Bathing With Stones And Crystals

Baths are a great way to benefit from crystal energy.  Many people find that bathing with rose quartz, clear quartz points or other water safe crystals or even   plain old rocks enhances the bathing experience dramatically. The water also clears and vitalizes the crystals as well.
Bathing with the crystals is also a good way to commune and attune with stones because the water will enhance the vibration of the stones and help amplify your sensitivity and ability to connect and harmonize your energy and awareness.

I’ve bathed with crystals and rocks quite often. I discovered the benefits when we lost the stopper for the Tub at our old house and used a big ordinary old rock to hold a rubber flat stopper down and noticed that the baths became much more refreshing. After we got a plug and removed the rock I noticed a decrease in the vitalizing quality of the baths, we started bathing with rocks again because it did make a difference.

A related bath method for aura cleansing is to use sea salt in the tub. This may be harsh on soft crystals it is fine for people. A combination of Sea salt, Epsom salts and Bicarbonate of soda is also used for this sometimes. Usually it is suggested that ten minutes is long enough for a bath in this combination. A few drops of lavender or other essential oil or a few cups of strong herbal tea can also be added to your tub.

You can use flower essences, herbs or essential oils in the bath with your crystals and stones.

You can put stones and crystals in your bath directly, or use infused gem water, gem elixirs or Gem essences. These are usually made by placing stones in or around water and infusing or charging the water with the gem energy.

Gem waters are usually those where the crystal or stone is simply kept in the water for a while before the water is used. Gem Elixirs and essences are made by charging the water with the stones in sunlight, moonlight or with crystal Shakti energy or by intention or in ritual.

Elixirs can be used without being diluted /expanded before use. Gem essences are made from the elixirs and are extended and can be preserved in the same way as flower essences with the addition of a little Brandy, glycerine or vinegar.  A few drops of a commercial or home-made gem essence are enough to carry the gem vibration through the water.

You can also add elixirs or essences to a spray bottle of water and spray this on the walls of the shower stall and shower head. These sprays are also used for aura and room cleansing.

You can run crystal energy as a Shakti into the tub either directly if you have that ability or have been attuned to one of the systems that works with crystal Shakti

Some people find it effective to hold a stone in their receptive hand (usually the left in right handed people) and place their projective hand in the water with the intention that the energy be transmitted to and held in the water.

Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz crystals, Rainbow Quartz and Granite are among the most favoured stones for bathing with. Most of the members of the quartz family make good bath companions these include Amethyst, Aventurine , Carnelian, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Chyrosphase, Bloodstone, Jasper, Agate, Onyx, Tigers Eye.

You will probably want to put small stones in a cloth bag or a colander or some other container which is also bath safe so that the crystals cannot go down the drain or get chipped.  A seashell such as abalone can be used as a container. It is best to avoid putting glass in the tub because of the possibility of breakage.  Some people make a slit in a sponge so that they can slide a crystal into the centre to protect it. It is possible to buy small bowls carved from marble, jade, carnelian or adventure etc. one of these could be used though the cost of these bowls may be prohibitive for bath use.

Some stones can chip or crack in hot water you probably won’t want to put the most precious and perfect stones in the bath. There are quite a few stones that could be dissolved or damaged in water Halite (salt), Sylvite, Desert Rose Selenite, all Selenite, Gypsum, Angelite, Azurite, and Talc. Calcite, Alabaster, Sulfur dissolves in salt water. I have been told that any stone that has a name ending in ite can possibly be damaged by water though I am not sure about that. There are stones that rust like iron ore or can be toxic such as stones with copper, lead and arsenic these should never be used in your bath.

Another way to get crystal energy into your bath is to put a charged stone in with your bath salts or bubble bath and use intention to charge the salts with the energy.  You may like the energy from keeping a small crystal point in the bottle of shampoo or liquid soap or shower gel. There was once a shampoo (Prell) which   was sold with a cultured pearl in the bottle in the 50s. You may also enjoy experimenting with putting colour in your bath water for healing purposes.
Here are some qualities and uses for coloured quartz stones that might be used to charge your bath water.

