Eilat Cabstone Bracelet


    Eilat Cabstone Bracelet

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    Eilat Stone, aka King Solomon’s Stone, is a stone of various beneficial metaphysical properties. This is due to its unique mineral composition of Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Malachite, Azurite, Dioptase and Copper. This combination radiates a vibration that possesses special emotional and physical healing properties.

    One will benefit greatly from wearing this stone, as its main priority is to assist one in attaining spiritual growth by stimulating the higher mind to access deeper wisdom.  It clears and activates all Chakras, including the Thymus Chakra, aligns the subtle bodies, stimulates intuition and helps in the development of the psychic visions, aka clairvoyance.

    Place this stone in any area to clear and energize the energy field. However, no matter where it is placed, the ‘force’ of the crystal stays attuned to the one to whom owns it.

    Eilat Stone is used to embrace individuality, promote harmony, calm the mind and facilitate meditation by releasing one of any and all negativity. Another benefit of this stone is its grounding abilities. It doesn’t just attune one to Earth, but it aids in communicating with nature spirits. It, also, helps one attune to the perfection of the universe.

    • Links the mind, body and soul with the heart to attain growth towards deeper wisdom.
    • Can be used to create, store and conduct energy.
    • Bridges a link to the higher-self, which helps increase inspiration, creativity and imagination.
    • Clears the Throat for one to speak truth in their thoughts and emotions.
    • Integration of masculine and feminine energy.
    • Helps to confidently promote emotional boundaries within oneself, as well as with others.


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