With the use of gemstone energies and incense cones, we have combined the best 11 ways to make Feng shui to cleanse and activate positive energy in around you. If you’re wondering how does Feng Shui work, the fact is that every space retains the mark of your predecessor who occupied it. Provided that the previous occupant of your office space or home were negative or evil, your work will fare poorly.

Use the right mixture of healing stones plus incenses to clean the negative energies and generate positive energy.

10 Tips to Make your Body and Surroundings Disciplined with Feng Shui

The art of Feng shui began approximately 3000 years ago in a distant land in China. While Feng means wind and Shui translates to water, Feng Shui represents health, wealth and harmony in total. While bad feng shui can lead to an endless series of bad lucks, good Feng Shui will make you prosper and live in joy.

  • Cleaning Therapy with Gemstones

The first reason for low productivity or positivity in any space is the stagnant or negative energies of the previous occupant. The best way to make Feng Shui work for you is by cleaning your space with cleansing gemstones to remove evil eye and stale auras too.

  • Sandalwood Incense

A calming and grounding incense flavour, Sandalwood is an extremely useful Feng Shui therapy. To put it into effects, Sandalwood Incense must be placed in the middle of the room of your choice after cleaning the clutter around.

  • Aura Cleansing

Removing the negative or harmful aura of the previous user is important to promote harmony and balance to your home or office space. To cleanse the aura of another from rubbing on you, take one of your favourite incense sticks and light it. Next, with your free hand blow the smoke towards you to remove the effects of evil eye and negative aura from working on you.

  • Garden Gemstones

If you have a backyard garden where you’ve been trying to grow flowers or vegetables without success in the past, you need to bury the right gemstones in your garden to remove the ill effects of bad Feng Shui. Gemstones such as PeridotAventurine and Aquamarine makespiritual blanket over your backyard garden and keep off weeds when buried in the middle of the garden.

  • Chants and Recitations

Yet another significant way to remove bad Feng Shui is by activating the positive energy through powerful chants and recitations. If you’re a gemstone aficionado, the same can program your gemstones to suck in the negativity of the space.

You can also use a Singing Bowl and aim your chants at the dark corners of your house to remove negativity.

  • Hanging Gemstones

Using two clear quartz stones make a dream catcher in orders hang around various parts of the house. Clear and white gemstones have multiple colour energies, which helps to consistently absorb negativity from the environment.

Hanging Gemstones such as this Lapis Lazuli stones can boost the presence of Chi and brings prosperity into your life.

  • Desk Gemstones

Ideal for office desks and study tables, desk gemstones are helpful to remove distractive energies when you’re working or learning. Gemstones such as CalciteCarnelian, eye and Jade are considered excellent to remove the effects of bad Feng Shui from cluttering the mind during work or study. These gemstones boost your concentration, focus and urge to learn.

  • Room Gemstones

For every room, there are certain gemstones to ensure the right energy vibrations resonate around it. From using Rose Quartz for Bedrooms to Citrine in Back-Left nook of your office and Triangular gemstones in your living room will beckon abundance, fortune and well-being.

  • Personal Altar Gemstones

If you have a specific place or altar to store and project your gemstones, you can use the same to remove bad Feng Shui from your living space easily. Altars help in amplifying energies into one spot and using Feng Shui Gemstone balls will help you boost your gemstone powers to clean the space around.

  • Door and Window Gemstones

Yet another significant trick to generate Feng shui at your home is by placing black gemstones at the entry and exit doors. Moreover, placing this obsidian stone at the shade above your windows or as hanging gemstones will encourage the entry of positivity, simultaneously blocking negativity.