Amethyst: These violet, purple and lavender quartz stones are both gentle and powerful protectors against negative energies. It is used as a meditation stone, to calm and centre, increase common sense, remove unwanted energies, heal skeletal disorders, and for hearing problems, for sleep and for headaches. While it calms most people it can over stimulate some people such as A.D.D. children .and some people find that it brings nervousness or depression to the surface. Amethyst has been used for help in overcoming alcoholism and for psychic opening. A sixth and seventh chakra stone.

Rose quartz: Pink and translucent and usually cloudy and is among the primary love stones and is a peace stone, a wonderful general healing crystal. Rose Quartz can soothe a broken heart,  help you remain calm, increase your ability to give and receive unconditional love and keeps the Heart open, vital and protected. Helps bring in joy. a heart chakra stone.

Carnelian: Protects against being overcome by fear and sorrow, helps physical strength, sexual energy, and love, and dispels apathy, used to treat allergies, colds, gall and kidney stones, spine, to heal cut and abrasions. Helps you with family and social situations, increases inner strength and courage, grounds energies to the present, increases energy. Sacral chakra.

Citrine: Yellow to amber quartz, balancing and aligning, mental clarity, personal power,
group unity. Energizing, both physically and mentally, helps align will with sole purpose.
This stone is often created artificially by heating amethyst. Solar plexus chakra.

Chyrosphase: An apple green stone, Meditation, mental stability, relaxation .spiritual protection.  Aids you in remaining inconspicuous. Used to bring happiness, reduce negative thoughts, irritability. Used to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Bloodstone: Being in the now, centering and grounding, courage, strength, power, money and wealth. blood disorders, detoxification. Gently healing and energizing for the physical body.

Jasper: Nurturing, promoting safe astral travel, stabilizes and cleans the aura Healing,
protection, endurance. Red: Protection, healing, beauty Green: Healing, sleep, compassion Brown: Centering, grounding. Bruneau astral traveling

Agate: balances and harmonizes the Yin – Yang, male – female energy and works to balance the physical being with the etheric, emotional, mental and causal bodies of the aura. providing for Grounding, strength, courage, healing. Blue Lace agate helps one to reach high spiritual awareness and has an inspirational effect. agate comes in many forms and colours with many different spiritual and healing uses

Onyx:  grounding and protection, helps align and harmonize the basic self with the High self. Onyx keeps you grounded and in body while in contact with Source, spiritual yet connected to the Earth even while journeying, Can help with communication with earth deva and your own consciousness of the nurturing support of the Earth. Helps with concentration and focus on responsibilities. A very good stone for those who tend to “space out” helps with receiving intuitive guidance and interpreting its practical application. Helps call in needed energies for you. also used for treating health issues involving bone marrow, soft tissue, the feet. Has a reputation for absorbing or deflecting negative energies.

Aventurine: Balances male female energies, activates and clears the heart, protects against ”psychic vampires”, creativity, and pioneering spirit, unconditional love and for the heart, lungs ,muscles and emotional healing. of “heartbreak” Promotes creative insight, independence and originality, stabilizes and balances , Heart chakra.

Tigers Eye: Excellent for grounding psychic energy, opening up the psychic
centres in a secure and safe way. Helps with practicality.

Opal: A white crystal which forms in microscopic globules with a high water content
creating an amazing interplay of colour, Opal develops joy, intuition and
creativity, diversifies or scatters, amplifies traits, balances energies, works with the
emotions, beauty of spirit, can enhance the gift of prophecy (due to a Sir Walter Scott
novel is sometimes considered a unlucky stone except for those born in October).

Smoky Quartz: Softens negative thought forms, depression lifter, and mood enhancer. aids with sexual / reproductive problems and removes negative energy from the body.

What Can I Do With My Stones or Gemstone Jewellery

You may have just bought your very first stones whether they are loose or in jewellery, and now you are wondering what you can do with them. Or, perhaps you would like to purchase certain stones or jewellery, but are unsure of which ones might be the most helpful to you. Or maybe you are planning to start a collection of stones or gemstone jewellery, and need some ideas on which ones you would like for your collection.

