Filled with the energy of life, green healing gemstones are known as a symbol of growth. Green gemstones are a powerhouse of success, progress and productivity. Explore the astrological, chakra and metaphysical powers of gemstones by colour green to revive your life today. Get started now!

Colour Meaning of Green Healing Gemstones

Green is the colour of Growth and Harvest. It also stands for opportunities and positive love.

Chakra of Green Healing Gemstones

Green Gemstones are a combination of soul and spirit chakra, made by the colours of yellow and blue respectively.

Zodiac of Green Healing Gemstones

Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio;

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations of Green Gemstones

When you use the red coloured Garnet with the green Emerald, you get a gemstone combination full of the powers of the heart chakra.

Another brilliant healing gemstones combination is the olivine Peridot with Citrine as they are complimentary colours.

Using Green Fire opal with a carnelian makes bright and healthy colour therapy for healing mid chakra energies.

People who use the nourishing green Malachite with the purple Amethyst stone of intuition, they gain wisdom.

Yet another powerful healing gemstone combination of green gemstones is by combining moldavite with the courage stone of Blue Sapphire. It will make you bold!

Healing Properties of Green Healing Gemstones

How can green gemstones heal your mind? What deity powers do you awaken when you use Green healing gemstones? How can cure heart with green healing gemstones? Get your questions answered now!

Physical Healing of Green Healing Gemstones

From being a muscle relaxant to nerve remedy, green healing gemstones are also centripetal to your sexual healthy. It can cure heart related disorders including circulation.

When you use green gemstones in life, your flexibility increases and fatigue decreases. It is an excellent colour stone for migraine headaches too. Experts also recommend green healing gemstones for headaches and terminal diseases such as cancer too!

Emotional Healing of Green Healing Gemstones

An incredibly powerful gemstone to cure heartbreak, green gemstones stand for hope, wisdom, support and bliss in your romantic and familial relationships. It brings about harmony and peace in your life.

For people hunting for contentment in life, green stones can of huge help. It will make you enthusiastic and energetic towards life goals. Moreover, the heart chakra stone is ideal for growing virtues such as kindness, empathy and compassion. It can draw out guilt and revenge from the heart quickly too!

Spiritual Healing of Green Healing Gemstones

Prominently known as the luck stone, green healing gemstones are often called the stone of wisdom too. Being the heart chakra gemstone, green gemstones bear the mark of calmth. It connects the wearer with the soul and helps to become peaceful with one’s angels too.

Green stones can reveal the meaning of confusing thoughts and help you to control the results of things you cannot otherwise control!

7 Green Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

If you don’t reign the progress of Green gemstones, it might lead you to lose your temper. Hence, it is best to know which Green gemstones use for the right chakra activation or power you’re seeking. If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in Green shades for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list.

Use these Green healing gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of Green healing gemstones now.

  1. Peridot

The olivine stone of growth and progress in life, Peridot is a green healing gemstone best for students and entrepreneurs. Peridot is the stone of new opportunities. It will help you get ahead in life with your heart and soul. Use a peridot pendant to keep your heart chakra activated at all times!

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Peridot

Take a Peridot  P

Point it at the Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m growth. Everything around me makes me grow ahead”.

  1. Emerald

The beryl stone is filled with heart chakra powers. It is a hypnotizing stone that helps you connect with people around you, smoothly. The hard stone in green hues is often infused with gem elixir energies for comfort and healing. Emerald also heals the heart and makes you wiser in emotional decisions.

How to Program your Root and Heart Chakra with Emerald

Take an Emerald

Point it at the Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m wise. Everything around me makes me wiser”.

  1. Jade

Seen in a wide variety of bright to dull green shades, jade is a stone of comfort and fertility. It heals the reproductive system when used by females. Jade kegel exercises are considered excellent for stress too. The green comfort stone makes women healthy and nourished upon long term use too.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Jade

Take a Jade

Point it at the Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m fertile. Everything around me makes productive”.

  1. Green Aventurine

Another higher heart stone, green aventurine is a stone of supreme strengths. Understanding and comprehension is an added bonus of using green aventurine. Essentially, it is best for grief and mourning as it helps you heal the emotional pain quickly. It is a tranquilizer for emotions and considered best for romantic failures and heartbreak.

How to Program your Root and Heart Chakra with Green Aventurine

Take a Green Aventurine

Point it at the Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I understand. Everything around me increases my understanding”.

  1. Moldavite

The forest green stone is a tektite gemstone that helps to heal the physical disorders. Moldavite is a spiritual stone often worshipped by many ancient civilizations for its powerful energies. It helps you enlighten and move ahead in life. The destiny stone is often used for luck in matters of the heart.

How to Program your Root and Heart Chakra with Moldavite

Take a Moldavite

Point it at the Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m happiness. Everything around me makes me happy”.

  1. Green Fire Opal

A vivid stone, green fire opal is the stone of burning passion and love. As opals are destiny stone, green fire opal helps you find your passion in life. It is a unique green healing gemstone with the power to heal your emotional and love disorders.

How to Program your Root and Heart Chakra with Green Fire Opal

Take a Green Fire Opal

Point it at the Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m Fiery Love. Everything around me adds to the fire within”.

  1. Malachite

A mothering stone, malachite is an excellent green healing gemstone full of powers for nourishing your soul. It connects you with your guardian angel, nature and the cosmos around you. The malachite gemstone is the centre of the supreme love. It is an ideal stone for pregnant women.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Malachite

Take a Malachite

Point it at the Root and Heart Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m mother. Everything around me makes connect more with my children”.

Before You Go …

Wondering how to tap into the power of healing gemstones? Get green healing gemstones that can influence your heart chakra to attain peace and happiness. Penetrate and heal your heart chakra powers so that you can attract virtues of love, happiness, connection, understanding and care.