12 Gemstones that are a must have for woman….

Gemstone power can aide a woman in difficulty with vehement power. Some of the most notable women of our civilization from Cleopatra to Medusa and Beyonce are also Gemstone Aficionados.

  1. Turquoise

A complete package for welfare and prosperity, Turquoise Gemstone wearing women also get freedom from negativity and fear. The protection gemstone is a grounding gemstone that also increases creativity in women and particularly helps in problem solving during mood swings.

  1. Amber

A powerful healing gemstone in the hands of a woman, Amber is a gentle stone ideal for hot-tempered women. The self-healing stone is effective for women who suffer from disillusionment and delusional thoughts.

  1. Amethyst

A defining gemstone, Amethyst is renowned throughout history in the hands of the most powerful and attractive women. Amethyst reveals destiny when worn by women and even creates a powerful medium of communication with your spirit guide.

  1. Jasper

Popular as the nurturing stone, Red Jasper is ideal for women aspiring motherhood. Red Jasper renews your aura and de-stresses women like an amplifier. For women who have been subject to abuse and trauma, Red Jasper helps to recoup effortlessly.

  1. Amazonite

Commonly known as the Artist’s Stone, Amazonite is a stone of truth and self-love. Amazonite must be worn by women suffering from insecurity as it is prominent for boosting the self-esteem. Women who wear Amazonite are bold, courageous, fearless, determined and positive sans greed or similar other negativities.

  1. Ruby

Gemstone aficionados call Ruby a stone for the vitality of life, while the truth is that Ruby is a healing stone that boosts passion and liveliness amongst jaded women. If you feel like your life is going nowhere at times, a dash of Ruby will get you back to earth easily.


For career-minded women looking for professional success, carrying a citrine gemstone in the vanity bag or wearing underneath the executive wear can bring wonders. Citrine is known to pump enthusiasm, force creativity and make the wearer optimistic.

  1. Onyx

For women suffering from fatigue and lethargy, Onyx can be just like the fictional drug ‘Limitless’. Exclusively beneficial for a girl who just hit puberty or women going through menopause, Onyx healing stone keeps emotional balance if you’ve a habit of getting too sentimental.

  1. Aventurine

Perfect for women trying to make a mark as leaders in this male dominated world, Green Aventurine can bring huge success. From endless promotions to stunning new roles, Aventurine can transform women to empathize more as well as develop a strong voice for a leader.

10. Sapphire

The most gorgeous of all healing gemstones, Sapphire is ideal for orators or women who are trying careers involving public speaking or celebrity-like presence. Sapphires are excellent for women who are suspicious of their partners. Wearing Sapphire builds marital bliss and promotes compassionate vibes around its wearer.


Yet another powerful growth gemstone with powerful green colour energies, Tourmaline is excellent for women who find it hard to concentrate when learning. Women who regularly wear green tourmaline are best for women who are academicians or researchers as Green Tourmaline cultivates concentration and the innate urge to learn forever.


The stone of hope, Topaz is excellent for women who are depressed by failures such as that of a marriage or an intimate relationship. Topaz helps in bringing abundance and wealth in addition to true love.


Coloured Gemstone Jewellery – add some pizzazz to your wardrobe

Coloured gemstone jewellery is an excellent way to add a beautiful splash of bright colour to any wardrobe or overall look. A sapphire necklace, ruby pendant or understated emerald bracelet is ideal way to bring a subtle and elegant touch to even the most mundane outfit.

When choosing gemstone jewellery, there are several factors someone should take into account. Such factors include the amount of money you want to spend as well as your colouring and clothing sense of fashion. Good quality emeralds, sapphires and rubies are available for all budgets and in many varied styles that can fit into any personal clothing preferences.

One of the primary considerations in choosing pieces of coloured gemstones are whether or not you want to buy individual pieces or a set of pieces. A set of jewellery means each individual piece matches the type of the other pieces in the set. Many companies sell matching sets that consist of a matching ring, necklace, bracelet and earrings all using the same type of stone and other metals settings as well such as gold, silver or platinum.

This type of matching jewellery works well for a formal occasion when you want a highly put together look. Pieces that do not match are ideal for everyday wear. A plain brown suit benefits from an emerald bracelet that catches attention as you walk. A classic little black dress needs only a ruby and silver necklace to bring it from ordinary to sublime.

Another factor to take into consideration is your natural colouring as well as your hair. Certain types of coloured gemstones look better with certain skin tones and hair colours. Blond hair and blue eyes can be set off quite nicely with a deep sapphire necklace. A person with dark brown hair and equally dark eyes might find that rubies work better with her colouration as they can be seen more vividly against her skin.

Look for quality coloured gemstones. Certain gemstones, like rubies, are associated with certain countries such as Thailand and Myanmar. A ruby from either country is most likely one that will last a long time.

By adhering to these basic rules, anyone can easily find the right gemstones to suit their style, taste and budget.