Below are some fun, creative and simple uses for your stones and crystals.

Fall gemstones
Put them around your home!

  • Place a protective stone, such as black onyx, hematite, or black obsidian, outside by your front door to prevent negative energies, including burglars, from entering your home.
  • Place a rose quartz on a table or shelf in a frequently used room, such as a living room, family room, or den, to fill your home with love and harmony.
  • Decorate with seasonal stone colors.

Put them in your car!

  • Placing a golden tiger-eye in your car will help to protect you and your car against accidents. Place the stone in a secure place where it will not roll around or get lost. I suggest wrapping it in wire, attaching it to a cord or chain, and then hanging it from the rearview mirror.

Bring them to work!

  • Place a quartz cluster or purple fluorite cluster next to your computer to help protect you from its electromagnetic field.
  • Place a smoky quartz on your desk or in your work space to protect yourself against the stress and frustration of your coworkers or clients.
  • Keep a rose quartz or amethyst with you. When work is stressful, hold it in your hand or rub it with your fingers.

Bring them with you on your next vacation or business trip!

  • Carry an aquamarine or moonstone with you for protection while traveling.

Clear the air!

  • To disperse negative energy, use a black or dark stone, such as onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, jet, apache tear, smoky quartz, or hematite. These stones, when placed about a room, home, or other area, work as environmental cleansers that purify the area and protect it from negative energies.

Fight pain!

  • Lapis, malachite, and bloodstone are good pain relievers. Place them on the affected body part or area of the body until the pain lessens.
  • Tape a carnelian to your lower abdomen to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.
  • For a headache, place an amethyst, amber, or turquoise stone on your forehead, or, if you have multiple stones, place them around your head.
  • In the case of a migraine, lapis has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians, if not longer.

Get a good night’s sleep!

  • Place an azurite, amethyst, or sugilite on your forehead or under your pillow to increase your dreams.
  • A garnet or amethyst under your pillow will help you to remember your dreams.
  • A black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or amethyst will chase away any nightmares.
  • Can’t sleep? Place a rose quartz or amethyst by your bed or under your pillow to combat insomnia.

Get in control of your emotions!

  • Moonstone, chrysocolla, aventurine, rose quartz, and blue lace agate are all stones that help to balance emotions. You can wear them in jewelry, keep them on your person, or take a bath with them.
  • Use a rose quartz for emotional healing.
  • Aquamarine, aventurine, moonstone, rhodonite, and rose quartz are calming stones. Lie down and place one over your heart, or bathe with them, or massage yourself with them.
  • To relieve stress, worry, fear, and anxiety, use one of the following: aventurine, black tourmaline, black onyx, lapis, sodalite, chrysocolla, rose quartz, citrine, or snowflake obsidian. Use one as a “worry stone”. A worry stone is a stone that you keep with you, and whenever you feel worried, stressed, or anxious, you take it out and rub it with your fingers. You can also wear it in jewelry, bathe with it, or massage with it.
  • For depression, use amber, smoky quartz or citrine in any of the aforementioned ways.
  • To help control anger, keep a red garnet, amethyst, snowflake obsidian, or sodalite with you. Take it out, hold it, and rub it whenever you feel the need.

Increase your brain power!

  • Use citrine, fluorite, lapis, pyrite, or sodalite to stimulate the intellect.
  • For focusing thoughts and concentration, use citrine, hematite, lapis, black tourmaline, or fluorite.
  • To bring mental clarity, use sapphire, peridot, or gold (Imperial) topaz.
  • To increase memory, use citrine, amber, black tourmaline, hematite, or fluorite.
  • Use amethyst, bloodstone, hematite, or lapis to relieve mental stress.
  • For help with problem-solving, use green tourmaline, or citrine.
  • To help with decision-making, use azurite, fluorite, or sodalite.
  • To use any of these “thinking” stones, wear them as earrings or a pendant, or place them on your desk or workspace.

