Health benefits of wearing Silver Jewellery…….

Since ancient times, human beings have sought healing properties in gemstones and minerals. From the just-for-fun aspect of mood rings to amulets designed to ward off certain dangers, it’s not hard to find jewellery purporting mystical powers.

From Native American turquoise to alchemy miracles, there’s a long history of belief systems wrapped up in the healing powers of gems and metals. Indeed, royals originally wore gem-studded crowns not only as symbols of wealth and power, but also as protection against ills and evil.

So, what benefits, if any, can any jewellery truly hold? Studies are inconclusive and much is linked to the power of belief and mental suggestion, but there are distinct health benefits to wearing silver jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery due to a combination of price, value, and appearance. But its benefits extend beyond affordability and aesthetics.

What Are The Benefits of Silver Jewellery?

As a metal, silver has significant health benefits that have been used across cultures for centuries. Silver has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in cold and flu prevention, wound healing, and more. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation. Many have reported improvements in energy levels and balance in moods after wearing silver,  as its natural properties may offset outside electrical disturbances, improve circulation and overall body temperature balance, and help maintain cleanliness and immunity.

Silver has a long history in antibiotics and sterilization, with many women and men wearing silver jewellery to stave off infection, cold/flu symptoms, and any other virus, bacteria, etc. Silver also purportedly keeps our blood vessels elastic, which enables it to play a role in bone formation and healing, as well as skin maintenance and repair. Finally, silver has a directly tangible benefit in helping us to avoid potentially toxic substances — as a metal, silver reacts and turns colour when it encounters many other chemicals that are known toxins.

Some people even go beyond silver jewellery to wear silver-lined sleep masks to improve their night’s rest or silver-lined gloves to wear while typing on a laptop to disrupt the transmission of electronic signals from technology into the body.

The Science behind Silver

This may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo to some, but silver has a distinctly scientific basis for its health benefits derived from its electrical and thermal conductivity. Positively-charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body, which stimulates the body’s natural conductivity and improves blood circulation, body temperature balance, and general well-being. Positively charged silver ions also bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria, which is why silver can fight against harmful infection and disease.

For those that are sceptical, consider that researchers of the University of Southampton have proven that wearing a specific type of silver ring can help alleviate some symptoms of arthritis in the hands. The benefits include not only helping to reduce pain, but also preventing hyperextension in the finger joints, which is common in those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Even for those not willing to buy into the properties of silver as a metal, there is another way to reap health benefits from wearing silver jewellery. In our fast-paced culture, many are turning to meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and other calming techniques to reduce anxiety. Certain types of jewellery can also be worn to help prevent anxiety and re-centre. Simple silver “worry jewellery” and spinner rings, which feature an outer band that spins freely around the inner ring, have been proven to have a calming effect that helps fight anxiety through repetitive motion. Those suffering from anxiety can quietly spin their ring to help combat symptoms even when in a public, crowded space.

Keep In Mind

 One brief word of warning — though silver has many proven (and some unproven) health benefits, there are those who are allergic to silver. For these individuals, wearing silver can have the opposite effect, causing a rash or making your skin change colour. If you suffer from a silver allergy, you’ll want to look elsewhere for health benefits in jewellery.

Whether you believe wholeheartedly in all of silver’s reported benefits or merely enjoy the look of silver and hope it may help with anxiety or another ailment on a smaller scale, there’s no denying that wearing silver jewellery is, potentially, an aesthetically-pleasing way to calm your mind and increase your overall well-being.


Secrets to Advanced Reiki Healing With Crystals

One can Google Reiki Healing and you will be stunned how many people healed themselves from cancer to debt and heartbreak using reiki. It is an interplay of energies from the cosmos around us. The Japanese healing technique is effective when you get it from a Level III Reiki Master. Read on, if you want to learn the placement of gems to hands for reiki healing with stones in the next ten minutes. We’ve simplified all of it for beginners!

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique using metaphysical powers. Reiki comes from the two words, rei (Higher Power/ Intelligence) and ki (life force). In their combined form, Reiki refers to attuning your life force with the higher power for healing.

During the Reiki healing session, the practitioner places chants, stones or hand gestures on the chakra points of the person for activating chakra energy. Here, the Reiki master’s energy penetrates your chakra points to eject evil and negativity within you.

