How you can use gemstones in everyday life…..

An essential gemstone for personal transformation and transcendence, gemstones can be used sparingly without cutting short it’s magic. From decoration to protection, placement of gemstones can produce greater effects on your life than wearing all of it at once.

DIY Guide for using Gemstones at your Home

Currently, people are more than ever moved by the gemstone energy. If you know how gemstones are made, chances are you know and believe in gemstone power too. Throughout history, there have been zillions of ways to use gemstones to vitalize your life and perspective. We have compiled the best and most effective methods to harness gemstone power below.

  • Gemstone Bath

Most ancient in human history, Gemstone bath is an excellent way to catalyse the penetration of gemstone energies into your skin cells. A rejuvenating spa-like experience, infusing gemstones such as amethyst and clear quartz can also cure many skin related disorders.

  • Dreamcatcher

A DIY dreamcatcher is excellent to fill your space with aesthetic decorations as well as a high dose of positivity. Try making a dreamcatcher out of these malachite beads to keep your house or personal space protected.

Using a blend of gemstones such as peridot and jade can help in attracting wealth as well as prosperity in your life.

  • Decoration

If you’re keen about the interior decoration, using the gemstones as showpieces in various parts of your home can increase its appeal as well as keep your homely vibe intact. Gorgeous gemstone geodes and wands can be kept in glass cases with light shining on or underneath it. Ensure that the light is not UV treated to avoid fading of your gemstone’s colour energy.

  • Jewellery and Trinkets

The common most use of gemstones in human history is in the form of jewellery or ornaments. Being a captivating stone, gemstones are highly ornamental and show your personality.  Moreover, wearing the right gemstone jewellery can radiate different traits.

  • Yoga and Meditation

Yet another clever way of using gemstones in your fitness regimen is by harnessing its power when doing yoga. Fitness exercises when accompanied by gemstone energy boost your strength, stamina and health.

In addition, holding Aquamarine gemstone and meditating or exercises is claimed as highly spiritual too.

  • Night Pillow

If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep related disorders, sleeping with your gemstones can prove as the best sleeping aid.

Sleep gemstones can help you wind down minus the stress and cultivate a healthy bedtime routine. Try keeping this Amber under your pillow when you sleep.

  • Chakra Activation

Using a gemstone wand massage as the article suggests, you can activate and align your chakras to produce maximum psychic effects. Gemstones can activate your chakras by raising the vibration of your body, thus curing diseases of the stomach, heart, brain, throat, fertility and crown chakra or for spiritual enlightenment.

  • Filter your drinking water

Gemstones are excellent to detoxify your body as well as negativity from your mind. Using gem infused drinking water, you drink the elixir of spirituality. Soaking your gemstone in the drinking water for a few hours prior to drinking will seep in the positive energy of gemstones in your water.  As water keeps gemstone vibrations alive, you can also add a few drops of gemstone infused water to clean any volume of water too.

  • Gemstone Grid Making

A gemstone grid is a combination of multiple gemstones used to make a bigger energy vibration.  If you’re a gemstone aficionado, adding your gemstones together to make a gemstone grid will make the power of gemstones double. Some of the benefits of Gemstone Grids include creativity, intuitionclairvoyanceprotection and prosperity.

Remember that the power of your gemstone grid is centered on the mandala you arrange it in.

Start Your Healing Gemstone Energy Makeover today

Getting rid of negative energies and filling yourself with productive energy is a serious ritual. It charges individual chakras to create positive momentum in your body. If you’re looking for a new perspective on life, try healing gemstones energy makeover to become a wizard with gemstones!

How to use Gemstones for Healing Gemstones Energy Makeover

When you’re feeling really low or just hit the rock bottom, the makeover is inevitable. The most important point is how you use that time to regain your strengths. One of the best ways to retain your control in life is by doing an energy makeover. You will feel empty to full during the healing gemstones energy makeover. Rest assured the gemstones are making an effect!

7 Gemstones to use for Healing Gemstones Energy Makeover

For those looking for the quickest ways to change your life, gemstones can help. According to science, healing gemstones contain powers to interfere with your aura and electromagnetic energy. When specific gemstones are used for chakra deficiencies, it can bring about changes in your aura and surroundings to change the fate.

Try the power of healing gemstone makeover NOW!


One of the unique gemstones to buy for crown chakra, amethyst is capable of dispelling the negativity heaped up on you. It is known as a stone of detox, exclusively for those in altered consciousness.

Amethyst can help you shun your addictions towards substances, things and people. The crucial way to use amethyst is by setting up for a gem bath or even a gemstone grid.


Most people do not know the powers of clear quartz. It is a super-powerful gemstone for energy makeovers as clear quartz activates two of the vital higher chakras called third eye and crown. Clear quartz is often used by shamans and ancient doctors as a vital stone for gemstone first aid or spiritual care.

Use clear quartz in the morning to cleanse your thoughts and negativity from the day before!


An ideal stone of expression, meditating with carnelian can open a new reality and perspective to the wearer. When you use carnelian, your solar plexus chakra is activated to make you feel harmonious and at peace.

One of the best ways to de-stress in the mornings, carnelian is excellent for preparing for a productive day. Carnelian also helps to cure physical diseases that affect the core of a person. It cures digestive, reproductive and circulatory system.


If you’re looking for a gemstone to fill you with compassion in the morning, aventurine is the only stone you need to buy. It will fill you with heart chakra energies to make you humble and charitable.

Aventurine also helps to realize the true desires and wants of the heart. Aventurine will help you cleanse the leftover regrets and pain in your heart quickly.


A unique gemstone bearing the powers of supreme balance, tiger eye is a root chakra gemstone. Wearing tiger eye can change your life. It can open up new ideas and sense of liveliness in the wearer.

Folklore claims tiger eye to be the resultant powers of Sun and Earth. Tiger eye users will find a new direction to life, if you’re looking for ways to reveal the destiny.