Spark your creativity!

  • Carry or wear an amazonite, azurite, carnelian, chrysocolla, or citrine to get your creativity flowing.

Improve your communication skills!

  • Sodalite, sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz, and chrysocolla are all great stones for communication. Use them to bring self-confidence when public speaking, to help you to speak up for yourself, to be able to explain things in an easy to understand way, to overcome shyness, to be able to speak more clearly and freely , to be able to express yourself better emotionally, and to improve your relationships by keeping communication lines open. These stones work best when worn as a pendant that hangs close to the throat, but they can also be worn as earrings, or held, or carried in your pocket.

Strengthen your intuition!

  • To do this, hold a moonstone, chrysocolla, or amazonite to your third eye (brow).


  • Meditation crystals can be held, placed on the third eye, or placed before you as a visual focal point. These crystals include: clear quartz, amethyst, celestite, apophyllite, charoite, sugilite, azurite, labradorite, and yellow calcite.
  • To get in touch with your spirituality, use amethyst or charoite.
  • To gain wisdom, use amethyst, charoite, lapis, sodalite, or sugilite.
  • To ground yourself (bring yourself back to Earth) after meditating, hold a grounding stone such as, smoky quartz, black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, black onyx, hematite, or jet.

Feel better about yourself!

  • To increase your self-confidence and feelings of self-worth, use azurite, chrysocolla, aquamarine, ruby, moonstone, or rose quartz.
  • To raise your self-esteem, use hematite or rose quartz.
  • To improve your self-image, use moonstone, rose quartz, or pink kunzite.
  • To learn to love yourself, use rose quartz, rhodochrosite, or pink kunzite.
  • All of these stones can be held, worn, or carried.

Spread the love!

Rose quartz is THE love stone. Use it to attract love; to increase romance; to strengthen love between friends, lovers, and family members; to make a friendship blossom; to mend a broken heart; and to keep any relationship balanced, peaceful, and loving. No matter what the situation, if it has to do with love, rose quartz is the stone that does it all. But there are, of course, other stones of love.

Here are just a few examples:

  • To attract love, use magnetite or a tantric twin. A tantric twin (also called a soulmate stone) is a stone in which two crystals, such as clear quartz, amethyst, or citrine, of about the same size are joined together side by side.
  • To heal the heart, place pink agate, pink kunzite, or pink tourmaline over the heart, or wear as a pendant that hangs close to the heart.
  • To balance relationships, use peridot or rhodonite.
  • To increase or enhance loving feelings, use emerald, ruby, garnet, or diamond.

Love stones can be worn, carried, held, or bathed with. Place them throughout a room or home to create a more loving atmosphere. Put one next to your bed to increase romance and intimacy.

Add some spice to your sex life!

  • Use carnelian, garnet, or red tiger-eye to increase passion, sensuality, and eroticism.
  • To increase sexual energy and stamina, use carnelian, bloodstone, ruby, red garnet, or pink tourmaline.
  • Use carnelian to stimulate sexuality.
  • Use red jasper to prolong sexual pleasure.
  • Pink tourmaline will release inhibitions.
  • For lack of libido, use fluorite or red garnet.
  • Place them next to, on, or around the bed, or wear them as jewelry.

Bring abundance, prosperity, wealth, and success into your life!

  • For prosperity, place a citrine in the “wealth corner” of your home. This is the corner to the left of and furthest away from the front door. If this is where your bathroom is, do not put the stone in there, otherwise any wealth that you acquire will go right down the toilet!
  • Wealth comes in many forms other than money and material things. Being surrounded by a loving family can make someone feel wealthy. To bring wealth of any kind, wear or carry green aventurine, peridot, bloodstone, emerald, jade, or pyrite (fool’s gold).
  • Keep a green aventurine in your wallet or purse to make your money multiply.

Bring good luck!

  • Wear or carry a green aventurine or golden tiger-eye with you.
  • Bring a green aventurine with you to the casino. Wear it in a pouch around your neck, keep it in your pocket, or hold it while you are playing.