Unlike most of the crystal techniques, Reiki cannot be tried on your own. Ki or the use of life force energy is easy to conduct on your own; but, reiki needs the power of two. It is not a karmic therapy, but energy healing using the combination of two powers- the higher self and life force. So, one person helps to align the chakra or energy centers of the other without tainting their karma. In short, Reiki healing session increases the powers of the giver as much as the taker.

What is the history of Reiki Healing around the World?

Reiki form of Usui Reiki stems from the enlightenment about life from Dr. Usui or Usui-sensei, born in the late 19th century. After completing superlative education from a Buddhist monastery, Usui traveled far and wide to find a system of total physiological and psychological healing.

On a rediscovery course on Mount Kurama, Dr. Usui fasted 21 days alongside meditation. On the dawn of 21st day, he came upon a script of Sanskrit symbols that ended his search. That’s how Reiki was born. He established a practice in Kyoto, which was taken up by a Japanese naval officer and an American-Japanese woman who spread it across the world during WWII.

How long do the effects of Reiki Healing last?

Depending on the Reiki Master you choose, your Reiki crystal healing sessions will change. From 20 minutes to even up to 90 minutes, reiki healing sessions also varies with your energy status. Moreover, reiki healing does not break open from the heavens at the end of the 90-minute bell. Often, it can take more than 4-5 sessions to untie your problems using reiki stone healing.

How to do a Reiki Healing With Gemstones Session?

There are three levels to Reiki qualification. First refers to learning the history and the practice of Reiki. The second level attunes your reiki wisdom from a master. The third is when you teach or pass on your reiki learnings to another person. Do Reiki easily at home with our simplified method below.

1.      Cleanse your Stones

The first step to crystal healing via any ritual is the purification stage. You can use herbs or healing gemstones with higher powers such as Clear Quartz or Selenite to cleanse your stones. It must drain the cluttered energy sediment in your stone, else it will channel into your chakra points.

2.      Activate your Crystals/Gemstones

Next step is to activate or charge your healing gemstones for a reiki session. You can use positive affirmations to charge or keep it under the full moonlight. A charged crystal/gemstone can help to target ailing chakras much faster and deeper than you know. Crystal activation requires your willpower to work.

3.      Placement of the Crystals during Reiki Healing Session

There are many ways to arrange your stones during a Reiki Healing Session.

–          On the chakra point

You can place the healing crystal/gemstone on the chakra you want to empower or heal. This will emit direct healing rays into your skin. To do so, the stone must be in contact with your skin.

–          Above the Chakra Point

You can place the healing crystal/gemstone for reiki healing above the chakra point while laying down on the yoga mat. It needn’t touch your skin as healing crystals can pull out the negativity without coming into contact with them.

–          Below the Chakra point

You can place the healing crystal/gemstone for reiki healing below the chakra point while laying down on the yoga mat. The stones must not touch your skin as it can eject the evil sans contacting it.

–          Around the Chakra point

You can also place multiple crystals/gemstsones like a grid around a particular chakra point for effective healing. As the above, touching the skin is a choice you must take depending on the depth of healing you need.

4.      Placement of the Hands during Reiki Healing Session

For every chakra, there is a hand position for Reiki healing.

  • Root Chakra: Shoulders are targeted here with your hands on the shoulder of the other person for 3 minutes.
  • Sacral Chakra: You must place your crystal or hand on the abdomen or lower back in the back and front of the person for 3 minutes.
  • Solar Plexus chakra: Keep one open palm with the stone on the back of the stomach and other in front for 3 minutes.
  • Heart Chakra: Place your palm on the breastbone and the other at the opposite side on your back for 3 minutes.
  • Throat chakra: Take your open palm and keep it on the top of the neck and other in the pit of your throat for 3 minutes.
  • Third eye Chakra: Open your palms and keep one on the back of your neck and other in between the brows for 3 minutes.
  • Crown Chakra: Place both your open palms on the top of the head of the joining index and thumb fingers to form an opening on the crown chakra. Hold it for 3 minutes.

You can finish the reiki session by sweeping the aura of the client by gesturing a swiping motion over his or her body without contacting the skin.

What are the Ways to Do Reiki Healing with Crystals

How do you do Reiki with healing stones? Is it any better? How can you combine Reiki and gemstones for better cleaning and healing? Get all your questions answered now!

