Do you know burning black obsidian candles by focusing sunlight through a crystal ball can oust the evil eye from a person? From Bible to Maleficent, there are endless instances of crystal ball gazing we’ve seen. If you were in a hypnosis session, you were gazing at some crystal too. When I peeked into a crystal ball for the first time, I saw NOTHING. But then, the divinator told me to touch my hands on the crystal. And, BOOM the crystal started showing things too. The divinatory asked if I needed help and held her hands onto the ball that revealed what I saw on the ball, to her as well. It was a trance so divine, I still shiver. So, here goes my complete story on how I found the metaphysical crystal ball meanings and uses that I found nowhere else.

Even my crystal pro aunt did not know about crystal balls until I surprised her with one! So, this is crystal balls guide a total treasure you need to dig in NOW!

Crystal Ball Explained

What is a crystal ball?

A wonder of Mother nature, crystal balls bend the light so that it captures the whole universe and shows exactly what you’re looking for!

How the heck does a crystal ball see everything?

That’s because these are not rubber balls, but gemstone balls that are designed exclusively from a bi-convex lens that boasts a uniform curvature radius.

Moreover, the insides of a crystal sphere are meticulously truncated to make a symmetric ball without any edges.

What is the meaning of a Crystal Ball?

Crystal ball offers meaning on metaphysical directions. It can help you physically, spiritually and emotionally. The meaning of a crystal sphere is divination. It stands for seeing into the future.

When was the oldest Crystal Ball Used? What is the history of a crystal sphere?

Crystal balls were prominently used in Yucatan, Egyptian, Iroquois, Persian, Pawnees and Chinese regions.

In historical records, the earliest crystal ball users were Druids (the magicians and intellectuals who hung in forests to brew magic) during the Celtic times.

The earliest recollection of crystal balls come from Pliny in 1 A.D as ‘crystallum orbis” which grew widespread support by 5thcentury to Rome.

Another petal from ancient times shows that Queen Elizabeth I was another fan of crystal balls.

Are there other names for the Crystal Ball?

Premonition Ball, Fortune Ball, Crystal Sphere, Zaztun, Orbuculum, and Sastun;

When does Crystal Gazing really work?

According to traditions and beliefs, crystal gazing works when the sun at the northernmost point. “How do I know the crystal ball is really working”.

Most of the people with this question (me included) are new to crystal spheres. When I had this question, I had never even touched a crystal ball.

Don’t worry, once you touch it, you will know the difference yourself.

When the crystal ball is working, it will always become cloudy and misty before showing you a vision. This will prevent haphazard scrying too.

What is a Seer Stone? 

Historically, seer stones are direct gifts from God himself (in Christianity). They were used by prophets and priests to communicate with God. Simply put, it is the stone through which the man who sees god, talks with God.

Although it began trending thanks to John Smith, Seer stones are not just fancy.

A popular magician who used seer stones is Alexander Conlin or Alexander the Crystal Seer during the late 19th century to early 20th century in South Dakota.

Is Scrying real? What does it mean? 

The art of gazing into a healing crystal ball to see visions or hear voices is called scrying. Simply put, it is gazing into a crystal ball with divinatory qualities.

Gemstone scrying is also called peeping or seeing too. It was a type of fortune telling experiment that involved occultism and magic.

Unlike augury, scrying is finding the visions in the crystal ball or any medium has seen through. It is also popular as crystallomancy and spheromancy.

Why Use a Crystal Ball?

People used crystal balls to peep into everything from past to future including the present where one could not see directly. A crystal ball helps in finding answers through visions directly with the help of the universe.

  • For Dream Recall

“I use crystal spheres to remember the dreams for my dream journal. All I do is hold onto the crystal ball with half open eyes in the morning, right out of bed”.

  • For Checking in the Present

“Whenever I am stressed or anxious about what is going on with my husband or at home in my native place, I pick up the crystal ball and look for answers”.

  • For Revealing Desires

“To find what I really want during moments of emotional conflict, I use gemstone balls that show me what I really want. It helps me choose the best dresses too!”

  • For Karmic Therapy

“Whenever a chakra feels week, I seek my crystal ball. It helps me show the root of the problem, mostly karmic problems to repair my aura and soul”.

  • For Finding your Soulmate

“My bestie found her true love by using crystal spheres for three months straight on all Fridays until February 14th and it worked because she is happily married for 5 years!”

  • For Seeing the Future

“When you’re looking for clues as to what will happen tomorrow or later, worry not and get a crystal ball. It will give all the perfect answers to your endless questions”.

  • For Finding Missing Items

“I use crystal balls to find missing items almost always. It gives leads and clues to find the item ASAP”

  • For Watching Out Dangers

“Just like stress, whenever your guy says ‘it’s not safe’, pick the crystal ball and look into it for warnings or signs of danger. It has saved me from bee stings and tropical bugs plenty”.

How to use a Crystal Ball?

Did you know the Victorian Era was the most dominant time for crystal balls? Started as a past time, when gemstone balls were made, magic changed the functionality of these spheres.

How can you see the future through a crystal ball? Is it possible to find my soulmate through crystal gazing? Find out NOW!

  • Gazing

Looking into a gemstone ball helps you see what your heart wants. When the mist forms, your gazing is working!

  • Meditation

Having a crystal ball in your hand while meditating is like having the key to end the mind chatter ASAP. Use it!

  • Chakra Activation

You can use a crystal ball to activate your chakra powers if it is made of a gemstone. All you need to do is point the crystal ball parallel to the chakra while chanting or meditating with the sphere of the gemstone.