Bathing With Stones And Crystals

Baths are a great way to benefit from crystal energy.  Many people find that bathing with rose quartz, clear quartz points or other water safe crystals or even   plain old rocks enhances the bathing experience dramatically. The water also clears and vitalizes the crystals as well.
Bathing with the crystals is also a good way to commune and attune with stones because the water will enhance the vibration of the stones and help amplify your sensitivity and ability to connect and harmonize your energy and awareness.

I’ve bathed with crystals and rocks quite often. I discovered the benefits when we lost the stopper for the Tub at our old house and used a big ordinary old rock to hold a rubber flat stopper down and noticed that the baths became much more refreshing. After we got a plug and removed the rock I noticed a decrease in the vitalizing quality of the baths, we started bathing with rocks again because it did make a difference.

A related bath method for aura cleansing is to use sea salt in the tub. This may be harsh on soft crystals it is fine for people. A combination of Sea salt, Epsom salts and Bicarbonate of soda is also used for this sometimes. Usually it is suggested that ten minutes is long enough for a bath in this combination. A few drops of lavender or other essential oil or a few cups of strong herbal tea can also be added to your tub.

You can use flower essences, herbs or essential oils in the bath with your crystals and stones.

You can put stones and crystals in your bath directly, or use infused gem water, gem elixirs or Gem essences. These are usually made by placing stones in or around water and infusing or charging the water with the gem energy.

Gem waters are usually those where the crystal or stone is simply kept in the water for a while before the water is used. Gem Elixirs and essences are made by charging the water with the stones in sunlight, moonlight or with crystal Shakti energy or by intention or in ritual.

Elixirs can be used without being diluted /expanded before use. Gem essences are made from the elixirs and are extended and can be preserved in the same way as flower essences with the addition of a little Brandy, glycerine or vinegar.  A few drops of a commercial or home-made gem essence are enough to carry the gem vibration through the water.

You can also add elixirs or essences to a spray bottle of water and spray this on the walls of the shower stall and shower head. These sprays are also used for aura and room cleansing.

You can run crystal energy as a Shakti into the tub either directly if you have that ability or have been attuned to one of the systems that works with crystal Shakti

Some people find it effective to hold a stone in their receptive hand (usually the left in right handed people) and place their projective hand in the water with the intention that the energy be transmitted to and held in the water.

Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz crystals, Rainbow Quartz and Granite are among the most favoured stones for bathing with. Most of the members of the quartz family make good bath companions these include Amethyst, Aventurine , Carnelian, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Chyrosphase, Bloodstone, Jasper, Agate, Onyx, Tigers Eye.

You will probably want to put small stones in a cloth bag or a colander or some other container which is also bath safe so that the crystals cannot go down the drain or get chipped.  A seashell such as abalone can be used as a container. It is best to avoid putting glass in the tub because of the possibility of breakage.  Some people make a slit in a sponge so that they can slide a crystal into the centre to protect it. It is possible to buy small bowls carved from marble, jade, carnelian or adventure etc. one of these could be used though the cost of these bowls may be prohibitive for bath use.

Some stones can chip or crack in hot water you probably won’t want to put the most precious and perfect stones in the bath. There are quite a few stones that could be dissolved or damaged in water Halite (salt), Sylvite, Desert Rose Selenite, all Selenite, Gypsum, Angelite, Azurite, and Talc. Calcite, Alabaster, Sulfur dissolves in salt water. I have been told that any stone that has a name ending in ite can possibly be damaged by water though I am not sure about that. There are stones that rust like iron ore or can be toxic such as stones with copper, lead and arsenic these should never be used in your bath.

Another way to get crystal energy into your bath is to put a charged stone in with your bath salts or bubble bath and use intention to charge the salts with the energy.  You may like the energy from keeping a small crystal point in the bottle of shampoo or liquid soap or shower gel. There was once a shampoo (Prell) which   was sold with a cultured pearl in the bottle in the 50s. You may also enjoy experimenting with putting colour in your bath water for healing purposes.
Here are some qualities and uses for coloured quartz stones that might be used to charge your bath water.

