Facts about Mystic Topaz….

Mystic topaz is quite a new gem type, first seen around 1998. It is natural colourless (white) topaz that has been coated, giving it a unique rainbow colour effect. It is not a gem type on its own, but rather considered an enhanced or treated colourless topaz. The coating technology, known as thin film deposition, was pioneered by a company called Azotic Coating Inc. Mystic topaz may be so-called because its attractive changing colours appear deep, mysterious and unusual. Mystic topaz usually appears to display rainbow colours, with greens, blues and purples being quite prominent. Since the treatment is a coating, it is not a permanent enhancement, but its remarkable appearance makes it an interesting gem in its own right.

Identifying Mystic Topaz

Mystic topaz has also been called “fire topaz”, “mystic fire topaz”, “Alaska topaz”, “Alaskan ice”, “Caribbean topaz” and “rainbow topaz”. The kaleidoscopic colour of mystic topaz identifies it from other topaz gemstones. However, mystic topaz is not the only gemstone that is coated to appear rainbow-coloured. Therefore, it can be confused with other colour-enhanced gemstones that are coated in the same way. Mystic Quartz can be distinguished from mystic topaz by its hardness. It is softer than topaz and measures 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, whereas topaz has a hardness of 8. Furthermore, quartz has indistinct cleavage, whereas topaz has perfect cleavage. Mystic topaz is similar to Azotic topaz, which is created by a patented process that has been named “Azotic”, after the company that invented it. Mystic topaz can be identified from Azotic topaz by its darker colours, which mainly exhibit as purples, blues and greens. Azotic gemstones are generally lighter in colour and look more pinkish-yellow.

Mystic Topaz Colour

As mentioned above, mystic topaz has a very interesting rainbow colour, which changes as it is tilted. This is what sets it apart from other stones, since every single colour can be seen in one kaleidoscopic and magical stone, depending on the exact colours used on the coating. The quality of mystic topaz gemstones is dependent on the quality of the raw material; in this case a high clarity topaz gem. Therefore, topaz gems with highest clarity grades and luster will yield the best results.

Mystic Topaz Clarity and Luster

Mystic topaz is transparent to translucent. Topaz exhibits high clarity with few inclusions, so topaz gemstones can be examined by the naked eye and declared “eye clean”, which means that no imperfections can be seen. Topaz is highly prized for its brilliance and vitreous (glassy) luster.

Mystic Topaz Cut and Shape

Mystic topaz is a very versatile material. Therefore it can be fashioned into a great variety of shapes, such as square, round, octagon, pear, oval, heart and other fancy shapes. Strongly coloured gemstones are usually scissor cut whereas weakly coloured stones are generally brilliantly cut. This best shows off the brilliance and clarity of the gems. Since mystic topaz is strongly coloured, the clear topaz can be brilliantly cut in preparation for the colour enhancement. When topaz has irregular inclusions, it is often cabochon-shaped. The hardness of topaz makes it resistant to scratches. However, lapidarists must handle topaz carefully, due to its perfect cleavage, which means that it can easily fracture.

Mystic Topaz Gemstone Mythology, Metaphysical and Alternative Gemstone Healing Powers

Mystic topaz is natural topaz that has been coated to enhance it, therefore, the beliefs that are attributed to natural topaz apply to it. The ancient Greeks believed that topaz was a powerful stone that could increase the strength of the wearer and even provide invisibility in desperate times. Both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans associated topaz with the Sun God. Imperial topaz is the birthstone for those born in November and for those born under the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. It is also the gemstone that commemorates the 23rd wedding anniversary. Blue topaz is the birthstone for December and is used to commemorate the 4th wedding anniversary. In traditional Indian belief systems, topaz is said to unlock the throat chakra, which facilitates communication and self-expression. Therefore, topaz is thought to be beneficial to artists, writers, public speakers and others who are concerned with self-expression. Some believe that topaz can promote virility in men.

Mystic Topaz Gemstone and Jewellery Design Ideas

Mystic topaz can be made into an almost limitless variety of jewellery due to its versatility. It is ideal for rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants and can be fashioned into almost any shape. As with diamond, mystic topaz should be protected from hard knocks by protected settings in rings for daily wear. This is because a single blow could cause fracturing due to perfect cleavage. Mystic topaz is very hard (8 on the Mohs scale), which gives it durability and resistance to scratches. However, it should not be re-cut, since this could remove the coating.

Famous Mystic Topaz Gemstones

Since mystic topaz is quite a new creation, only appearing around 1998, so far there are not any world famous mystic topaz gems.

Mystic Topaz Gemstone Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Like diamond, mystic topaz has perfect cleavage, which means that the force of a single blow could cause it to split. Therefore, protected bezel settings are recommended, rather than pronged settings, for rings that are worn daily. Mystic topaz’s hardness (8 on the Mohs scale) makes it durable and means that it does not scratch easily. However, abrasion could damage the coating of mystic topaz. To clean your mystic topaz, simply use soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue. As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Always remove any jewellery or gemstones before exercising, cleaning or engaging in harsh physical activities such as sports. Store mystic topaz away from other gemstones to avoid scratches. It is best to wrap gemstones in soft cloth or place them inside a fabric-lined jewellery box.