If you’ve been trying to contact your spirit guides for magic work or divination powers, grab one of these healing gemstones and you will see wonders happen with your spiritual life.

An exclusive virtue attained with those with psychic gifts, spirit communication is an essential skill of most gemstone users. Spirit guidance can be used for mental and physical cures in the wearer as well as his or her surroundings.

Power of achieving Clairvoyance with Gemstones

Determining your spirit guide and using affirmations is a positive effect of gemstones with psychic penetration powers.

Gemstones increase the vibration frequency in the wearer to that of the spirit guide. This creates a medium to derive inspiration or spiritual awakening through meditation, programming or doing magic with gemstones.

To communicate with your spirit guide, clean your gemstone, then program it and use affirmations to build a response from your angel. You might feel an aura, see a ghost-like white body or even hear an otherworldly sound when you establish a contact with the angelic realm.

Not only do birthstones enhance your intuitive and divination powers, but it also creates a medium to seek spiritual guidance from your goddess or angel.

7 Gemstones for Spirit Communication

In order to request or seek help from your Spirit Guide in psychic protection, divination, seeing the future or inspiration, you need to establish a powerful medium of contact first. Choosing the right gemstones that respond to you is excellent to ensure that your medium is clear.

A golden point to remember when using your gemstones for communicating the spirits is to clean it first.

  • Amethyst

Hold your Amethyst Stone and Chant the Affirmation to beckon your Spirit. If you do not remember your spirit, call unto the heavens to send your guardian angel. Amethyst wearers are blessed with enlightenment combined with open intuitions. In addition to protecting your Aura, Amethyst also provides a voice to the wearer when communicating with the angelic realm.

  • Amber

When you connect with a healing gemstone in the type of Amber, you also develop quick divination powers. Clairvoyance is the prime effect of long term amber wearing. To connect with your Amber gemstone, chant your affirmations and meditate.  Amber wearers observe more of verbal communication with the higher realms than with other senses.

  • Black Obsidian

One of the most powerful stones to clean your blocks when communicating your angel, Black Obsidian helps in developing the power of prophecy. Considered excellent to clear the negative smog throughout human history, Black Obsidian meditations are easy to clear the distance between you with your spirit guide.

  • Black Tourmaline

Yet another black powerful healing gemstone, Black Tourmaline has a glazing coat of shimmer that is known to shield the wearer from psychic attacks. If you keep black Tourmaline close to your body, it will raise your body frequency to that of your Angel and ease communication between both.

  • Sodalite

Thank your spirit guide and start a meditative session with your sodalite by visualizing your gratitude. Keep calm and imagine a visual silhouette of your spirit guide for some time when programming your gemstone for communication with your spirit God.

  • Clear Quartz

A powerful gemstone known for protection to calmth, clear quartz is the best amplifier of spiritual feelings and desires. Gradually increase your duration of meditation with Clear quartz each day when trying to contact the angelic realm. You will feel the effects of response from your spirit guide within a week.

  • Rose Quartz

The best loved gemstone, Rose Quartz is excellent for those who radiate compassionate vibrations to beckon your spirit of warmth. Pendulum shaped Rose Quartz gemstones are ideal to call upon your guardian angels as well as dear ones who are no longer alive.