Astral Travel and Gemstones…

While Wikipedia defines astral projection as “willful out-of-body experience”, the truth is that most of us go through dissociative experiences every day. The first time I had a full-scale astral projection, I was terrified. It was really, much more than I could take. That’s also because I had no gemstones around. So, in all its meanings, astral travel with gemstones inflates the protection and experience itself.

Today you will learn all about the real dangers of astral travel and how to avoid it with five handpicked gemstones. I will also tell you how to use astral travel with gemstones that you can’t learn unless from a first-hand experience!

Do you know we try to get out of our body to see the soul separately scores of times throughout the day? However, it happens when we are unaware or subconscious. The ability to pull your soul out, speak to it and control it completely will definitely change your life as it did for me and millions around me. It’s not just a random dream, but a truth you need spiritual strength to tame.

If you’ve spoken to your subconscious, you will have a better handle on it, I can promise that. But, whatever you think astral projection is, it is flipping different!


The first thing to remember is the water. If you’re dehydrated your astral travel will because nauseating. You need to consider traveling astrally akin to physical commute or travel. I promise it will be exhausting if you skip the water!


We all wanna go somewhere. Perhaps, anywhere. The truth is, you need to choose one or two amongst that before trying astral projection. That way your mind will be ready to charge your energy to far deep into your dream place.

3.      BE CLEAN

By that, I don’t mean taking a shower, but that won’t hurt either. Cleaning your negativity out is important when you’re traveling via the divine channels. If meditation is hard, take a clear quartz to dispel the negativity sediment on you!


Along with the dreamland, you need to have your affirmation to reach the dreamland ready as well. Consider it as the ticket to astral travel. See, once your soul is detached from the physical form and ready to travel, you need something affirmative and strong to reach your dreamland.

5.      BE AWAKE

Don’t go astray. Keep your soul awake. Lead the way than fall into the snoozing slumber party your soul takes you unaware!


Astral stones will find you once you’re sure you want the experience. Once you’re done, have a small walk for 5 minutes in the fresh air. If it doesn’t work, try again after a walk. Do not stress your soul to do the astral travel if you feel like you’re failing all the time. Talk to us and we’ll help you find the right stones to dispel your blocks and start traveling like a cosmic nomad!


Astral travel with gems is excellent because they help in adjusting to the new form of travel if you’re a beginner. This is where your astral body moves out of the physical body and travels without the burden of the flesh.


One of the unique gemstones for astral travel, iolite frees your conscious stuck-up soul to free itself. You will feel lightweight and floating through your subconscious when iolite hits you.

Once you’re in the astral plane, ask the blessings of iolite goddesses Athena (war and wisdom) or Sophia (wisdom and decision-making).

You will be able to do this easily if your third eye and crown chakra are open simultaneously. Hence, it is best to make up your willpower and charge the chakras before starting the projection.


An astral traveling gemstone to revere on your altar, Labradorite awakens the power of gods Cerridwen (Knowledge) and Arianrhod (Moon) to tell stories of your past.

It is a gemstone for astrally traveling into the birth of the universe and to worlds you know nothing about.

Labradorite open almost all chakras if you bond well; otherwise, third eye chakra is the main point of action of this starry stone.

Moreover, Labradorite helps to keep you grounded and in health when you’re preparing for astral projection.


A little-known stone that blends the powers of citrine and amethyst, that is, higher and lower chakras, Ametrine helps you levitate your soul. When you use Ametrine for the first time, you will feel as if you’re floating.

Don’t worry, it’s in your subconscious mind. I’ve felt a dangling effect that makes you feel like a jellyfish every time I use Ametrine. And, believe me, it’s not crazy because a lot of people get that feeling. This is the powering up effect of Ametrine. It will help you see and travel into the future with your third eye chakra energy sans any exhaustion.


A touch of phantom quartz during meditation can blast you into the heart of the cosmos.

Phantom quartz is a destiny stone that opens both crown and third eye chakra. You might feel hot in the head when you use phantom quartz for astral projection.

The soul invigorating gemstone for astral travel works on your past karma and soul’s purpose in life. It will help you navigate through your current lifetime to uproot the source of evil in your life.

All you need to do is meditate with the stone on top of your head and you will know what I mean!


Prehnite is a meditation focus stone that can relieve your excitement and confusion about life. It works on the third eye chakra to invoke intuition and qualities of premonition.


I created a list of five things you can do to make your astral travel with gemstones a huge success!
  • Visualize levitating your body after closing eyes. Imagine your space as it is.
  • Listen to the angel or the voice you hear when you feel like floating.
  • Ask your Questions to the angel slowly when you’re done listening.
  • Go Where You Wanna Go by chanting the mantra you prepared.
  • Make your own routine!