Are you looking love? We’ve got the real love potion that you need. Rose Quartz is a gemstone of great powers. When used for gemstone massages on the heart area, it can empower the heart chakra.

Not only can rose quartz attract your true love, but also make you happy and content with your love life. It is a stone of relief for those grieving or in mourning. Rose quartz was also once used to treat minor physical injuries in the past. It is known to boost blood circulation, and hence recommended as the ideal gemstones for total healing.


If you’ve not used a purple fluorite wand yet, you’re missing on the real powers of gemstones. Fluorite is a stone of mystic powers as it empowers the higher chakras.

When used for programming to gemstone massages, fluorite can activate the core chakras such as heart and third eye chakras. Fluorite is well known to amplify the power of other gemstones too.

For those looking for energy makeover, fluorite can help by dispelling negativity heaped in your mind and brightening your destiny with positive opportunities.


Gemstones by Element: Fire Healing Gems…

What are Fire Healing Gemstones? Are they excellent for connecting with nature? How different are they from water or air element healing gemstones? Explore the complete guide on Fire Healing Gemstones from chakra to the zodiac and metaphysical healing and mantras. This is all you need to activate Fire Healing Gemstone powers. We’ve added the quirks for each gemstone to help you activate the Fire Healing Gemstones quickly!

What is the Colour Meaning of Fire Element Healing Gemstones?

When you’re drawn to elements with the fire element, you’re being pulled towards balance and stability. It invokes creativity and passion.

What are the Chakras of Fire Element Healing Gemstones?

Root and Sacral Chakras

What is the Zodiac of Fire Healing Gemstones?

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

What is the Season of Fire Healing Gemstones?

Summer is the season of Fire Healing Gemstones.

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations for Fire Element Healing Gemstones

Pearl is ideal when combined with Fire Opals as they help to calm the mind chatter quickly.

Rose Quartz is considered the secret ingredient to make fire agate work on your ethereal reality.

Selenite usage is recommended for red coral as it restores your youth and vitality.

Amethyst is used to de-tox the mind and body due to its water element qualities.

Turquoise is another charming stone to instil courage when using fire healing gemstones like carnelian.

What are the Healing Properties of Fire Healing Gemstones?

How can Fire Healing Gemstones heal your body? What deity powers do you awaken when you use Fire Gemstones? How can cure heart with Fire gems?

  • What are the Physical Healing powers of Fire Element Healing Gemstones?

Gemstones with fire element are excellent for nerve damages. The also helping in boosting blood circulation to keep your heart well. The benefit of healing all types of headaches as well as anger management makes it special. In addition, fatigue, memory loss, and insomnia are other key benefits to using fire element healing gemstones.

  • What are the Emotional Healing powers of Fire Element Healing Gemstones?

For those of you going through the terrible times of love, fire element healing gemstones can help. From Heartbreak to sadness and loneliness, healing gemstones with fire element are also ideal for exhaustion and laziness. If you lack enthusiasm, fire healing gemstones can help you right out!

  • What are the Spiritual Healing powers of Fire Element Healing Gemstones?

When used for divination and unearthly rituals, fire element healing gemstones can be a game-changer. You can use it look into the past, dreams and karmic debts too. The most important thing to remember is to handle the stabilizing vibrations that come when you use fire healing gemstones.

How to Use 7 Fire Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life?

If you don’t reign the progress of Fire Healing Gemstones, it might lead you to problems. Hence, it is best to know which Fire gemstones to use for activating the right chakra powers you want in life. If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in Fire element for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list.

Use these Fire healing gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of Fire healing gemstones now.

  1. Carnelian

Evoked by the sacral chakra, carnelian helps to rekindle the fire of passion and sexuality. It is ideal for couples too. Carnelian is the fire healing gemstones that instils courage and willpower too.

How to Program your Sacral Chakra with Carnelian?

  • Take a Carnelian
  • Point it at the Sacral Chakra
  • Fire up your Sacral Chakra!
  1. Fire Opal

One of the fieriest gemstones, fire opal governs the higher and lower chakras together. It can calm you and enlighten you at once.

How to Program your Root and Crown Chakras with Fire Opal?

  • Take a Fire Opal
  • Point it at the Root and Crown Chakras
  • Fire up your Root and Crown Chakras Chakra!
  1. Fire Agate

When you choose healing gemstones by fire element, fire agate proposes unique powers. Use fire agate to rekindle your enthusiasm and curiosity towards life.

How to Program your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras Chakra with Fire Agate?

  • Take a Fire Agate
  • Point it at the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras
  • Fire up your Sacral Chakra!
  1. Spinel

The positivity gemstone when seen with the fire element, spinel becomes the tree of life. Use dark coloured spinels for aligning all your chakras.

How to Program your base Chakra with Spinel?

  • Take a Spinel
  • Point it at the base Chakra
  • Fire up your base Chakra!
  1. Amber

Enwrapping the mysteries of the past and present, amber can light your wisdom by showing the truth. Use it to uncover your secret potentials too!

How to Program your Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras Chakra with amber?

  • Take your amber
  • Point it at the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras
  • Fire up your Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras!
  1. Garnet

The stone of balance and passion magnetizes opportunities into your life. It is best for those who are going through mental and physical recoveries.

How to Program your Sacral and base Chakras with Garnet?

  • Take a Garnet
  • Point it at the Sacral and base Chakras
  • Fire up your Sacral and base Chakras!
  1. Golden Beryl

The imperial shade of beryl with hypnotizing fire inside is revered as the Golden Beryl. Use it during full moonlight for charging solar plexus chakra without fail!

How to Program your Solar Plexus Chakra with Golden Beryl?

  • Take a Golden Beryl
  • Point it at the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Fire up your Solar Plexus Chakra!
  1. Sunstone

The stone of sparkles and shimmers, sunstone in fiery colours can change your perception. Use it to create health and passion in your life.

