Surprising Gemstone Pairings That Work Together Like A Charm….

Several Beautiful Crystal Pendants in Hands.

Good gemstone combinations are hard to find because it has to work with your physical, emotional and spiritual body in addition to zodiac, chakra and Feng shui. See, it’s tough, yo! While you’re digging for the right gemstone combination, bad gemstone combinations can be more than life-threatening (soul-threatening, I mean!). I’ve dealt with the good and bad gemstone pairings that’s why I wrote this blog post so that you can stay away from the dangers and manifest chakra powers of gemstone combinations smartly for everyday use.

Do Gemstones Work Together?

Cameron Diaz’s Body Book is a Treasure house of Gemstone Pairings for Love, while Megan Fox stumbles from quartz crowns to turquoise beaded chokers which comprise some of the most attractive and potent gemstone pairings you and I have ever seen. Trust me, they are unbelievably awesome and I kid you not!

Who knows, you might already have these good gemstone pairings and all you would need might be to stack two rings or chain necklaces together to make it work with jazz and snazzy!

And, Healing gemstones are nature’s supplements to enrich your physical and spiritual reality.

I gifted a rose quartz and amethyst necklace to my bestie and you know what she saw?

Think about it, when you combine apple juice and kale juice, amazing things come out of it right?

By the rule of thumb, when you mix a heart chakra gemstone with third eye chakra, you get a fusion of power that helps you see the future of your love and perhaps even a glimpse of your true love. In short, when you mix two powerful gemstones together, you get a magnified version of the same power.

7 Potent Gemstone Pairings You Need If You Want More Than the Regular Power with Gemstones

  1. Rose Quartz and Turquoise Stone Pairs

Strung together in 8mm beads of turquoise and rose quartz gemstone separately, this is a potent gemstone pair for confessing your love.

When you’re proposing to your darling, best to keep a rose quartz to let your heart flow out through speech using a vibrant mix of rose quartz and turquoise. It is also a stone for married couples to speak their mind out.

If you’re a counsellor or therapist, gemstone pairing of rose quartz and turquoise in the room will help to loosen the patients better!

  1. Rose Quartz and Amethyst Gemstone Pairing

A gemstone pendulum to detect and repair energy deficiencies and excess in your chakra points rose quartz and amethyst single handedly works on heart and crown chakra. It connects your heart with your spirit and guardian angels.

The gemstone pair of amethyst and rose quartz was not just popular on Stevens Universe, but when mixed together it becomes the medium of physical to spiritual energy.

  1. Sandstone and Obsidian Gemstone Pairing

A divine combination that helps you communicate with your favourite angel and manifests the energy within obsidian and goldstone together.

See the thing is, obsidian awakens the root chakra to ground you to earth while sandstone fuels your life force hidden in the sacral chakra. Together, it can bring the power of Gaia (Earth Mother) and black obsidian brings the power of Pluto, Saturn, Jan and five other goddesses.

  1. Moonstone and Rose Quartz Gemstone Pairing

An ethereal mix of love and synchronicity of chakras, rose quartz and moonstone make you a charming divine person.

The adularescence of moonstone makes it a fertile stone for young brides and rose quartz keeps the marriage rooted in love.

Yet another stone pairing for love, moonstone and rose quartz together can awaken your psychic powers as well as deep-seated emotions.

According to me moonstone, when rubbed in between the brows, make you quick-witted and rose quartz ‘just’.

You know who is this perfect for? Judges and empaths!

  1. Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz together Statute

There is nothing better than a bit of warmth and love to fill life and that’s where green aventurine and rose quartz gel well together.

Get your own gemstone pairing for attracting love with rose quartz and aventurine gemstone pairing.

Persephone, the mighty goddess of spring and Tara the goddess of night makes green aventurine the stone for women with ambitions and goals ahead of them.

When mixed with the empowering energy of rose quartz, it brings together the powers of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Venus, another Goddess of Love.

You see what I’m saying? This is the ultimate gemstone love potion for attracting your true love into life.

Which are the main Conflicting gemstone combinations not to wear Together?Malachite does not go well with any gemstones.

It is said that Malachite brings the power of love, but when grouped with inferior gemstone, it can make you too emotional.

Clear quartz must be used only to cleanse or as part of a gemstone grid than gemstone pairing.

That’s because clear quartz has a tendency to cleanse your progress too. It is best to balance the overwhelming power of clear quartz when using it in a gemstone grid as well.

Carnelian and Aquamarine must not be worn together.

Another aspect to consider is wearing a calming stone with an energizing stone. For example, you must not wear kundalini energy or sacral chakra stones with throat chakra stones. They cancel and defeat every purpose of gemstone therapy.

Tiger Eye with Amazonite is a poor combo to sleep on.

If you try this, you’re gonna be an instant insomniac. Tiger eye makes your subconscious clear and brings bad dreams if you’re having a bad day while amazonite amplifies the downer or emo feeling next day too. Keep the gemstone combination separate from each other when you’re storing it too.

Gemstone pairings are a level upper than just magic. They help in finding the right power or dose of magic you need in your manifestation rituals with gemstones. I’ve been there and I’ve done that, many times..