What are blue gemstones? How different are they from indigo or teal gemstones? Explore the complete guide on Blue Gemstones from chakra to the zodiac and metaphysical healing and mantras. This is all you need to activate Blue healing gemstone powers.

Ready to unlock the healing gemstones of articulation and courage? We’ve added the positive affirmations for each gemstone to help you activate the Blue gemstones quickly!

Color Meaning of Blue Healing Gemstones

Capricorn and Sagittarius

Chakra of Blue Healing Gemstones

Throat chakras

Zodiac of Blue Healing Gemstones

Throat and Third Eye Chakras;

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations of Blue Healing Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline when combined with bright blue gemstones, create boldness to confess your love.

When mixed with Carnelian gemstone, blue gemstone creates a healthy body with this concoction.

Ruby is a heart stone that helps to create responsibility and honesty when combined with blue gemstones.

Blue healing gemstones are best mixed with Quartz to create gemstone grids for manifestation processes.

The nourishing stone Malachite creates compassionate energies when you wear it with blue gemstones.

Healing Properties of Blue Healing Gemstones

How can green gemstones heal your throat? What deity powers do you awaken when you use Blue healing gemstones? How can cure heart with Blue healing gemstones? Get your questions answered now!

  • Physical Healing of Blue Healing Gemstones

Apart from being the ultimate color of our speech or vishuddhi chakra, blue gemstones are excellent for a variety of physical problems including all types of headaches, especially migraine.

When gargled with, gem elixir from blue healing gemstones can alleviate throat pain too. It clears the voice and helps you tone it for singing. For people suffering from disorders such as stammering, blue healing gemstone speech therapy helps hugely as it starts the remedy from the lungs. Healing the mouth cavity and teeth disorders are the added benefit of using blue stones.

  • Emotional Healing of Blue Healing Gemstones

From Courage to boldness, blue gemstones can help you discover a new part of you. It is a trust stone that helps you realize the truth within and around you. The honest stone can help in working solutions for common problems such as anger and self-healing. It also boosts commitment in the wearer. For broad-minded perspective changes and openness, blue healing gemstones offer quick comprehension too!

  • Spiritual Healing of Blue Healing Gemstones

The stone of angelic communication, blue gemstones are recommended by gemstone experts for shamanic journeys. It shows you the meaning of your soul and spirit. By encouraging astral travel, blue healing gemstones also offer enlightenment to the user. For deeper realization about the reality around you, use blue gemstones as it makes you intuitive too!

7 Blue Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

If you don’t reign the progress of Blue gemstones, it might lead you to lose your temper. Hence, it is best to know which Blue gemstones use for the right chakra activation or power you’re seeking. If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in Blue shades for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list.

Use these Blue healing gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of Blue healing gemstones now.

  1. Blue Opal

Renowned as the eye stone, blue opal is a fiery stone with the energy calmth within it. Blue opal is often called the queen of gems owing to its beautiful shades. Owyhee opals in blue are the most famous opals. You can activate your throat chakra to harness honesty and courage from blue opals.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Peridot

Take a Peridot

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m courage. Everything around me makes me bold”.

  1. Blue Quartz

A unique variety of quartz, the blue quartz is a powerful stone that mixes the powers of throat and crown chakras. The stone helps in cultivating the power of clairvoyance and Christ consciousness. Get a blue quartz and reinvent your reality with faith!

Wear it all the time and don’t forget to cleanse the blue quartz with a clear quartz at the end of the day for positive energies.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Peridot

Take a Blue Quartz

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m faith. Everything around me boosts my beliefs”.

  1. Azurite

A unique and popular stone, azurite is the stone of heaven. The stone of Atlantis activates the powers of higher chakras including the third eye. It will help you see ahead and weave your destiny easily. Added with throat chakra powers, azurite is a blue healing gemstone that helps Taurus and Capricorn born people too.

How to Program your Throat and Third Eye Chakras with Azurite

Take an Azurite

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I can see ahead. Everything around me makes my intuition stronger”.

  1. Blue Topaz

Yet another powerful blue gemstone that powers the throat chakra, blue topaz is excellent for attracting prosperity into your life. The gemstone activates goddess of sky and war, according to folklore. It activates sacral and throat chakra powers in the wearer to make them spiritually and mentally strong.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Blue Topaz

Take a Blue Topaz

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m good fortune. Everything around me makes me prosper”.

  1. Blue Fire Opal

Famed as the stone of fiery passion, blue fire opals are filled with bouts of courage and will power. It will help you grow as well as progress in life without any ado. Blue Fire opals often help to reveal your heart’s feelings to friends and family boldly, in case you’re in a rut and need some help!

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Blue Fire Opal

Take a Blue Fire Opal

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m progress. Everything around me makes me grow ahead”.

  1. Turquoise

The healing stone of superior cures, turquoise is a truth serum stone. It helps in comprehension and oration. Read more on Turquoise here.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Turquoise

Take a Turquoise

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m protected. Everything around me makes me safe”.

  1. Blue Zircon

Often called starlite, the blue variety of zircon is a strong articulative stone. It makes you open your heart out without feeling constricted or shy. Blue Zircon has often seen with sky blue shades with inclusions in black color.  Blue zircon healing gemstone can be used to calm the mind as well!

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Blue Zircon

Take a Blue Zircon

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m confident. Everything around me makes me wise”.