How to Program your Sacral and Solar Chakras Chakra with Sunstone?

  • Take a Sunstone
  • Point it at the Sacral and Solar Chakras
  • Fire up your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras!
  1. Red Aventurine

Filled with the powers of the fire element, red aventurine is a unique gemstone for kundalini yoga and force. Use it whenever you feel overwhelmed by incidents in life.

How to Program your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras with Red Aventurine?

  • Take a Red Aventurine
  • Point it at the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras
  • Fire up your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras!
  • 10. Ruby

Yet another balancing gemstone of the fire element, ruby helps to stabilize life. The physical healing stone is excellent for firing up your search for true love too!

How to Program your base Chakra with Ruby?

  • Take a Ruby
  • Point it at the base Chakra
  • Fire up your base Chakra!
  • 11. Sardonyx

A stabilizing stone for people who lose their temper, sardonyx calms hot-headed behavior quickly. Use it always by keeping sardonyx close to you as a jewellery, if you’re always breaking into fights.

How to Program your Root Chakra with Sardonyx?

  • Take a Sardonyx
  • Point it at the Root Chakra
  • Fire up your Root Chakra!
  • 12. Red Diamond

The rarest and the most unique and priciest diamond in the world, red diamond has not seen the light of day as is in the hands of the collectors. IF you get the lucky chance to touch red diamond, you’re going to enlighten your crown chakra like never before!

How to Program your crown Chakra with Red Diamond?

  • Take a Red Diamond
  • Point it at the crown Chakra
  • Fire up your crown Chakra!


Gemstones for Moms: A Mother’s Day Gemstone Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day looming up, now is the perfect time to find this year’s gift. Kaleidogems offers a range of gorgeous jewellery including rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Take a look through our Mother’s Day gift ideas below to find your mom the perfect mother’s day gift:

Choose Her Favorite Gemstone

You can’t go wrong with jewellery featuring your mom’s favorite gemstone. Opt for a single feature piece or buy a jewellery set. We offer almost 80 types of gemstones set in a range of jewellery styles from simple to ornate. Our most popular choices include  amethyst rings, and Lapis Lazuli bracelets.

Jewellery with Her Children’s Birthstones

Why not give her a gift that represents her children on mother’s day? A piece of jewellery containing your birthstone is a fantastic way to give your mom something that she can carry with her to show the bond you share. Here’s a list of the birthstones by month along with jewellery to help you get started:

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond or CZ

May – Emerald

June – Pearl  / Alexandrite

July – Ruby

August – Peridot  / Spinel

September – Sapphire

October – Tourmaline  / Opal

November – Topaz / Citrine

December – Tanzanite / Zircon  / Turquoise

Give Her Your Heart on Mother’s Day!

Fall back on a classic this mother’s day by giving her a piece of jewellery that will be close to her heart. We offer a selection of beautiful necklace pendants to show your everlasting love.

Don’t Break the Bank

Kaleidogems offers a range of fantastic jewellery for every budget.

Gemstones by Color: White Healing Gemstones

What are White gemstones? How different are they from grey or peach gemstones? Explore the complete guide on White Gemstones from chakra to the zodiac and metaphysical healing and mantras. This is all you need to activate White healing gemstone powers. Read to unlock the healing gemstones of divination and purity? We’ve added the positive affirmations for each gemstone to help you activate the White gemstones quickly!

Color Meaning of White Healing Gemstones

White represents purity. Moreover, white healing gemstones stand for untarnished and unmarred power. It is divine and not of this Earth. It can purify anything earthly or otherworldly.

Chakra of White Healing Gemstones

Crown Chakra

Zodiac of White Healing Gemstones

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations

Howlite is the centre of all things healthy. Use it with Lapis Lazuli to heal your mind and brain equally with gemstone programming.

You can wear carnelian with White Topaz to bring out the real ambitions hiding inside your mind. It will open you to a new part of yourself.

Diamond and Rubies are made for each other in heaven. Use this combination to manifest all your desires at once!

Clear Quartz and Amethyst are another superb-pair to train your mind. It will help you command your subconscious mind with ease!

Red Fire Opal and White Opal are ideal if you’re looking for fiery enthusiasm and energy. It is power packed with the energy of Gods and Goddesses, so it will work quickly!

Healing Properties of White Healing Gemstones

What do healing gemstones in colour white bring to the table? Are they good for the higher chakras or the lower? How specifically do white gemstones affect the mind? Get all your questions about White Healing Gemstones answered NOW!

  • Physical Healing of White Healing Gemstones

When you use white gemstones, your memory powers and refurbished. For disorders like dementia, brain cancer and tumour, white gemstone elixirs will work excellently. Use white gemstones to treat vertigo if you have it too!

  • Emotional Healing of White Healing Gemstones

A freeing and purifying colour of gemstones, white is the sign of organization and clarity in the choice of words. It makes you a reasonable, rational and mature person.

  • Spiritual Healing of White Healing Gemstones

From astral travel to intuition and divination, white gemstones attract many spiritual powers. You can attain clairvoyance and foresight with regular practice with white healing gemstones.

7 White Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

Gemstones in the colour white are said to empower the supreme chakra, that of the Crown Chakra. When you use White Healing Gemstones, you get spiritual energy and upliftment as it is an etheric chakra. Wondrous skills and abilities will be visible to you. Use white healing gemstones to know your destiny, fate and life with the help of the 7- White Healing Gemstones Guide for you!

  1. Howlite

One of the most special stones in white colour, howlite is an expressive stone. It brings out your emotions without flaw. It can help you eject painful memories as well as negativity in your physical body. Howlite is an exceptional stone made for stressful people looking for peace. Wear it around your higher chakra as an earring, bracelet or choker necklace to make the most out of it!

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Howlite

Take a Howlite

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m nourishment. Everything around me makes me nurture”.

