What no one tells about Making a Healing Gemstone Patch

Do you know that people keep their healing gemstones in their bra just to have the good heart chakra energy throughout the day? Really odd right, but trust me, that ship has sailed. The way healing gemstones penetrate and interact with our auric energy is what drives us to healing. Explore the reality behind the little know gemstone healing method of Healing Gemstone Patch for direct and quicker healing!

How to Make a Healing Gemstone Patch

To make a healing gemstone patch, you need to follow a handful of directions.

  • What you need to make a healing gemstone patch
  • Silk cloth long enough to tie the healing gemstone around the affected around without issues.
  • Healing Gemstone of Choice based on the chakra anatomy of healing gemstones.
  • Ways to Make a Healing Gemstone Patch
  • In the next five minutes, take your healing gemstone and learn how to make a healing gemstone patch that penetrates and heals your physical disorders.
  • Take your healing gemstone in hand.
  • Now take a quartz or Tibetan singing bowl to cleanse it.
  • Rub the healing gemstone on the affected around while chanting the positive affirmation to heal the area.
  • Now, take the silk cloth and snugly tie the gemstone onto the affected area. It will prevent the healing energy from leaking or losing focus.
  • You can also run it through the full moon light before tying it on the affected area for better effects.

Which Gemstones to use for your Healing Gemstone Patch

Now that you know how to make a healing gemstone patch, it is time to see the right stones for healing your body based on the anatomy of chakra gemstones. Remember to use gemstones only after cleansing the leftover energy within them. You can use a quartz gemstone and positive affirmations to do so!

  1. AMETHYST for Crown Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

Are you feeling hot in the head? Perhaps your eye hurts. Whatever be your problem around the area of Crown Chakra, Amethyst has a cure for it. Even if your problem is that of addiction, tie an amethyst healing gemstone patch on the crown chakra to oust it right away!

  1. FLUORITE for Third Eye Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

Scion of inner consciousness, fluorite is a third eye chakra healing gemstone to awaken the divine consciousness too. Fluorite Wands are excellent to penetrate and empower the third eye chakra. It can also be used to heal a wide variety of ailing parts around the third eye chakra.

  1. BLUE SAPPHIRE for Throat Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

Are you feeling shy or low on self-esteem when you try to talk your heart out? Use the stone of articulation and clairvoyance, blue sapphire for throat chakra problems. It can heal the respiratory tract and enhance your voice as well as courage.

  1. ROSE QUARTZ for Heart Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

The ultimate healing gemstone of love, rose quartz is a heart chakra gemstone. Whether you’re blue or broken, rose quartz can mend your sorrows. Just tie a rose quartz healing gemstone patch around your chest to see the impact quickly!

  1. TIGER EYE for Solar Plexus Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

Feeling uneasy or unwell in the stomach? For all your problems of well-being and mid-body disorders, tiger eye works best as it healing the Solar Plexus Chakra. Tiger Eye is the stone of physical health and you must use it every day before night for physical health.

  1. GARNET for Sacral Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

If you’re feeling low on life force, also called the Kundalini Energy, it is time for Garnet Healing Gemstone Patch. It will cleanse you from negativity by empowering the life force energy within you. Gemstone patch for Sacral Chakra is also ideal for disorders of the reproductive system.

  1. Red Jasper Root Chakra Areas to Tie the Healing Gemstone Patch

Want to find the secret to peace? It habits within your root chakra. Located at the pelvis of your body, this is the striking point that fuels balance and stability in life. If you feel you’re losing control of life, root chakra healing gemstone patch of Red Jasper can heal you inside-out.

Red Jasper is the stone of contentment. It does not hypnotize you, but awaken you to seek destiny. Root chakra gemstones are good for disorders beneath the pelvis area of the body.

What we recommend

Are you ready to make gemstone patches? Add your own collection of  Gemstones for your DIY Healing Gemstone Patch!

Healing Gemstone Patch is excellent to penetrate and heal chakras that are difficult to cleanse due to the sediment negativity on it. We recommend using healing gemstones regularly to keep your chakra charged!

Stay powerful~