That gemstones work for the betterment of one’s life is a known fact. But many people do not believe in their effects. These days people ,especially the younger generation, looks for scientific links between the gems and their effects. All astrological reasoning fails to impress many people to accept the benefits of the gemstones.

There are laws in pure science which have not been proved but are accepted as their effects are observed by us day in and day out and they are called laws conversely also as they have not been proved otherwise. The simplest example being Law of Gravitation. It is a law because it is observed daily by us and also it has not been proved through experiment to be not true.

Similarly the effects of the gemstones are observed by those who use them under proper prescription. Since the effects are very individual in nature, they are not in the scrutiny of public and people do not believe in their beneficial values.

The gemstones have different colours and lustre. Sun being the source of all energy, also affects human beings. If we observe the sunlight through prism in a laboratory, we get seven-colour spectrum. The other invisible two colours are infra red and ultra violet. Thus the spectrum of nine colours is understood to be the cosmic matrix and is very essence of nine planets. The nine planets are associated with these colours and the stones prescribed are also in consonance. It is important to note that the wavelength of coloured light emanating from the nine planets is believed to match those radiating from each planet’s corresponding gemstone. Thus prescribing gemstones is not out of synchronous with this energy system. A particular stone absorbs all kind of solar and cosmic energy and allows a particular type of energy to pass through it and which is then absorbed by the body. If prescribed properly, this actually helps the individual. This restores the balance in him ,and he finds the self-improving.

Moreover, the effects of gemstones have been proved conversely also. If a person is prescribed a wrong gemstone, it has been observed to adversely affect him as long as he wears it and the effect goes away once the stone is removed. Thus the efficacy of gemstones do not require laboratory experiments just the way some of the pure science laws do not require experiment in their support.