  1. Clear Quartz

Purification in gemstones is always preferred with a clear quartz because of its white untarnished energies. Clear quartz helps to clarify emotions, thoughts and energies. It can uplift you and even lighten you. It envelops you in the purity it owns.

Clear quartz must be used concurrently with other crown chakra stones to make the most out of it. Try to use it before your gemstone ritual to make a bond of starting gemstone power therapy with clear quartz to make the most out of it!

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Clear Quartz

Take a Clear Quartz

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m pristinity. Everything around me makes me purer”.

  1. White Topaz

A unique variety of topaz that does more than aligning the human chakras, white topaz also connect you to the Soul star chakra. It helps you create bonds with depth and find your destiny. When used with chakra programming, white topaz can clear thoughts and mind chatter quickly.

Divine will is imposed with white topaz meditations and it can open new dimensions to you as well.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with White Topaz

Take a White Topaz

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m spirit power. Everything around me makes me spiritually powerful”.

  1. Moonstone

One of the terrestrial stones believed to comprise of out-of-the-world energies, moonstone is a special stone. It can help you see through the fog when you’re hunting for reasons to life. Moonstone is a powerful stone of will as it helps you see into the future.

When you use moonstones, don’t expect miracles because moonstone takes time to connect with your soul directly. Another fact of using white gemstone moonstone is for its nourishing energy/

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Moonstone

Take a Moonstone

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m calming. Everything around me soothes and calms me”.

  1. White Zircon

A lesser known stone with most gemstone users, the truth about zircon is that it cleanses you completely. As the white variety of zircon can attract truth, you don’t need to fret about uncovering the destiny. It will reveal itself. White zircon is the sign of ultimate power and wisdom too. Use it during meditation to cleanse and attract knowledge towards you!

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Zircon

Take a Zircon

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m the truth. Everything around me makes me honest”.

  1. White Fire Opal

A unique variety of opal is the white one. Be it plain opals or fire opals, the white variety has many powers to offer. It is a slice of celestial power. White opals do not bow and fill the user with nonpareil power. You will find it easy to get things that you desire with the fire of white opals. Try to keep a white opal with you for a few days before you start using it to charge your own chakra energies.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with White Opal

Take a White Opal

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m divine. Everything around me adds to my superiority”.

  1. Selenite

The ultimate stone that connects you to the universe around, selenite can also sharpen your memories. It is a mind bending stone filled with the energy of empowering your will. It can persuade your spirit to do things as it connects to Etheric chakras in addition to Crown. Use selenite diver negative vibes from around you as well!

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Selenite

Take a Selenite

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m Willpower. Everything around me makes me remember my yesterday, and today”.


Why does my gemstone change colour?

Gemstones often change color. Heck, there is a collector’s edition rate for best healing gemstones with maximum changing color effects. Explore the world of gemstones and color changing including the true meaning of the reality when your gemstones change color!

What does Color Changing Mean in Gemstones?

Optical illusions due to the difference in light when passed through unique gemstones lead to color changing in gemstones. While our forefathers checked color changing gemstones using sunlight, modern day laymen check with incandescents, which are inappropriate. To understand the meaning of gemstone changing color, you need to look at the effects of multiple color changing lights on healing gemstones.

  • Sunlight

The most commonly available light even sunlight leads to gemstones changing color. Alexandrite is one such stone that reacts to sunlight to change from green in the day to red during lack of sunlight, at night.

  • Ageing

Stones kept out in the open can change color if their MOHS hardness is lesser than that of Quartz (7). Due to its presence in the air, quartz can suck out the luster of healing gemstones and fade its color.

  • Iridescence

Iridescence refers to the ability of a gemstone to change color when viewed from the angle of light falling on the stone. The same is why iridescent stones change color when you look at it from different sides. Common examples of iridescence in gemstones are seen in Opal and Labradorite.

  • Chatoyance

The ability of a stone to create a slit like light in its center, looking akin to the eye of a cat is called chatoyance. A commonly seen illusion in gemstones, chatoyancy is seen in gemstones of all kinds from moonstones to rose quartz.

  • Opalescence

The shine of whitish opal is referred as opalescence. It tends to make the gemstone shine in all the seven colors. Opalescence, as you might’ve guessed, is seen in opal gemstones. Now, you know why opal gemstones change color!

  • Asterism

The property of a stone to create a star like effect on its surface due to light is called asterism. It is also known as star-effect in healing gemstones. Emeralds are seen with the most prominent stars that form black bold strokes on the green emerald called Trapiche Emerald.

  • Adularescence

Called the Schiller or shiller effect is often seen in moonstone. Adularescence is termed as a bluish loght or glow that roots from the bottom of the gemstones to cover it in the sheen. It looks like the sky in a palm!

  • Labradorescence

When labradorite shows a black base with metallic colors, it tends to have Labradorescence. The optical illusion in labradorites creates a metallic paly of fire with colors such as yellow, orange and red.

What to do when your gems are changing colors

Gemstones are natural gifts from Mother Nature. They are alive and change color according to the seasons, heat, cold and even based on your body temperature. Heard about mood rings right? Hence, when your gemstone is changing colors, stay calm. Believe that evolution is happening and the change will guide you too. Moreover, color changing gemstones mostly return to their original colors soon!

Don’t worry if your healing gemstone is changing color. Observe and compare it with the 9-pointer chart below!

  1. Yellow

Yellow stands for the solar plexus chakra, the middle chakra that guards you. It translates into wellbeing, power and balance in the wearer. If your gemstone changed color to yellow, believe something good is en route!

When you’re working with yellow chakra, try to get outside to blend with the yellow in nature as well.

  1. Red

Red stands for the Base Chakra. It controls everything to do with your body from your balance of the physical reality to your emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. If your gemstone changed to red, something that will change your life comes closer.

When you’re working red chakra, try to find the safest place in your house or outside around it.

  1. Orange

Orange stands exclusively for Sacral Chakra. It controls the sexuality and virility of your body, mind and soul. Fertility brings the youth of the spirit and the body and orange gemstones do just that. If your gemstone is changing to color orange, your love life or sex life is about to be hit with positive energy!