Tips for Buying Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery

Semi-precious gemstone jewellery is as versatile as it is beautiful. Gemstones are available in a wide variety of cuts and colours, and they can adorn everything from clothing to rings. The following tips will help consumers understand how to buy semi-precious gemstone jewellery, what to look for, what to ask, and how to get an idea of the monetary value of a piece before making a purchase.

What is a Semi-Precious Gemstone?

The term ‘semi-precious gemstone’ encompasses gems of many characteristics and all the colours of the rainbow. They are distinguished from precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, mainly due to their greater availability. The price and value of an individual stone or class of stones is set by the market and can fluctuate a great deal; what is valuable and precious today can drop in value as new deposits are discovered or increase as the source dries up. Some semi-precious gems, such as amethyst, were once considered precious due to their rarity. New sources of amethyst have increased the supply and reduced its perceived value in the marketplace. However, it would be a mistake to assume that a plentiful supply of raw materials means that semi-precious gems are substandard or diminished in beauty. A well-cut, flawless topaz or aquamarine in an extraordinary setting is every bit as beautiful as any precious gem. Some semi-precious gems, such as tanzanite and alexandrite, are very valuable; jewellery containing paraiba tourmaline is pricier than some diamond jewellery.

A Short History of Semi-Precious Gemstones

Semi-precious gemstones have been used for enhancement and jewellery-making in nearly every culture, dating back thousands of years. The rarity and difficulty in finding and cultivating most gems made them very precious to early civilizations. New technologies, treatment methods, and sources of gemstones have made them more readily available and easier to enhance and finish. Some gems are considered sacred to different cultures and religions due to healing powers they are believed to possess. Jade has been heavily regarded in Asian cultures for its beauty and mystical qualities. Moonstone is widely used in modern paganism. Many other semi-precious gems such as quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, and tiger’s eye are used for the treatment of nervous disorders, arthritis, and depression.

How Gemstones Are Evaluated

The factors that determine the value of an individual stone are the cut, colour, clarity, flawlessness, and size. Due to the variances in the characteristics of gemstones, such as opacity, they can be analysed in the same manner as precious gems or graded like stones. Opaque stones such as opals and jade are graded on a scale of A to AAA, as well as on flawlessness and finish. Here are the main things to look for in a semi-precious gemstone.


The cut of a stone determines value. Cut is not only the shape of the finished stone, but also the surface area. A precision-cut stone with well-proportioned facets produces a finished gem of superior brilliancy, colour, and light reflection.


Clarity refers to the flawlessness of a gemstone, or the absence of marks, inclusions, and blemishes.


Colour is rated by vivacity, intensity, and saturation. A colour that is bright, in the medium range, with no cloudiness is considered the best quality.


A carat is a unit of weight in gemmology. One carat is equal to .200 grams. However, size is not always a determining factor in valuing a gem; a badly cut or coloured large stone with numerous flaws is lower in value than a smaller but more perfect specimen.


A natural stone is more valuable than a stone that is treated to enhance colour. Treatment methods affect the value of a gem as well. Stones that are dyed or filled to hide flaws are of low quality. Heat treating gems to enhance colour creates a lasting bond and permanent colour change.


This is not the same as opacity. Transparency in a gemstone is measured by how much light is diffused throughout the stone; the more transparent a gem, the higher the value.

