Getting rid of negative energies and filling yourself with productive energy is a serious ritual. It charges individual chakras to create positive momentum in your body. If you’re looking for a new perspective on life, try healing gemstones energy makeover to become a wizard with gemstones!

How to use Gemstones for Healing Gemstones Energy Makeover

When you’re feeling really low or just hit the rock bottom, the makeover is inevitable. The most important point is how you use that time to regain your strengths. One of the best ways to retain your control in life is by doing an energy makeover. You will feel empty to full during the healing gemstones energy makeover. Rest assured, the gemstones are making an effect!

7 Gemstones to use for Healing Gemstones Energy Makeover

For those looking for the quickest ways to change your life, gemstones can help. According to science, healing gemstones contain powers to interfere with your aura and electromagnetic energy. When specific gemstones are used for chakra deficiencies, it can bring about changes in your aura and surroundings to change the fate.

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One of the unique gemstones to buy for crown chakra, amethyst is capable of dispelling the negativity heaped up on you. It is known as a stone of detox, exclusively for those in altered consciousness.

Amethyst can help you shun your addictions towards substances, things and people. The crucial way to use amethyst is by setting up for a gem bath or even a gemstone grid.


Most people do not know the powers of clear quartz. It is a super-powerful gemstone for energy makeovers as clear quartz activates two of the vital higher chakras called third eye and crown. Clear quartz is often used by shamans and ancient doctors as a vital stone for gemstone first aid or spiritual care.

Use a clear quartz in the morning to cleanse your thoughts and negativity from the day before!


An ideal stone of expression, meditating with carnelian can open a new reality and perspective to the wearer. When you use carnelian, your solar plexus chakra is activated to make you feel harmonious and at peace.

One of the best ways to de-stress in the mornings, carnelian is excellent for preparing for a productive day. Carnelian also helps to cure physical diseases that affect the core of a person. It cures digestive, reproductive and circulatory system.


If you’re looking for a gemstone to fill you with compassion in the morning, aventurine is the only stone you need to buy. It will fill you with heart chakra energies to make you humble and charitable.

Aventurine also helps to realize the true desires and wants of the heart. Aventurine will help you cleanse the leftover regrets and pain in your heart quickly.


A unique gemstone bearing the powers of supreme balance, tiger eye is a root chakra gemstone. Wearing tiger eye can change your life. It can open up new ideas and sense of liveliness in the wearer.

Folklore claims tiger eye to be the resultant powers of Sun and Earth. Tiger eye users will find a new direction to life, if you’re looking for ways to reveal the destiny.


Are you looking love? We’ve got the real love potion that you need. Rose Quartz is a gemstone of great powers. When used for gemstone massages on the heart area, it can empower the heart chakra.

Not only can rose quartz attract your true love, but also make you happy and content with your love life. It is a stone of relief for those grieving or in mourning. Rose quartz was also once used to treat minor physical injuries in the past. It is known to boost blood circulation, and hence recommended as the ideal gemstones for total healing.


If you’ve not used a purple fluorite wand yet, you’re missing on the real powers of gemstones. Fluorite is a stone of mystic powers as it empowers the higher chakras.

When used for programming to gemstone massages, fluorite can activate the core chakras such as heart and third eye chakras. Fluorite is well known to amplify the power of other gemstones too.

For those looking for energy makeover, fluorite can help by dispelling negativity heaped in your mind and brightening your destiny with positive opportunities.

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Changing your habits and life is not easy. You need to work for the goal you have in mind without giving up. Healing gemstones will show you the right way to proceed in life. You must seek the higher powers to realize your destiny.