When you’re working with orange chakra, ensure you’re in the safest place inside your home, preferably in the bedroom, where you can sprinkle the healing energy without leaking.

  1. Pink

Pink stands for the heart chakra. It controls your compassion, kindness, love and respect towards yourself as well as others. Pink brings the power of oneness with the cosmos and every power around you. If your gemstone is turning pink, your true love might come home or you might find the best moment of your life soon.

When you’re working with pink chakra, ensure that you’re outside. The open air, wind and earth will help to amplify the energy you’re charging into you.

  1. Violet

Violet stands for the crown chakra, one outside the body and the third eye chakra, the one that connects you to the future. Crown and third eye chakras are the most powerful and the ethereal chakras in the human body. It brings the power of divination, intuition and insight. If your gemstone is turning purple, it’s time to chase your destiny as it must be getting closer.

When you’re working with crown and third eye chakras, choose the sacred most place. It must in the open, preferably under the full moon energy surrounding you.

  1. Green

Green stands for the Heart Chakra, in your heart. The heart chakra is the gentlest chakra of all. Green has higher heart chakra energy than pink as it attracts more than romantic love. If your gemstone is changing color into green, believe that you’re going to be at peace really soon about something important bewildering you since long.

When you’re working with Higher Heart chakra, choose the bedroom or a gemstone ritual that boost the heart chakra like programming, massage or pendant therapy.

  1. Blue

Blue stands for the Throat Chakra, which manages your physical voice to inner sense. Throat chakra helps kindle the communication skills of a person.  It controls how confident you are as well as surrounding chakras such as third eye and heart. If your healing gemstone is changing color into blue, you will find the truth finally that you’ve been searching for.

When you’re working with Blue chakra energies, it is best to choose a place you can speak your mind out without getting disturbed or by people around you.

  1. Black

Black stands for soothing and protection. It powers the base plus higher chakras to calm your body and divert the evil. When you’re in times of dire need, gemstones can change color in black to protect you.

When you’re working with any gemstone, it is best to use black gemstones or even brown gemstones along with it.

  1. White

White stands for purification as it is powered by the Crown chakra. As it comes from outside, the divine energy cleanses and changes gemstones. Use outdoors when powering white gemstones!

Before you go …

Gemstones are offerings from the womb of mother earth. Blend with it and appreciate the changing colors of your gemstones.


Gemstones by Colour: Teal Healing Gemstones

Filled with the energy of confidence, teal healing gemstones are known as a symbol of truth. Teal gemstones are a powerhouse of good fortune and positivity. Explore the astrological, chakra and metaphysical powers of gemstones by color Teal to regain your life today. Get started now!

Color Meaning of Teal Healing Gemstones

Teal is the color of tranquility

Chakra of Teal Healing Gemstones

Throat, Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras;

Zodiac of Teal Healing Gemstones

Taurus, Libra and Scorpio;

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations with Teal Healing Gemstones

Citrine is excellent for sharpening your balance in life when worn with teal gemstones.

Wear an amethyst with aquamarine to hone your dedication towards tasks.

You can combine the power of carnelian with amazonite for quick healing.

Blend Peridot with Peruvian opal to see wonders of the mind.

Ruby works like a passion charm when blended with the energy of Larimar.

Healing Properties of Teal Healing Gemstones

How can Teal gemstones heal your mind? What deity powers do you awaken when you use Teal healing gemstones? How can cure heart with Teal healing gemstones? Get your questions answered now!

  • Physical Healing of Teal Healing Gemstones

From Speech therapy to throat disorders as well as that of heart, teal healing gemstones can heal many physical disorders. You can cure seasonal allergies, influenza and headaches with teal gemstones. If you’re suffering from chronic thyroid problems, teal gemstones are perfect for it!

  • Emotional Healing of Teal Healing Gemstones

For clarifying your inner beliefs and intentions, teal gemstones help hugely. You can resolve inner conflicts and project hidden emotions easily with teal gemstones. If you’re looking for a truth serum in the form of a stone, the teal stone is the best friend you need.

  • Spiritual Healing of Teal Healing Gemstones

From connecting to your guardian angel and higher powers, teal gemstones have the power to enlighten your path like no other stones. Teal stones help in astral travel, divination and foresight too.

7 Teal Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

If you don’t gauge the true power of Teal gemstones, it might lead you to lose your temper. Hence, it is best to know which Teal gemstones use for the right chakra activation or power you’re seeking. If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in Teal shades for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list.

Use these Teal healing gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of Teal healing gemstones now.

  1. Aquamarine

One of the most powerful stones for activating throat chakra powers, aquamarine is a teal gemstone with hidden powers. It can awaken the confidence within you, in addition to awakening your inner voice.  The seawater healing gemstone aquamarine brings the peace and calmth of the sea, no matter how agitated you are.

Aquamarine healing gemstone can enlighten and pave your destiny to happiness like never before. It opens the heart, throat and the brain to recognize your real needs and voice.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Aquamarine

Take an Aquamarine

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m wisdom. Everything around me makes me understand the world clearly”.

  1. Amazonite

Another teal stone filled with mystic powers, amazonite helps you free your innermost thoughts. It will aide you to be open-minded without fearing people or the world around you.

Amazonite is infamous as the stone of spirituality as it opens the physical and higher mind to truths you never knew until now. The soft energy stone heals with multifarious energies like the Amazon rainforest. It is a gem of ulterior beliefs as it can show you the reality of the God or religion you practice.  An amulet stone, amazonite removes doubts from the heart and attracts clarity in your speech.

As it opens heart and throat chakras, you will find the power to empathize with confidence!

How to Program your Heart and Throat Chakras with Amazonite

Take an Amazonite

Point it at the Heart and Throat Chakras

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m healing. Everything around me makes me heals my soul”.