·        Reiki Healing with Chakra Stones

You can place the healing crystal on the chakra points for Reiki healing.

·        Crystal Programming for Reiki Healing

You can program your crystal with positive affirmations before placing it on the chakra point or wherever you feel affected.

·        Chromo Therapy or Color Healing with Reiki Stones

You can place healing crystals according to colors of the chakra points or wherever you feel affected.

·        Crystal Pendulum for Reiki Healing Session

You can hold a crystal pendulum or lay underneath it to detect the undue vibrations to cleanse it using Reiki healing with crystals.

·        Crystal Patches for Reiki Healing

You can also keep the healing crystal on or around your chakra point during Reiki healing session for effective life force therapy.

How you can use gemstones in everyday life…..

An essential gemstone for personal transformation and transcendence, gemstones can be used sparingly without cutting short it’s magic. From decoration to protection, placement of gemstones can produce greater effects on your life than wearing all of it at once.

DIY Guide for using Gemstones at your Home

Currently, people are more than ever moved by the gemstone energy. If you know how gemstones are made, chances are you know and believe in gemstone power too. Throughout history, there have been zillions of ways to use gemstones to vitalize your life and perspective. We have compiled the best and most effective methods to harness gemstone power below.

  • Gemstone Bath

Most ancient in human history, Gemstone bath is an excellent way to catalyse the penetration of gemstone energies into your skin cells. A rejuvenating spa-like experience, infusing gemstones such as amethyst and clear quartz can also cure many skin related disorders.

  • Dreamcatcher

A DIY dreamcatcher is excellent to fill your space with aesthetic decorations as well as a high dose of positivity. Try making a dreamcatcher out of these malachite beads to keep your house or personal space protected.

Using a blend of gemstones such as peridot and jade can help in attracting wealth as well as prosperity in your life.

  • Decoration

If you’re keen about the interior decoration, using the gemstones as showpieces in various parts of your home can increase its appeal as well as keep your homely vibe intact. Gorgeous gemstone geodes and wands can be kept in glass cases with light shining on or underneath it. Ensure that the light is not UV treated to avoid fading of your gemstone’s colour energy.

  • Jewellery and Trinkets

The common most use of gemstones in human history is in the form of jewellery or ornaments. Being a captivating stone, gemstones are highly ornamental and show your personality.  Moreover, wearing the right gemstone jewellery can radiate different traits.

  • Yoga and Meditation

Yet another clever way of using gemstones in your fitness regimen is by harnessing its power when doing yoga. Fitness exercises when accompanied by gemstone energy boost your strength, stamina and health.

In addition, holding Aquamarine gemstone and meditating or exercises is claimed as highly spiritual too.

  • Night Pillow

If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep related disorders, sleeping with your gemstones can prove as the best sleeping aid.

Sleep gemstones can help you wind down minus the stress and cultivate a healthy bedtime routine. Try keeping this Amber under your pillow when you sleep.

  • Chakra Activation

Using a gemstone wand massage as the article suggests, you can activate and align your chakras to produce maximum psychic effects. Gemstones can activate your chakras by raising the vibration of your body, thus curing diseases of the stomach, heart, brain, throat, fertility and crown chakra or for spiritual enlightenment.

  • Filter your drinking water

Gemstones are excellent to detoxify your body as well as negativity from your mind. Using gem infused drinking water, you drink the elixir of spirituality. Soaking your gemstone in the drinking water for a few hours prior to drinking will seep in the positive energy of gemstones in your water.  As water keeps gemstone vibrations alive, you can also add a few drops of gemstone infused water to clean any volume of water too.

  • Gemstone Grid Making

A gemstone grid is a combination of multiple gemstones used to make a bigger energy vibration.  If you’re a gemstone aficionado, adding your gemstones together to make a gemstone grid will make the power of gemstones double. Some of the benefits of Gemstone Grids include creativity, intuitionclairvoyanceprotection and prosperity.

Remember that the power of your gemstone grid is centered on the mandala you arrange it in.