Amethyst: These violet, purple and lavender quartz stones are both gentle and powerful protectors against negative energies. It is used as a meditation stone, to calm and centre, increase common sense, remove unwanted energies, heal skeletal disorders, and for hearing problems, for sleep and for headaches. While it calms most people it can over stimulate some people such as A.D.D. children .and some people find that it brings nervousness or depression to the surface. Amethyst has been used for help in overcoming alcoholism and for psychic opening. A sixth and seventh chakra stone.

Rose quartz: Pink and translucent and usually cloudy and is among the primary love stones and is a peace stone, a wonderful general healing crystal. Rose Quartz can soothe a broken heart,  help you remain calm, increase your ability to give and receive unconditional love and keeps the Heart open, vital and protected. Helps bring in joy. a heart chakra stone.

Carnelian: Protects against being overcome by fear and sorrow, helps physical strength, sexual energy, and love, and dispels apathy, used to treat allergies, colds, gall and kidney stones, spine, to heal cut and abrasions. Helps you with family and social situations, increases inner strength and courage, grounds energies to the present, increases energy. Sacral chakra.

Citrine: Yellow to amber quartz, balancing and aligning, mental clarity, personal power,
group unity. Energizing, both physically and mentally, helps align will with sole purpose.
This stone is often created artificially by heating amethyst. Solar plexus chakra.

Chyrosphase: An apple green stone, Meditation, mental stability, relaxation .spiritual protection.  Aids you in remaining inconspicuous. Used to bring happiness, reduce negative thoughts, irritability. Used to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Bloodstone: Being in the now, centering and grounding, courage, strength, power, money and wealth. blood disorders, detoxification. Gently healing and energizing for the physical body.

Jasper: Nurturing, promoting safe astral travel, stabilizes and cleans the aura Healing,
protection, endurance. Red: Protection, healing, beauty Green: Healing, sleep, compassion Brown: Centering, grounding. Bruneau astral traveling

Agate: balances and harmonizes the Yin – Yang, male – female energy and works to balance the physical being with the etheric, emotional, mental and causal bodies of the aura. providing for Grounding, strength, courage, healing. Blue Lace agate helps one to reach high spiritual awareness and has an inspirational effect. agate comes in many forms and colours with many different spiritual and healing uses

Onyx:  grounding and protection, helps align and harmonize the basic self with the High self. Onyx keeps you grounded and in body while in contact with Source, spiritual yet connected to the Earth even while journeying, Can help with communication with earth deva and your own consciousness of the nurturing support of the Earth. Helps with concentration and focus on responsibilities. A very good stone for those who tend to “space out” helps with receiving intuitive guidance and interpreting its practical application. Helps call in needed energies for you. also used for treating health issues involving bone marrow, soft tissue, the feet. Has a reputation for absorbing or deflecting negative energies.

Aventurine: Balances male female energies, activates and clears the heart, protects against ”psychic vampires”, creativity, and pioneering spirit, unconditional love and for the heart, lungs ,muscles and emotional healing. of “heartbreak” Promotes creative insight, independence and originality, stabilizes and balances , Heart chakra.

Tigers Eye: Excellent for grounding psychic energy, opening up the psychic
centres in a secure and safe way. Helps with practicality.

Opal: A white crystal which forms in microscopic globules with a high water content
creating an amazing interplay of colour, Opal develops joy, intuition and
creativity, diversifies or scatters, amplifies traits, balances energies, works with the
emotions, beauty of spirit, can enhance the gift of prophecy (due to a Sir Walter Scott
novel is sometimes considered a unlucky stone except for those born in October).

Smoky Quartz: Softens negative thought forms, depression lifter, and mood enhancer. aids with sexual / reproductive problems and removes negative energy from the body.