  1. Chrysocolla

Another mid chakra gemstone, chrysocolla is a unique gem. With its rare colors to softly dissolve your fears, chrysocolla can melt away all your worries. Gemstone fanatics say all you have is to look into the gemstone to recognize all of its metaphysical powers.

The bright colored stone acts as a confidence booster and amplifies your faith. It helps to remove confusions and doubts from the mind by making the truth clearer. Chrysocolla stone was once widely used as a divination stone to foresee the future by shamans in the early ages.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Chrysocolla

Take a Chrysocolla

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m confidence. Everything around me makes me believe more”.

  1. Apatite

Green apatite looks teal and behaves like a futuristic gem. It simply gives you a glimpse of your immediate future without taking anything in return.

Apatite powers the higher chakra by connecting you to guardian angels. The stone is a balancing healing gemstone often ideal for those going through difficult life changes and decisions. Apatite stone is often renowned to heal the disturbed by revealing their destiny.

How to Program your Throat and Third Eye Chakras with Apatite

Take an Apatite

Point it at the Throat and Third Eye Chakras

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m strength. Everything around me makes me stronger”.

  1. Zircon

One of the widely available gemstones for superior healing, zircon is a teal healing gemstone with the power to help you see ahead in life. The blue variety of zircon gemstone deifies the planet Jupiter to boost courage in the wearer.

Zircon helps the wearer harness self-confidence by dispelling the negative energies surrounding him or her. The gemstone of crown chakra also realigns the chakra energies in the body when worn by people with the zodiacs of Taurus or Libra.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Zircon

Take a Zircon

Point it at the Crown Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m the truth. Everything around me makes me honest”.

  1. Larimar

Stone of heaven, Larimar clarifies communication and helps you awaken your voice. Larimar is a divine feminine stone that soothes the emotional pains quickly. The blue stone of divination is ideal for people with high levels of stress as it dissolves intrinsic and extrinsic negativity in a jiffy.

Use Larimar for energizing your mind and body. It is essential for protecting your voice and faith without letting evil forces gain power over you. The teal healing gemstone is excellent for creative work as it tones inspiration, imagination and productivity in the wearer.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Larimar

Take a Larimar

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m energy. Everything around me makes me feel powered”.

  1. Peruvian Opal

Opals are all heavenly. However, the teal colored Peruvian opal is a rare stone with rarer healing powers. It is a throat chakra stone that purifies your speech and intentions, equally. It is often used as a lucky charm too.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Peruvian Opal

Take a Peruvian Opal

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m growth. Everything around me makes me grow ahead”.


How to Care for Healing Gemstones for Cultivating Positive Energy

Positive Energy is what keeps our world alive. If you’re hunting for ways to use gemstones to generate positive energy, you must start with caring for your gemstones. Experts say you must care for healing gemstones so that you can make yourself strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. Find out the complete dos and don’ts of caring for healing gemstones from the pros!

Why Care for your Healing Gemstones

Gemstones are powerhouses of positive energy. It can cure negative blocks in your physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Healing gemstones can make you spiritually and physically energized. We can show you the complete ways to choose and use gemstones that pull your destiny and fortune closer to you.

How to Care for Healing Gemstones in FIVE WAYS

Gemstones are easy to manage. You just need a bit of heart and dedication to get started. Healing gemstones are extremely useful. They can help you physically, emotionally and spiritually more than you think. Explore FIVE brilliant ways to care for your gemstones like the experts do, in FIVE fabulous ways!

  1. Bond with your Gemstones

When you’re looking for ways to get closer to your gemstones, it is best to start with bonding. Just like a person or pet, you need to care for your gemstone in multiple ways. Bonding with the gemstones will help you get faster results when you use it for energy healing works. Try it by the end of the day!

  1. Make a Gemstone Routine

When you’re searching for ways to embed gemstones into your life, the best way is to grow gemstone habits. Our blog is filled with a variety of gemstone routines if you are new to the world of healing gemstones. Gemstone routines ideal to pick up if you’re new to healing gemstones are programming, waking up with it or going to sleep with positive affirmations!

  1. Talk to your Healing Gemstone

When you’re hunting ways to make gemstones a vital part of your life, it is best to start at the bottom of the ladder. Healing gemstones are just like us you and me, so you can talk your heart out.

If you’re conscious of your voice, you can get started by giving it a name. Called the christening of the gemstone, it is easy to bond when you begin communicating clearly with your gemstone. Moreover, gemstones peek into your inner life and know you inside-out too!

  1. Create a Bonding Grid with your Fave Stones

Gemstone grids are amazing portals of new energies. All you need to get a bunch of gemstones and choose your grid. It depends on your affirmation and intents. Gemstone grids are excellent ways to amplify the powers you generate from the gemstones.

  1. Be Strict about your Healing Gemstones Care

When you’re working with healing gemstones, you must be diligent to work regularly with them. It builds and deepens your bond to activate the chakras. Gemstones must be cared like any other accessory. Whatever you do, build habits with gemstones by stacking it with your morning, evening and other-time activities.

Do’s and Don’ts to Follow When Caring for your Gemstones

There are many precautions we take when we try out new things. To keep you safe and happy, we methodized Ten Commandments made of dos and don’ts to follow when you’re handling gemstones for the first time. Dos and Don’ts of Healing Gemstone care are easy, so get started right away!

Don’t disregard your healing gemstone

If you’re not a genuine gemstone user, many misfortunes can dawn on you. From angering the gods to displacing positive chakra energies in the body, many things can go wrong when you don’t give the respect your gemstones deserve!

Do Respect your Healing Gemstone

Akin to the above point, respect your gemstone just like you’d respect a friend. Gemstones are living gifts from the womb of mother earth. Don’t disrespect your healing gemstones as it is the orifice of your destiny and positive energy you need to get there.

