Round Black Routile Cabstone Ring (Size 8)


    Round Black Routile Cabstone Ring (Size 8)

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    Rutile strengthens the energy flow throughout the body. It is often found embedded in other crystals, in which case it strengthens their metaphysical properties, too. The energy aspects of Rutile promote strength and love. They facilitate transformation and growth in all areas of life. Rutile calms the mind and brings order in the mental body.

    The color of Rutile is unusually black, but this stone can also be found in brownish and red tones. Very often, Rutile forms needle-like structures when it is incorporated into other crystals. These structures resemble long, golden, or yellow hair. Rutile’s luster is metallic.

    Notable occurrences are in Australia, Madagascar, Pakistan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Norway, and the USA.

    The name Rutile originates from the Latin word rutilus, meaning “red”, “golden”, “auburn”, or “shining”. Twin crystals of Rutile are not uncommon. A single Rutile specimen can have up to 6 or even 8 twins arranged into a circular chain. When there are 6 such twins, we speak of a Rutile star. Its spatial arrangement is caused by the rhombohedral shape of the Hematite core out of which the Rutile star emanates.

    Rutile is also referred to as “Angel hair”. It is an important, multi-purpose mineral. Rutile is the main ore for titanium production. Titanium is a metal used in many applications because of its low weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. Rutile is also a mineral of great importance for the gemstone markets, as it creates beautiful, astonishing crystal forms.


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