  1. Learn that factors that distinguish a quality stone from one that is substandard.
  2. Remember that pictures are not always a true representation of a piece. Differences in colour or an inability to determine scale can make the decision to purchase a piece more difficult; ask for clarification or additional information when in doubt.
  3. Know the right questions to ask the seller about the piece of jewellery, and don’t be afraid to ask them. A listing for jewellery should tell the size of the stone, usually in millimetres, as well as the total measurement of the whole piece of jewellery. It should also list the weight of the stone in carats or grams, or the total weight if there is more than one stone. To get a rough measure of the weight of individual gems, take the total gem weight and divide it by the number of gems. A listing for gemstone jewellery should state whether the stone is natural or treated, and the method of treatment. If this information is not listed, send a message asking for clarification before purchase, and get a written appraisal, if available, and certificate of authenticity.
  4. The setting is important as well. Natural stones are set in a manner that allows the stone to “breathe.” Typically gemstones are prong set in a slightly elevated manner or have a small hole in the setting directly behind the stone.
  5. Determine if there are any visible imperfections such as inclusions, cloudiness, or other flaws that decrease value.
  6. Know the different types of settings and closures. A quality gemstone in a shoddy or cheap setting is no bargain, even at a bargain price. A lobster claw or screw closure is generally more secure than a clasp closure. These are the most common types of settings for jewellery:
10-, 14-, or 24-Karat Gold This is the percentage of gold present in a setting. Pure gold is 24 karats, while 10- or 14-karat gold is the amount of gold present, mixed with another metal, to make a total karat weight of 24.
Gold Filled This type of setting is made by layering gold over another filler metal; it will have the initials ‘gf’ after the karat weight.
Gold Plated Gold plating is created when an amount of gold between .15 mls and .25 mls is electronically plated over another base metal; the initials “GP” must be stamped on the back or inside of the item.
Vermeil Vermeil is constructed of gold plating over a base of sterling silver.
Fine Silver This is a setting with a content of at least 99.9 percent silver, it is very soft, but relatively tarnish-resistant compared to sterling silver
Sterling Silver Sterling silver is registered at 92.5 percent silver mixed with another metal, usually copper. It is stronger than pure silver, but tarnishes easier.
Silver Plated A base metal with an electroplated coating of between .15 – .25 mls of sterling silver.

NOTE: Gemstones can also be affixed by wire or thread, usually made of either natural silk or nylon. 7. Buy what excites the eye. Perceived market value is no substitute for the beauty of a well-crafted or unusual piece, regardless of any other consideration.


In the end buying jewellery is a personal experience. What is beautiful to the individual eye is precious to that person. Some types of gemstones have a personal meaning or association and therefore have a greater value to the owner. Armed with knowledge of what to look for in semi-precious gemstone jewellery, the buyer can make an educated decision on finding the best quality and value.


Can gemstones attract love?

Love is energy. It is a spark between two people. It’s hard to define and even more difficult to control. What if there was something beautiful that you could WEAR to attract love to yourself? According to gemstone lore there are several beautiful gemstones that attract love into your life!
A brief intro to the world of gemstones.

Gemstones have been worn since antiquity to heal, protect and attract different types of energy.  Many believe they can boost affirmations and enhance your desires.  Healing with gemstones is an ancient art still practiced today.  There are gemstones that increase psychic ability and others that cleanse auras.  There are gemstones that are worn for protection. Others are worn to increase confidence and others for prosperity.

Which gemstones attract love?

Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Topaz are all lovely gemstones that have traditionally been worn as jewellery or on a talisman to attract love.  A talisman is any type of object that draws energy to the possessor. A talisman can be carried secretly with you, if you aren’t into wearing gemstones as jewellery.

I often buy gemstone jewellery and talismans for others for many different purposes.  You can gather together the following love attracting gems and keep them with you in a small pink or red bag to carry as a talisman. Or, you can gather the various gemstone beads and make (or have a crafty friend) make them into a bracelet or necklace for you to wear.

Use some or all of the gems I refer to here. See which ones you are most attracted to yourself and use those. It is a very personal thing and what you choose will work best for you!


Amber is not actually a gemstone but is used the same way as others for various purposes.  It is usually golden yellow but can vary to light yellow to green, to almost black or red. It is the fossilized sap of ancient tree that grew millions of years ago. Sometimes an amber piece will have plants or an insect trapped inside. For attracting love try to find a clear translucent nugget or bead. You can tell real amber because it warms when held. It brings success to any endeavour and will promote self-healing from other emotional hurts suffered in the past. It will help you be ready for a new love.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a dark mysterious midnight blue stone treasured by the ancient Egyptians. Its colour is rich, dense and not shiny. It has been worn by rulers, kings and queens for over 5,000 years as a symbol of power and wisdom. Lapis Lazuli helps you to think clearly and make good choices, a something we need when looking for love. It will enhance your intuition and help you look in the right places for an honest love.