Don’t Leave your Healing Gemstone Astray

When you commit to being a gemstone user, you take the responsibility of the living stone. The next step is to always have a track of your healing gemstones at all times. Hence, you must keep your healing gemstones collection organized. It keeps you closer to the gemstones.

Do Remember to Store your Healing Gemstone Safely

The most important thing to do when you’re buying a healing gemstone is to allot a place for storage. Healing gemstones must always be stored in special clothes and spaces. If you keep gemstones at the right places, it can help to generate chakra energies to attract fortune, prosperity and many more powers.

Don’t Use Silk Cloth when Doing Gemstone Rituals

When doing healing gemstone rituals, it is important to use things that let you generate the energy quickly. Using a silk cloth will contain the energy you generate to the fabric. Hence, use the healing gemstone openly when you’re doing gemstone rituals.

Do use Silk cloth to wrap your gemstone when Storing

When storing your gemstones, it is best to wrap it in a silk cloth. Gemstone experts recommend the trick to keep your gemstones dormant than active as the silk contains the energies of the gemstone. Hence, your gemstones won’t interact with random energies around as well.

Don’t give your gemstones to a stranger

Always keep your gemstones close to you. It is not wrong to share your powers and miracles with the rest of the world, but sharing your gemstone is personal. You can always get a gemstone that the person can bond newly than pain your own bond with the gemstone, for both of you.

Do gift healing gemstones to people after buying new

It is advised to give gemstones as gifts to people you care. When you do so, get a new gemstone or healing gemstone than sharing yours. Remember healing gemstones are tiny sparks of life themselves. Moreover, it is best for the recipient to build a fresh relationship with healing gemstones.

Don’t replace healing gemstones therapy with medicines

You might feel tempted to chuck your medicines when you feel the outburst of healing gemstones. However, you must not do it. Healing gemstones are your little spiritual helpers that can assist you in speedy recovery than cure the disease altogether. Hence, don’t ignore your medicines, instead combine your gemstones with medicines!

Do listen to your doctor before gemstone therapy

Your physician is an expert of your body as well as its disorders. Avoid taking risks that involve ignoring the doctor’s advice. Always combine the medicines with healing gemstones for a better cure and speedy recovery. It helps your recovery physically and spiritually!

The Gemstone Expert Says …

Gemstones are no different than us. You must care for them, if you want to use gemstones for healing. It is the first step to making successful healing gemstone rituals quickly.

The positive energy of gemstones is the result of thousands of years of cultures, traditions and facts. If you’re drawn to gemstones, pick your favourite right away!


Why You Must Experience Gemstones For Detoxification At Least Once In Your Lifetime

When the right gemstones are used, it can interfere with your energies to regulate multiple chakra points, by which the physical and spiritual body is grounded. Using the century old crystal rituals below, you can charge the crystal to its maximum powers.

By activating the higher chakras, it is easy to uplift the physical and spiritual selves. Gemstones will purify you inside-out.

Crystal programming

The best method of charging your physical and emotional energies with gemstones is by programming it according to the chakra you want to clear. You can also charge a gemstone based on its own chakra powers by pointing at the chakra point.

Crystal massage

By patching the gemstone on the body with a hot towel or massaging it, you can help the energy rays penetrate the skin cells effectively.  Rub the gemstone gently in a clockwise motion on the affected areas for quick healing.

Crystal elixir or bath

If you mix healing crystals in water and solarize or lunarize it for up to 12 hours, the water will be imbibed with the powers of the gemstone. You must ensure that the crystal you use is susceptible to sunlight and water before doing so.

You can even consume the water or bathe in it!

Which gemstones to use for Detoxification of Body and Mind

The right gemstone for you can only be found by you. It is important to bond with a gemstone intimately before you work together in energy or healing works. We have compiled the best list of stones for various types of detox for the body and mind. Observe closely and purify every stone with a clear quartz before use!

1.      Amber

An amazing crystal used since centuries to heal the imbalance of lower chakras, Amber can be used to reinstate well-being of the body and mind. By activating the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, Amber also empowers the life force energy to revitalize the wearer by expelling toxins from the body.

2.      Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful gemstones used for protection, Black Tourmaline is renowned as an Earth Star chakra stone. It awakens the basal energy of the root chakra to introduce the balance of hormones and thoughts. When used on the lower chakras, black tourmaline can also protect the user from toxins in the future.

3.      Snowflake Obsidian

A beautiful gemstone in unique colors, Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful stone awakens the power of Third Eye chakra. As a result, Snowflake obsidian also boosts the powers of intuition in the user. It is an excellent stone for foresight and perception too.

When used for programming higher chakras, snowflake obsidian can help the user peek into the future too!

4.      Fluorite

Another incredibly powerful gemstone that awakens dual chakras of Heart and Throat, Fluorite is a physical detox gemstone. Fluorite wand when programmed with the higher and mid chakras helps to eject the toxins as well as the evil eye cast on the user.

Simultaneously charge heart and throat chakras to remove the emotional baggage sediment in your psyche effortlessly.

5.      Clear Quartz

Considered the Total Purification gemstone, clear quartz can relieve the negativity on your soul, physique and even the gemstones. Always wake up with a cleansing bath of clear quartz infusions or massages.

Clear Quartz is excellent to awaken the powers of Crown Chakra, helping in central detox therapy.

6.      Smokey Quartz

An essential stone for those who want to declutter negative thoughts, Smokey Quartz activates multiple chakras. It can awaken the Root chakra to introduce balance and harmony in life. In addition, the Solar Plexus chakra helps to detox the liver and food that you eat.

A gemstone for shamans, Smokey Quartz is an excellent detox therapy for the mind.

7.      Black Onyx

The base gemstone known to power the inner desires of a person, black onyx awakens many chakras. Black onyx guards the user and awakens the primary chakras of Root, Third Eye and Solar Plexus. It introduces the power of peace, insight and wellbeing in the wearer.

Black onyx can be used to repower yourself. It beckons protection in addition to personal growth and success.

