz

A complete package for ones in search of true love, Rose Quartz raises your love vibrations, heals your emotional wounds and helps you recognize your true love even amidst hundreds or thousands of people. Rose quartz can be used as a yoni egg or twin gemstones to keep your fidelity in a marriage.

Try Rose Quartz to attract love in your life through Feng Shui.

  • Peridot

An incredible growth gemstone to place close to your mind, Peridot also aligns with the love fate, helping you find your true love even if you two are star-crossed. Wearing Peridot regularly vitalizes you with solutions and methods to grow in a relationship than head towards a breakup.

A gift of Peridot jewellery to your partner if you’re celebrating the 16th year of marriage!

  • Pink Tourmaline

A significantly powerful colour energy that envelops couples and protects their unbreakable vows, pink tourmaline gemstone is one of the traditional engagement rings, making it perfect for lovers looking to propose. Pink tourmaline brings good luck, happinesscontentment and joy to couples.

If you’re newly married, you should try a pink tourmaline ring for emotional and spiritual oneness in your relationship.

  • Blue Sapphire

Dreaming of a happy married life is your right as a married man or woman. Getting the right gemstones to keep your goal alive begins with the ancient marriage stone called blue sapphire. The prominent engagement ring usually seen circled around diamonds is excellent for a long-term married life and was seen on Princess Diana.

If your marriage is under a serious test, gift something with Blue Sapphire to your partner and wear one yourself to dispel all the negativity and rekindle the fire between you.

  • Turquoise

The gemstone in trend, popping up on brides all around the globe, turquoise can be embedded in a wedding dress to bless your holy matrimony too. If you’re about to marry or married, keeping the turquoise gemstone in your bedroom or wearing as a jewellery can keep couples committed in marriage.

Try turquoise for spiritually uniting your communion and shielding the bond from evil eyes.

  • Ruby

From Romeo to Juliet and history’s famous lovers, Ruby has been a dear stone kept close to the heart chakra for a successful marriage and love life after. If your love life is barren, sleeping with a ruby stone such as this will pull your lady love closer to you.

Gift a ruby which signifies a genuine bond between couples tested in time.

  • Malachite

A gorgeous stone that stands for the challenges faced in a relationship, malachite is a conventional gift for couples married since 13 years. Malachite blends emotional upheavals and confusions to clarify your mind using the higher chakras.

Meditate together as couple holding malachite before bed to inflame your love and romance.

  • Pearl

Mother of healing gemstones, pearl is one of the prettiest and perfect gemstones that provide emotional fulfilment to couples in times of distress and ailments. Pearl stands for feminine energy and helps to transform a rough relationship into gentler or softer shades.

Pearl stands for love and honesty in a relationship. Gifting a pearl is considered a good omen to when in marriage or a new relationship.

The flame of love is lit by natural causes but gemstones can clarify the mind of couples to keep the love amidst them alive and kindled. Gemstones that create marital bliss are the same that guarantee long-term romantic happiness.