What if we tell, you can drink the powers of a gemstone? Would you believe us?

One of the ancient methods of programming healing crystals, Gem elixir is a gem infused liquid with properties similar to a healing crystal. The powerful energies of a gemstone permeate into the water to result in charged water.

How to make a Crystal Elixir

As water contains programmable energies, most crystals can be charged with it. A crystal elixir can be indirectly used to imbibe the chakra powers of a gemstone.

Direct and Indirect Methods of Immersion are used to make elixirs all around the world. The key is to get the process and dosage right so that the gem elixir works on your body and spirit as you desired.

There are two ways of creating gem elixirs-

1.      Soaking in Water

When you’re soaking a gemstone in water, the water absorbs the powers of the gemstone. Although it takes years to create gem infusions, you can catalyze using secret tips that we will share with you. To do so, prepare your gem elixir on a full moon night and keep the singing bowl with water overnight on the full moon night.

2.      Keeping on top of the solution

When a gemstone is kept on top of the solution with the help of a barrier or mesh, gemstone energies quickly charge the water. This indirect method of crystal infusions is created when you need to infuse the energy of crystal that turns toxic when kept in water.

How to Use a Crystal Elixir

When using a crystal elixir, you must understand the effects are hundred times more than a charged crystal. Hence, ensure that you are around grounding crystals to neutralize the overpowering energies. You can also use a positive affirmation before you activate or use the gem elixir.

There are many ways to use a gem elixir such as the below.

1.      Turquoise for Health

Considered the doctor of crystals turquoise is renowned for its healing abilities. Turquoise gem elixir is considered excellent to relieve allergies, skin disorders and seasonal ailments. The teal gemstone also boosts the immunity of the wearer by activating the power of Throat, Third Eye and Heart Chakras. It helps to harness divination to self-confidence and compassion in the user.

2.      Rose Quartz for Beauty

If you want to glow like a goddess, serums are not the only investment you need. Get a powerful gemstone such as Rose Quartz that can reverse aging and transform your skin into a plump and youthful look. Rose quartz elixir does so by activating the highest energy love vibrations of your heart chakra, thereby boosting blood circulation as well.

3.      Obsidian Power

One of the powerful guardian stones in the universe, Black obsidian is considered effective for protecting the gemstone user from psychic harms. Obsidian raises the base chakra of the user.   Black Obsidian Elixir activates the Third Eye chakra that grows powers of intuition, keeping you safe from physical and spiritual harms.

4.      Peridot Emotional Authority

A powerful heart chakra stone, peridot raises the emotional balance of the person. It is a stone of divine love and compassion. If you’ve been feeling dull or depressed, have a glass of gem elixir made from peridot to emanate loving vibrations from you.

5.      Amethyst Chakra Balance

A grounding stone, Amethyst activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Amethyst balances the physical and the spiritual body by grounding and protecting it against damages. The purple gemstone is powerful enough to align all the chakras of your body correctly and eradicate effects of poor chakra balance.

6.      Clear Quartz Purification

One of the core chakras for purifying your attitude, clear quartz elixir is perfect if you want to detox the mind. Clear quartz programs the gemstone elixir with your higher chakras, boosting powers of clairvoyance and premonitions.

You can also add a clear quartz on top of a barrier above your gem elixir to keep cleaning the infusion without impurities or adulterants.

7.      Jasper for Programming

Red jasper is the stone of Life Force energy. When infused with solar or lunar light, Red jasper gem elixir helps to awaken the lower chakras such as Root and Sacral. Red jasper elixir is also ideal for reclaiming your life to happiness and peace as it cleanses the blood.

8.      Jade for Destiny

An integral part of Ancient Chinese medicine, Jade is an excellent stone to create gem elixirs from. It awakens the Heart chakra and helps to eject toxins from within when consumed as a gem elixir. You can also use jade elixir as a face wash or shower gel.

Before you Go …

Gem elixirs are the best way to make the most out of crystal powers. Before you do, it is important to check if your gemstone is healthy to be infused in water as many gemstones transform into toxic liquid when used with water.