Gemstones by Color: Pink Healing Gemstones

What are pink gemstones? How different are they from red gemstones? Explore the complete guide on Pink Healing Gemstones from chakra to the zodiac and metaphysical healing and mantras. This is all you need to activate pink healing gemstone energies. Ready to unlock the healing gemstones of love and compassion? We’ve added the positive affirmations for each gemstone to help you activate the pink gemstones quickly!

Color Meaning of Pink Healing Gemstones

Pink is often used to represent, heart, love, romance and happiness with the heart chakra.

Chakra of Pink Healing Gemstones

Heart and Higher Chakras;

Zodiac of Pink Healing Gemstones

Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius;

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations

Garnet is a sacral chakra gemstone often used with pink gemstones for passionate romance.

Ruby is another heart chakra gemstone often used to enhance the libido and physical attractions.

Clear Quartz is a purifying gemstone often used to relieve mental agonies.

Pearls are another clan of healing stones from the bed of the ocean and hence gives calmth when used with pink gemstones.  

Diamonds are the strongest gemstone that offers confidence and trust when used with heart chakra gemstones.

Healing Properties of Pink Healing Gemstones

What are the advantages of using pink healing gemstones? For those using pink stones or gemstones, the following metaphysical powers and qualities of pink gemstones will startle you! Explore the physical, spiritual and emotional healing powers of pink gemstones.

  • Physical Healing of Pink Healing Gemstones

Pink gemstones activate the chakra of the heart and hence are ideal for a variety of heart related disorders. It can cure many blood diseases and improve the stamina of the wearer. Moreover, pink gemstones also bring down bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Emotional Healing of Pink Healing Gemstones

For those going through breakup, divorce or separation, pink gemstones can help. It is capable of getting over heartaches and guilt to seek forgiveness. When used regularly, you can also attract your true love with pink stones. Gemstones in pink color also boost compassion and kindness in the wearer.

  • Spiritual Healing of Pink Healing Gemstones

From a divine connection with your guardian angel to attracting the soulmate, pink healing gemstones are incredibly powerful. It can help you create love potions and love spells that churns harmony. The peace giving pink gemstones are also ideal for feng shui as well.

7 Pink Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in pink shades for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list. Use these gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of pink healing gemstones now.

  1. Rose Quartz

Pink gemstone of ultimate powers, pink healing gemstone rose quartz is a superb gemstone for all types of heart chakra problems. It can attract your true love and get rid of heartaches from the past. Rose Quartz also helps you forgive your oppressors with an open heart. Connect with your guardian angel by wearing pink healing gemstones on your heart.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Rose Quartz

  • Take a Rose Quartz
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m love. Everything around me makes me lovable”.
  1. Pink Fire Opal

The heart of romance and divine love that permeates the universe, Pink Fire Opal is a stone of fiery love. It can bring alive your lost passion and libido in seconds. If you want a pink gemstone that acts quickly to attract your love or activate the heart chakras, pink opal is the stone you need.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Pink Fire Opal

  • Take a Pink Fire Opal
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m fire. Everything around me blazes my love”.
  1. Pink Tourmaline

Another healing gemstone of love, pink tourmaline envelops you in ultimate love. It is a gemstone that gets you the love you deserve. Pink tourmaline helps in attracting your true love. Once used as a love talisman, you can wear pink tourmaline to find your true love and be noticeable to him.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Pink Tourmaline

  • Take a Pink Tourmaline
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m ultimate love. Everything around me centralizes my powers of love”.
  1. Rhodonite

Another healing gemstone filled with heart chakra energy, rhodonite is a compassion stone. It can be used for romantic and familial love. The manganese silicate stone is often seen as a blend of black and pink shades and is perfect for expecting mothers.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Rhodonite

  • Take a Rhodonite
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m kindness. Everything around me makes my kindle in love”.
  1. Ruby

Pink ruby is yet another unique stone filled with the power of heart chakra. It can make you fall in love and realize new frontiers of your relationship. Ruby is a stone for growing couples and can be used to double your passion for each other.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Ruby

  • Take a Ruby
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m passion. Everything around me enhances my feelings”.
  1. Rhodochrosite

A stone much like rhodonite, rhodochrosite is powerful to attract romantic love than that of family. It harmonizes the vibes around by helping you understand each other. In addition to connecting your wavelengths, rhodochrosite also makes the wearer and people around, humble.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Rhodochrosite

  • Take a Rhodochrosite
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m compassion. Everything around me makes me humble”.
  1. Pink Fluorite

Yet another pink gemstone full of love energy, pink fluorite is a stone of many feats. It empowers love and helps to protect it from the evil of infidelity. Pink fluorite in the bedroom is ideal as a feng shui pink healing gemstone too.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Pink Fluorite

  • Take a Pink Fluorite
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m nurturing. Everything around me nourishes me”.

Before You Go …

From how to use pink healing gemstones to when to use, we have described the complete metaphysical and astrological powers of pink gemstones.

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