Can gemstones attract love?

Love is energy. It is a spark between two people. It’s hard to define and even more difficult to control. What if there was something beautiful that you could WEAR to attract love to yourself? According to gemstone lore there are several beautiful gemstones that attract love into your life!
A brief intro to the world of gemstones.

Gemstones have been worn since antiquity to heal, protect and attract different types of energy.  Many believe they can boost affirmations and enhance your desires.  Healing with gemstones is an ancient art still practiced today.  There are gemstones that increase psychic ability and others that cleanse auras.  There are gemstones that are worn for protection. Others are worn to increase confidence and others for prosperity.

Which gemstones attract love?

Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Topaz are all lovely gemstones that have traditionally been worn as jewellery or on a talisman to attract love.  A talisman is any type of object that draws energy to the possessor. A talisman can be carried secretly with you, if you aren’t into wearing gemstones as jewellery.

I often buy gemstone jewellery and talismans for others for many different purposes.  You can gather together the following love attracting gems and keep them with you in a small pink or red bag to carry as a talisman. Or, you can gather the various gemstone beads and make (or have a crafty friend) make them into a bracelet or necklace for you to wear.

Use some or all of the gems I refer to here. See which ones you are most attracted to yourself and use those. It is a very personal thing and what you choose will work best for you!


Amber is not actually a gemstone but is used the same way as others for various purposes.  It is usually golden yellow but can vary to light yellow to green, to almost black or red. It is the fossilized sap of ancient tree that grew millions of years ago. Sometimes an amber piece will have plants or an insect trapped inside. For attracting love try to find a clear translucent nugget or bead. You can tell real amber because it warms when held. It brings success to any endeavour and will promote self-healing from other emotional hurts suffered in the past. It will help you be ready for a new love.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a dark mysterious midnight blue stone treasured by the ancient Egyptians. Its colour is rich, dense and not shiny. It has been worn by rulers, kings and queens for over 5,000 years as a symbol of power and wisdom. Lapis Lazuli helps you to think clearly and make good choices, a something we need when looking for love. It will enhance your intuition and help you look in the right places for an honest love.


Moonstone is associated with the moon – always a stimulator of love. It’s a gemstone that is especially helpful for women as it boosts the pheromones that attract sexual energy. For women with a few years behind us, it balances hormones and revives our youthful attitudes and energy. Moonstone helps put our energy out there so it can be noticed by the right person.

Rose Quartz

According to legend Cupid brought Rose Quartz to earth because its beautiful colour arouses love and desire. It is pink and transparent and was often given as a love charm for young girls in ancient cultures. Rose quartz has been known to open the heart to beautiful things. As a stone of lasting friendship, it sometimes shows love that is waiting there to blossom in someone we think of as only a friend. Rose quartz can help open our eyes to this type of love.


Topaz is a love gem because it helps us to realize the joy in life! You cannot attract love if you are withdrawn, angry or resentful about past mistakes in relationships.  Happy people are attractive people and topaz will boost your good mood and help banish the blues. It’s a great gemstone to take to social events because it helps you to relax and be open to new people.

Do gemstones really work?

Everything you’ve just read is based on thousands of years of tradition and lore. A lot of using gemstones is believing in their power. Get familiar with them.  Hold them and really ‘feel” what energy they give off. They are part of our natural world and are a gift for you to use in your search for love happiness!