Gemstones for Moms: A Mother’s Day Gemstone Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day looming up, now is the perfect time to find this year’s gift. Kaleidogems offers a range of gorgeous jewellery including rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Take a look through our Mother’s Day gift ideas below to find your mom the perfect mother’s day gift:

Choose Her Favorite Gemstone

You can’t go wrong with jewellery featuring your mom’s favorite gemstone. Opt for a single feature piece or buy a jewellery set. We offer almost 80 types of gemstones set in a range of jewellery styles from simple to ornate. Our most popular choices include  amethyst rings, and Lapis Lazuli bracelets.

Jewellery with Her Children’s Birthstones

Why not give her a gift that represents her children on mother’s day? A piece of jewellery containing your birthstone is a fantastic way to give your mom something that she can carry with her to show the bond you share. Here’s a list of the birthstones by month along with jewellery to help you get started:

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond or CZ

May – Emerald

June – Pearl  / Alexandrite

July – Ruby

August – Peridot  / Spinel

September – Sapphire

October – Tourmaline  / Opal

November – Topaz / Citrine

December – Tanzanite / Zircon  / Turquoise

Give Her Your Heart on Mother’s Day!

Fall back on a classic this mother’s day by giving her a piece of jewellery that will be close to her heart. We offer a selection of beautiful necklace pendants to show your everlasting love.

Don’t Break the Bank

Kaleidogems offers a range of fantastic jewellery for every budget.

Gemstones that every woman should have

Gemstone power can aide a woman in difficulty with vehement power. Some of the most notable women of our civilization from Cleopatra to Medusa and Beyonce are also Gemstone Aficionados.

  1. Turquoise

A complete package for welfare and prosperity, Turquoise Gemstone wearing women also get freedom from negativity and fear. The protection gemstone is a grounding gemstone that also increases creativity in women and particularly helps in problem solving during mood swings.

  1. Amber

A powerful healing gemstone in the hands of a woman, Amber is a gentle stone ideal for hot-tempered women. The self-healing stone is effective for women who suffer from disillusionment and delusional thoughts.

  1. Amethyst

A defining gemstone, Amethyst is renowned throughout history in the hands of the most powerful and attractive women. Amethyst reveals destiny when worn by women and even creates a powerful medium of communication with your spirit guide.

  1. Jasper

Popular as the nurturing stone, Red Jasper is ideal for women aspiring motherhood. Red Jasper renews your aura and de-stresses women like an amplifier. For women who have been subject to abuse and trauma, Red Jasper helps to recoup effortlessly.

  1. Amazonite

Commonly known as the Artist’s Stone, Amazonite is a stone of truth and self-love. Amazonite must be worn by women suffering from insecurity as it is prominent for boosting the self-esteem. Women who wear Amazonite are bold, courageous, fearless, determined and positive sans greed or similar other negativities.

  1. Ruby

Gemstone aficionados call Ruby a stone for the vitality of life, while the truth is that Ruby is a healing stone that boosts passion and liveliness amongst jaded women. If you feel like your life is going nowhere at times, a dash of Ruby will get you back to earth easily.

  1. Citrine

For career-minded women looking for professional success, carrying a citrine gemstone in the vanity bag or wearing underneath the executive wear can bring wonders. Citrine is known to pump enthusiasm, force creativity and make the wearer optimistic.

  1. Onyx

For women suffering from fatigue and lethargy, Onyx can be just like the fictional drug ‘Limitless’. Exclusively beneficial for a girl who just hit puberty or women going through menopause, Onyx healing stone keeps emotional balance if you’ve a habit of getting too sentimental.

  1. Aventurine

Perfect for women trying to make a mark as leaders in this male dominated world, Green Aventurine can bring huge success. From endless promotions to stunning new roles, Aventurine can transform women to empathize more as well as develop a strong voice for a leader.


The most gorgeous of all healing gemstones, Sapphire is ideal for orators or women who are trying careers involving public speaking or celebrity-like presence. Sapphires are excellent for women who are suspicious of their partners. Wearing Sapphire builds marital bliss and promotes compassionate vibes around its wearer.


Yet another powerful growth gemstone with powerful green color energies, Tourmaline is excellent for women who find it hard to concentrate when learning. Women who regularly wear green tourmaline are best for women who are academicians or researchers as Green Tourmaline cultivates concentration and the innate urge to learn forever.