Moonstone is associated with the moon – always a stimulator of love. It’s a gemstone that is especially helpful for women as it boosts the pheromones that attract sexual energy. For women with a few years behind us, it balances hormones and revives our youthful attitudes and energy. Moonstone helps put our energy out there so it can be noticed by the right person.

Rose Quartz

According to legend Cupid brought Rose Quartz to earth because its beautiful colour arouses love and desire. It is pink and transparent and was often given as a love charm for young girls in ancient cultures. Rose quartz has been known to open the heart to beautiful things. As a stone of lasting friendship, it sometimes shows love that is waiting there to blossom in someone we think of as only a friend. Rose quartz can help open our eyes to this type of love.


Topaz is a love gem because it helps us to realize the joy in life! You cannot attract love if you are withdrawn, angry or resentful about past mistakes in relationships.  Happy people are attractive people and topaz will boost your good mood and help banish the blues. It’s a great gemstone to take to social events because it helps you to relax and be open to new people.

Do gemstones really work?

Everything you’ve just read is based on thousands of years of tradition and lore. A lot of using gemstones is believing in their power. Get familiar with them.  Hold them and really ‘feel” what energy they give off. They are part of our natural world and are a gift for you to use in your search for love happiness!


Gemstones And Their Significance In Your Life

Gemstones rank high in the list of must-have jewellery and fashion items for both men and women across the world. They come in myriad colours and styles, thereby emerging as versatile rocks that can be utilised to create distinctive and interesting looks. Gemstones can be found in almost all colours of the rainbow and each shade symbolises unique properties and special powers. Natural coloured gemstones are believed to have a stronger effect on its wearer than the artificially coloured gemstones.

Besides enhancing the attractiveness of its wearer by complementing his attire and accessories, an appropriate coloured gemstone can also have healing, therapeutic and other positive effects. So, get an idea of the different shades in which gemstones are available and the meaning of each coloured gemstones before you plan to buy one for yourself.

#1. RED Gemstones

red gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

The red gemstone stands for passion, deep love, courage and vigour. It is also one of the most popular and also the rarest colours available in the world. Red coloured gemstones are known to improve confidence, boost power, eliminate evil spirits and nightmares, increase vitality and give strength. The colour red adds to the attractiveness of the wearer and also helps in boosting his self-reliance. Andesine, Ruby, Spinel, Sapphire, Garnet, Tourmaline, Red Jasper and Zircon are some examples of red gemstones.

#2. PINK Gemstones

pink gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

Pink gemstones are the most favourite amongst the myriad range of coloured gemstones to choose from, especially for women. Most women get attracted to this coloured stone may be because of its shade, whic symbolises affection, beauty, gentleness and women power. It also exudes a feeling of self-worth and care. Examples of pink gemstones are: Rose pink quartz, Pink sapphire, Kunzite, Morganite, Tourmaline, Spinel, Garnet.

#3. BLUE Gemstones

blue gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

The blue in gemstones give a feel of the fresh waters and calm atmosphere symbolising bright skies and the deep oceans. It is also said to have a peaceful effect. The colour blue is believed to calm the nerves, soothe the mind, increase spiritual consciousness, boost the power of intuition and relieve anxiety. If you are suffering from sleep disorders or panic attacks, then you can go for the blue coloured gemstone. Blue gemstone will also help you stay inspired in your endeavour to achieve your spiritual and personal goals. Examples of blue gemstones are Aquamarine, Apatite, Lapis lazuli, Spinel, Paraiba Tourmaline, Topaz, Rainbow moonstone, Blue sapphire, Zircon, and Tanzanite.

