Alexandrite Drop Earrings (rare stone)


    Alexandrite Drop Earrings

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    Due to its rarity and exclusivity, alexandrite is reserved for high quality and precious jewelry making and ornamental purposes. The gemstone is far too unique and exquisite to be used for industrial purposes. Its eye-catching colors make it suitable for use in bracelets, necklaces, rings or charms.

    Alexandrite – the name itself of this extraordinary gemstone is an indication of royalty. Described as “emerald by day, ruby by night” by gemstone experts, this chameleon-like stone has a rare and unique color-changing property, characteristic of the chrysoberyl minerals. The gemstone is so rare that it has only been seen by not more than a handful of fortunate people. Yet, in the revised list of birthstones it was listed in as June’s birthstone.

    Alexandrite is a stone of prosperity and longevity. It balances mind and emotions, pacifies soul and promotes spiritual growth.

    Alexandrite is a stone with strong powers; it reacts to a change in the wearer’s health by changing its color. It is believed that Alexandrite can improve blood circulation, purify blood and strengthen blood vessels vessels; it also positively influences spleen and pancreas.

    Mystics of the XIX century affirmed that Alexandrite establishes harmony between physical, astral and mental bodies of the person, making its wearer more peaceful and compliant. Alexandrite strengthens creative abilities and fosters imagination. It may boost intuitive abilities, finding a way out from a desperate situation.

    Chakra Seven: Sahasrara


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