12. Topaz

The stone of hope, Topaz is excellent for women who are depressed by failures such as that of a marriage or an intimate relationship. Topaz helps in bringing abundance and wealth in addition to true love.

.Stay powerful!


Cabochon Jewellery

In jewelry use, cabochon gemstones are especially popular for earrings, pendants and rings. For men, cabochons are ideal for accessories such as tie bars, tie clips, cuff links and especially large masculine cabochon gem rings. Today, most high quality gemstones tend to be faceted, but there are some gem types that are still typically cut as cabochons. At one time, all gemstones were either carved or shaped and polished into cabochons. Cabochon cuts are excellent for specific gemstone types because they preserve special optical traits or perhaps they may be too opaque for faceting.

Considering the long history of gemstones, faceted gemstones were a relatively recent innovation. Gemstones were not cut with multiple angular faces and geometrical patterns until 15th century, when the invention of the horizontal cutting wheel came into play. Prior to this turning point, most gemstones were primarily fashioned into cabochons. This style of cut is often seen with opaque or softer gems types. The cabochon cut is one of the oldest and basic cuts, and most jewelry professionals should be familiar with the terminology. Cabochons cut gems are typically described with having a flat back, and a gently curved or domed upper surface, which allows for easy setting of the gem.

Even though most fine gemstones are now faceted, cabochons often referred to as cabs in the gem trade, are still very popular. Some of the popular gem types typically fashioned as cabochons are moonstone, opal, turquoise, star sapphire, star ruby and chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

Faceted gemstones will always have superior brilliance and fire, because they have been cut to maximize reflected light. Despite this, cabochons have their own unique charm and continue to maintain their popularity for several reasons. With so-called phenomenal gems, such as those that display a star or cat’s eye reflection, these gemstones can only display their interesting optical effects when finished as a cabochon, making some of the most interesting jewelry spectacles ever seen.

Other gems can be cut as cabochons because they are way too opaque or translucent, rather than transparent. Reason being is that faceting these gems would simply not produce optimal results, but they would have still an admirable end result if shaped into cabs. In addition, you can often found lower grade specimens of fine gem types, such as sapphire, ruby, quartz and garnet cut as cabochons. If an individual gemstone specimen has a very attractive color, but is not sufficiently transparent or clean enough to be faceted, it can still be shaped and polished to be a very attractive cabochon to be used as finished jewellery design.

From time to time, gem buyers who are fond of cabochons may seek out a high quality sapphire or ruby cut en cabochon, but these cases are extremely rare, because facet-grade gemstone material is almost always faceted instead for simple economics reasons: High quality, transparent sapphire will no doubt command higher prices once faceted, and so, lower-grade materials, known as “cabbing rough” in the gem trade, are better off being salvaged and cut en cabochon.

So, as a buying tip, look for high quality cabochons.

What are Gemstones

Gemstones have been worn by both men and women as far back as one can go in history.

Just like in the jewellery of today, gorgeous stones, colourful and rare, are most often the outstanding style of a piece with a metal setting for adornment. The gemstones used by the craftsman of fine jewellery are normally divided into two grades “semi-precious stones” and “precious stones”.

These terms are used severely in the commercial world of jewellers when considering value and variety. While the artistic deserve is only a matter of opinion, the worth of a stone is what it will bring in the business. It has to also be mentioned that many people, general shopper and collectors alike, favour the rare to the gorgeous. These stones are simply minerals taken from the mine, and after they have been enhanced by the craftsman cutting and polishing, rarest and the best of them are what we call gems.

Precious Stones

The generally precious stones are the rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. The pearl is potentially grades with precious stones. Although seriously speaking while it is not a gemstone it holds an adoring place in jewellery.

Semi-Precious Stones

A major number of gemstones used in jewellery are known-well as semi-precious; the largely important ones are as follow: amethyst, alexandrite, lapis-lazuli, turquoise, peridot, chrysoberyl , topaz, moonstone, peridot, zircon, opal, tourmaline, amethyst aquamarine. Others of small importance although much used are as follow: jade, garnet, bloodstone, agate chrysoprase, carnelian, azurite, malachite, coral and many others.

These gemstones while rather common and low-priced are necessary to the worker in jewellery. The varieties of colours to be had in these gemstones make it possible to generate uncommon designs of craftsman and to adapt them to the personality and costume of the jewellery.

Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value.