Gemstone jewellery is revered for its esoteric powers as well. If you’re new to the spiritual powers that healing stones can give, this post will enlighten you. From healing terminal diseases such as cancer to setting your biological clock right, healing stones can do plenty.

They feed your spiritual quench more than the physical quench. Based on the chakra deficiencies or negativity outburst you’re having, healing gemstone jewellery can interfere with your aura too. It can penetrate physical walls of the disease and offer relief too.

How does healing gemstone jewellery heal?

Chakra Balance

When used for specific chakras, it can eradicate chakra imbalances. Common diseases due to the lack of balance in your chakras are headaches, vertigo, anger and disorientation.

Angelic Communication

To open up your material life for a superior destiny, gemstones can change your fate. By using the gemstones to work on your spiritual body, you can connect with your guardian angels as well as beings on the other side.

Energy Healing

Popularly called Auric Healing, energy healing works are simple to enact and effective in results. Try it by following everything precisely as said in this blog.

How to use Gemstones for Healing the Body

Healing gemstone jewellery can be used in various energy healing works. What we have realized professionally after handling hundreds and thousands of gemstones is given below.

Gem Elixir: All you need to do is infuse the power of the healing gemstone jewellery into a glass of water and drink it afterwards (without the gemstone).

Gemstone Patches: You can tie the gemstone around an affected area or one that you want to affect.

Chakra Stones: Based on precise chakra deficiencies, you can use chakra stones on specific chakras using pendulum or affirmations.

Gemstone Meditation: Holding the gemstone, enter the sacred vaults of meditation and try to feel the energy of the healing gemstone jewellery.

Healing Gemstone Yoga: You can also attempt many forms of yoga with healing gemstone jewellery to boost your own physical, emotional and spiritual strengths.

Which Gemstones to use for Healing the Body

Healing gemstones each come with a unique power. To unlock every power of a gemstone is unrealistic as there are hundreds of stone yet to be found. With the thousands of stones we already have on the earth. But Kaleidogems recommends the following:

AMETHYST for the Head

Being a crown chakra activation gemstone, amethyst has many tales on its behalf. It was known to get rid of subconscious addictions and madness from the head. If you’re suffering from any type of head related injury or chaos, it is time to have a sacred cleansing with Amethyst Wands.

Get your super powerful Amethyst stone and make a unique positive affirmation for your ailment.

BLUE SAPPHIRE for the Neck

One of the most powerful stones for the throat chakra, blue sapphire is ideal for all the upper neck and shoulder pains. It can clear the energy blocks in your neck area effectively. Being a physical detox stone, blue sapphire will oust your disease within a week of energy healing works.

You can also wear a blue sapphire pendant across your neck for healing 24×7!

MALACHITE for the chest

A little known gemstone that charges the heart chakra vibrations, malachite can melt away your pains and ailments in a snap. Malachite is a stone of love and happiness. Open your heart to a malachite stone and see the world change before your eyes!

When worn as a gemstone patch on the heart or as a pendant, it can heal you from heart related disorders.

CARNELIAN for the Stomach

If stomach disorders are your constant problem, Carnelian can help you out. It is renowned for healing the Solar Plexus chakra. Hence, digestive disorders are a cakewalk for carnelian.

To speed your recovery, create gem elixirs from carnelian after infusing it under full moon light in a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

GARNET for the Pelvis

One of the supreme stones necessary for activating the Life Force, Garnet is a sacral chakra stone. Whatever be your lower body troubles, Garnet can cure it!

It is best to tie a garnet chain around your waist for better recovery!

ONYX for legs

For balance and protection, nothing beats black onyx. Tying it as anklet chain is one of the best ways to ensure steadiness and progress in life. If you’re suffering arthritis, onyx can heal your pain, once you wear it as gemstone patches.

There is nothing gemstones can’t heal.