The Benefits of Metaphysical Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery comes in many forms from the kind Swarovski made famous to fine Australian crystals necklaces, rings and earrings that are set similarly to fine diamonds. The type of crystal jewellery for the subject of this article, however, is of the metaphysical kind. These artful crystals and gems are not only beautiful to look at, they also offer the wearer healing properties and, many believe, bring forth to the owner protection and certain attributes that they desire to make manifest in their lives. In this manner they serve a wonderful dual purpose; they are not only decorative, they bring multiple other benefits to their owners. Whether they are worn purely for their good looks, for the energy they give off or for both of these reasons, crystal jewellery clearly has an advantage over other materials used for making jewellery.

Metaphysical crystal jewellery is made with a multiple variety of crystals, gems and stones, they also come in many shapes, styles and sizes. They have been worn throughout the ages as talisman, signs of good luck and to mark those of nobility. Kings and Queens of old were fond of wearing gems and crystals that contained properties that would bring attributes such as good fortune, strength and beauty into their lives. The idea that these striking pieces of wearable art can also heal, bring about balance and fortify the modern wearer is a large draw to this type of jewellery indeed.

Because there are so many crystal gemstone materials used to make crystal jewellery we will discuss only a few of the many options and properties available to those who are attracted to them. The most popular of these styles, by far, are pendants that can be worn around the neck, but rings, bracelets and earrings are also quite sought after. The most sold and loved of all crystal pendants are those made from quartz crystal. Colourless quartz crystals are loved for their pure, simplicity and stunning natural growth formation, but rose quartz, smoky quartz, milky quartz, spirit quartz and amethyst are also highly admired. Quartz crystal is considered to be a universal stone that brings great vibrational power to the wearer. Some properties and uses associated with quartz crystal include the following: aid in meditation, balance, amplification of positive energy and muting of negative energy, cleansing the aura, bringing about harmony and opening the crown chakra. Double terminated quartz crystal is said to transmit and absorb energy from both ends. This property of the double terminated crystal makes it very powerful, and thus, is often used to make lovely crystal pendants.

Other types of crystals and stones often used to make crystal jewellery include, but are not limited to: tourmaline, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, topaz, moonstone, agate and jasper. These are all used to make stunning jewellery and each have their own special properties for the spirit and mind set. There is no doubt that crystal pendants are easiest to wear no matter which type of crystal or gem is set into it. This method of wearing crystal jewellery also brings the crystal, gem or stone close to the heart area and brings the most benefit to the wearer.

Another type of stone being used more often for jewellery making is Mustika. These stones or pearls make stunningly beautiful jewellery including pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. Like crystals and stones, Bezoar stones or Mustika pearls provide the wearer with various virtues or attributes that enhance their aura or spirit. The smaller Mustika, such as bee pearls, honey pearls and dew pearls are lovely when worked into a proper setting. More and more metaphysical jewellery makers are discovering this material as a unique addition for making crystal jewellery that serves a dual purpose. Not only are the pearls beautiful to look at, each one brings the wearer a specific spiritual magnification that enhances their lives. For instance, bee pearls provide an aura of prosperity and industry to its owner, they come formed in intriguing shapes and magnificent colours, blue being one of the most sought after. Dew pearls will bring a different set of virtues to the owner such as inner peace, luminous beauty, anti-aging properties and good luck. In this way, Mustika pearls serve also as powerful talisman that many would not go anywhere without.