Before you go …

Gemstones are all magical. In order to reap the effects you deserve, it is best to start by connecting with a gemstone that pertains to the problematic chakras. Healing crystals can rekindle the charge you lost through life.

Gemstones by Color: Blue Healing Gemstones

What are blue gemstones? How different are they from indigo or teal gemstones? Explore the complete guide on Blue Gemstones from chakra to the zodiac and metaphysical healing and mantras. This is all you need to activate Blue healing gemstone powers.

Ready to unlock the healing gemstones of articulation and courage? We’ve added the positive affirmations for each gemstone to help you activate the Blue gemstones quickly!

Color Meaning of Blue Healing Gemstones

Capricorn and Sagittarius

Chakra of Blue Healing Gemstones

Throat chakras

Zodiac of Blue Healing Gemstones

Throat and Third Eye Chakras;

Best Healing Gemstone Combinations of Blue Healing Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline when combined with bright blue gemstones, create boldness to confess your love.

When mixed with Carnelian gemstone, blue gemstone creates a healthy body with this concoction.

Ruby is a heart stone that helps to create responsibility and honesty when combined with blue gemstones.

Blue healing gemstones are best mixed with Quartz to create gemstone grids for manifestation processes.

The nourishing stone Malachite creates compassionate energies when you wear it with blue gemstones.

Healing Properties of Blue Healing Gemstones

How can green gemstones heal your throat? What deity powers do you awaken when you use Blue healing gemstones? How can cure heart with Blue healing gemstones? Get your questions answered now!

  • Physical Healing of Blue Healing Gemstones

Apart from being the ultimate color of our speech or vishuddhi chakra, blue gemstones are excellent for a variety of physical problems including all types of headaches, especially migraine.

When gargled with, gem elixir from blue healing gemstones can alleviate throat pain too. It clears the voice and helps you tone it for singing. For people suffering from disorders such as stammering, blue healing gemstone speech therapy helps hugely as it starts the remedy from the lungs. Healing the mouth cavity and teeth disorders are the added benefit of using blue stones.

  • Emotional Healing of Blue Healing Gemstones

From Courage to boldness, blue gemstones can help you discover a new part of you. It is a trust stone that helps you realize the truth within and around you. The honest stone can help in working solutions for common problems such as anger and self-healing. It also boosts commitment in the wearer. For broad-minded perspective changes and openness, blue healing gemstones offer quick comprehension too!

  • Spiritual Healing of Blue Healing Gemstones

The stone of angelic communication, blue gemstones are recommended by gemstone experts for shamanic journeys. It shows you the meaning of your soul and spirit. By encouraging astral travel, blue healing gemstones also offer enlightenment to the user. For deeper realization about the reality around you, use blue gemstones as it makes you intuitive too!

7 Blue Healing Gemstones to Use in Everyday Life

If you don’t reign the progress of Blue gemstones, it might lead you to lose your temper. Hence, it is best to know which Blue gemstones use for the right chakra activation or power you’re seeking. If you’ve been wondering which the best healing gemstones are in Blue shades for use in daily life, we’ve got the complete list.

Use these Blue healing gemstones for programming, elixir or massages to enhance their activation powers. Explore the true healing powers of Blue healing gemstones now.

  1. Blue Opal

Renowned as the eye stone, blue opal is a fiery stone with the energy calmth within it. Blue opal is often called the queen of gems owing to its beautiful shades. Owyhee opals in blue are the most famous opals. You can activate your throat chakra to harness honesty and courage from blue opals.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Peridot

Take a Peridot

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m courage. Everything around me makes me bold”.

  1. Blue Quartz

A unique variety of quartz, the blue quartz is a powerful stone that mixes the powers of throat and crown chakras. The stone helps in cultivating the power of clairvoyance and Christ consciousness. Get a blue quartz and reinvent your reality with faith!

Wear it all the time and don’t forget to cleanse the blue quartz with a clear quartz at the end of the day for positive energies.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Peridot

Take a Blue Quartz

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m faith. Everything around me boosts my beliefs”.

  1. Azurite

A unique and popular stone, azurite is the stone of heaven. The stone of Atlantis activates the powers of higher chakras including the third eye. It will help you see ahead and weave your destiny easily. Added with throat chakra powers, azurite is a blue healing gemstone that helps Taurus and Capricorn born people too.

How to Program your Throat and Third Eye Chakras with Azurite

Take an Azurite

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I can see ahead. Everything around me makes my intuition stronger”.

  1. Blue Topaz

Yet another powerful blue gemstone that powers the throat chakra, blue topaz is excellent for attracting prosperity into your life. The gemstone activates goddess of sky and war, according to folklore. It activates sacral and throat chakra powers in the wearer to make them spiritually and mentally strong.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Blue Topaz

Take a Blue Topaz

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m good fortune. Everything around me makes me prosper”.

  1. Blue Fire Opal

Famed as the stone of fiery passion, blue fire opals are filled with bouts of courage and will power. It will help you grow as well as progress in life without any ado. Blue Fire opals often help to reveal your heart’s feelings to friends and family boldly, in case you’re in a rut and need some help!

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Blue Fire Opal

Take a Blue Fire Opal

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m progress. Everything around me makes me grow ahead”.

  1. Turquoise

The healing stone of superior cures, turquoise is a truth serum stone. It helps in comprehension and oration. Read more on Turquoise here.

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Turquoise

Take a Turquoise

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m protected. Everything around me makes me safe”.

  1. Blue Zircon

Often called starlite, the blue variety of zircon is a strong articulative stone. It makes you open your heart out without feeling constricted or shy. Blue Zircon has often seen with sky blue shades with inclusions in black color.  Blue zircon healing gemstone can be used to calm the mind as well!

How to Program your Throat Chakra with Blue Zircon

Take a Blue Zircon

Point it at the Throat Chakra

Vocalize the affirmation “I’m confident. Everything around me makes me wise”.