What are Silver gemstones? Are they excellent for connecting with the surreal? How different are they from white or grey gemstones? Explore the complete guide on Silver Gemstones from chakra to the zodiac and metaphysical healing and mantras. This is all you need to activate Silver healing gemstone powers. We’ve added the positive affirmations for each gemstone to help you activate the Silver gemstones quickly!

Colour Meaning of Silver Healing Gemstones

Silver stands for grace and elegance. It is a reflective colour that comes with brightness, and hence reference to enlightenment, beauty and opulence.

Chakra of Silver Healing Gemstones

Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart chakras

Zodiac of Silver Healing Gemstones


Best Healing Gemstone Combinations

  1. Black Tourmaline works excellently with silver healing gemstones such as selenite to protect and empower you.
  2. Red Jasper works excellently when combined with the highest chakra stone of clear quartz to blow life into your passion.
  3. Goldstone is considered an uplifting stone that attracts feng shui when used with silver gemstones like white beryl.
  4. Silver Topaz is considered to make you walk through dimensions when used with Silver Topaz.
  5. When white calcite is mixed with carnelian, it cleanses your body thoroughly and gets rid of the diseases.

Healing Properties of Silver Healing Gemstones

How can Silver gemstones heal your body? What deity powers do you awaken when you use Silver healing gemstones? How can cure heart with Silver healing gemstones? Get all your questions answered now!

  • Physical Healing of Silver Healing Gemstones

When you use silver healing gemstones for the higher chakra, it enriches your memory. By promoting healthy skin, silver coloured stones reverses aging and many other skin related problems.

You can use silver stones gemstone patches to cure headaches too.

  • Emotional Healing of Silver Healing Gemstones

From guilt to forgiveness, silver healing gemstones offer a variety of peace for the user. It is an enlightenment stone full of emotional intelligence to make you touch. Experts say silver gemstones can even be the best antidote to pain.

  • Spiritual Healing of Silver Healing Gemstones

Silver gemstones make a bridge between you and the ethereal. You can talk to angels, spirits and souls too when you use silver gemstones. It will give you enlightenment and pull destiny closer to you.

7 Silver Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

If you don’t reign the progress of Silver gemstones, it might lead you to problems. Hence, it is best to know which Silver gemstones to use for activating the right chakra powers you want in life. If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in Silver shades for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list.

Use these Silver healing gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of Silver healing gemstones now.

  1.     White Beryl

Silver beryl is a unique stone with a brilliant colour. It is often called White Beryl or Goshenite for the unique characteristics it possesses. It carries the power of white light that can renew and rejuvenate your cells. The clarity stone

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Silver Beryl

  • Take a Silver Beryl
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m clarity. Everything around me makes me clear”.
  1. Calcite

A special gemstone with special powers, white Calcite is a rarity too. The stone activates multiple chakras from crown to the third eye. Using white calcite attracts enthusiasm and energy. Calcite in white can help you look into the future.

How to Program your third eye or crown Chakras with Calcite

  • Take a Peridot
  • Point it at the third eye or crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m enthusiasm. Everything around me makes me soulful”.
  1. Clear Quartz

The purifying stone that pulls the negativity within and around you to make you a new person, clear quartz powers the etheric chakra located at the crown. Clear quartz with any gemstone amplifies the powers of the healing gemstones.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Clear Quartz

  • Take a Clear Quartz
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m purity. Everything around me makes me purer”.
  1. Zircon

A lightening gemstone in silver colour, zircon helps to calm the body. Being the solar plexus power stone, zircon has the unique ability to negate harm to you physically by curing disorders. Zircon can also help you detox your body and spirit. Use it on a ring to ensure the power surrounds you all the time.

How to Program your Solar Plexus Chakra with Zircon

  • Take a Zircon
  • Point it at the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m cleansing. Everything around me makes me clean”.
  1. White Sapphire

A communication stone loaded with the power to boost clarity and willpower, white sapphire is ideal to find goals in life. It can help people astray or aimless in their life. White Sapphire helps to build faith for the self. It is a silver gemstone to discover yourself and proclaim it to the world.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with White Sapphire

  • Take a White Sapphire
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m confidence. Everything around me makes me trust myself more”.
  1. White Spinel

Awakening the powers of the heart chakra is the power of spinel. Unlike most silver toned gemstones, spinel awakens the emotive nature in you. From stability to open-mindedness, white spinel helps the user in many ways. It is a calming stone filled with the power and love of heart chakra.

The rare variety of spinel is also ideal for removing painful memories and thoughts.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with White Spinel

  • Take a White Spinel
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m kindness. Everything around me makes me kinder”.
  1. Silver Topaz

A beautiful gemstone that even started Mat, our owner on the path to gemstones years ago in India, Silver Topaz is an ethereal stone. It is a crown chakra stone like most silver gemstones, but silver topaz is best known for its wisdom and enlightenment. Silver topaz awakens the soul star chakra in addition to the highest chakra in the human body.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Silver Topaz

  • Take a Silver Topaz
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m enlightenment. Everything around me makes me bright”.