Fascinating facts about Cubic Zirconia…..

They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend. However, nowadays these are increasingly being replaced by their much affordable clones Cubic Zirconia gemstones. Brilliant and alluring to the core, Cubic Zirconia stones have been adorning all types of jewelry pieces for many years now.

Here are six interesting facts about these gemstones that every jewelry or gemstone lover must know!

Cubic Zirconia gems are heavier than diamonds

An amazing fact about Cubic Zirconia is that these gems are around 75% heavier than diamonds. So, the next time you go to buy diamonds or cubic zirconia gems, do check this out!

Cubic Zirconia gemstones differ from White Zircon gemstones

The major difference between these two varieties of gems is that white zircon gems are authentic gemstones which are naturally mined. On the other hand, cubic zirconia gemstones are synthetically manufactured. Also, Cubic Zirconia gems are much more economical than zircon gemstones.

Rich women love these gems!

If you were of the opinion that the rich don’t like imitation jewelry, then you are wrong. Several affluent ladies proudly adorn replica jewelry just because such jewelry pieces look great and are safe to wear as well. Cubic Zirconia gems are used in rings, necklaces, and brooches, etc. to allure the onlookers and flaunt amazing jewelry designs without being worried about their security.

They are powerful

Besides faking that allure of diamonds, Cubic Zirconia gems also said to possess a power through which they can communicate with angels. These are also believed to stabilize the body and improve the wearer’s physical and mental health.

Differentiating them from diamonds isn’t easy

Cubic Zirconia gems are highly close to diamonds optically. This means that even gemologists and jewelry experts can’t differentiate between the two with the naked eye. For this reason, loupes and magnifiers are often used to identify which of these gems belongs to which category.

Cubic Zirconia gemstones were developed by the Russians

The Russians developed this exceptional diamond simulant which is also lovingly called as faux diamond by many. Initially created for a space program, the first piece of jewelry made out of CZ stone was officially introduced to the world in 1969.