#4. GREEN Gemstones

green gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

Green coloured gemstones work best for those looking to enhance their luck and prosperity. The colour green stands for wealth, natural well-being and growth. By wearing a green coloured gemstone, you can attract luck and money in your life. It also enhances your chances for a speedy growth by incorporating green gemstone as part of your personal jewellery collection. This colour gemstone would also allow stability to come in your life, besides making way for new ideas. People looking to boost their creative talents, reach a stable position in life, and control their fears as well as emotions, can wear green coloured gemstones. Green gemstone examples are Emerald, Jade, Adventurine, Demantoid garnet, Tsavorite Garnet, Peridot, Ruby- Zoisite Tourmaline, Agate, Chrome Diopside and Apatite.

#5. YELLOW Gemstones

yellow gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

There is a high demand for yellow gemstone in the market as this colour works well for boosting vitality, masculinity and confidence. If you are looking to enhance your health and increase self-worth, then it is best that you go for a yellow gemstone. Creative energy, happiness and intellectual powers also receive a tremendous boost from this coloured gemstone. Examples of yellow gemstone are: Citrine, Beryl, Orthoclase, Tourmaline, Sphene, Topaz, Zircon, Spodumene, Yellow sapphire, Chrysoberyl, Quartz, Agate and Cat eyes.

#6. PURPLE Gemstones

pruple gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

Possessing a purple gemstone can do wonders for your life as the colour seems to have a multitude of positive effects. Being a classic colour, it is often a reflection of royalty, exotic personality and intense passion. This fiery colour catches the attention of people easily and works like magic. It is a colour for individuals with high aspirations, good mysticism, self-esteem, stable also a quiet nature. Wearing purple gemstones can eliminate depression, establish clarity of thoughts and enhance authority. This colour is also believed to bring balance in life, improve supernatural talents and reduce worthless actions. Violet and lavender are two highly popular hues in this coloured gemstone category. Purple gemstones include: Spinel, Amethyst, Sapphire, Fluorite, Tourmaline, Chalcedony.

#7. ORANGE Gemstones

orange gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

Heat treatment applied to gemstones results in creation of orange sapphires, but a few orange gemstones can be found naturally as well. Those looking to enhance their strength, vitality and boost power can wear orange gemstones. It is also a recommended coloured stone for people who wish to spice up their lives and add creative streaks to get away from boring and lethargic existence. White gemstones include: Zircon, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Spessartite Garnet, Fire opal, Star Moonstone, Citrine, Imperial topaz, Moonstone, Andesine.

#8. WHITE Gemstones

white gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

White signifies purity, gentleness and peace. White gemstones are considered to be the purest forms of gemstones. No wonder, one has to shell out a good deal of money to purchase white diamonds as they happen to be the most expensive of all the gemstones available. Wearing the white stone can embark a new phase in life and provide you with a clear vision. Gemstones of white colour include: Diamond, Moonstone, Zircon Topaz, Fire opal, Sapphire, Jade, Quartz, Agate.

#9. BROWN Gemstones

brown gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

The earthy colour, brown, has a natural appeal and radiates comfort and warmth. Brown coloured gemstones go well with a lot of colourful attires and accessories. This coloured gemstone is known to bring stability, boost confidence and give tranquillity to a person in their difficult phase. Decision making also gets easy with these stones. Gemstones of brown are: Tiger-eye, Amber, Smoky Quartz, Agate, Jasper, Imperial Topaz, Zircon, Sapphire.

#10. GREY Gemstones

grey gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

It is very rare to see people choosing grey gemstone as its availability is also limited. Stones possessing the right shades and emanating correct contrasts of grey are difficult to find naturally. This coloured gemstone can often make people feel detached, immature and aloof. However, grey coloured gemstone can bring security and stability in life and induce healing energy. Grey gemstones include: Fluorite, Tourmaline, Spinel.

#11. BLACK Gemstones

black gemstones benefits-bollywoodshaadis

Of late, there has been a spurt in demand for the black gemstone. This classic colour exudes elegance and looks desirable. The spectrum of hues in this category of coloured gemstone includes raven black, charcoal black, stark midnight and ebony. The colour signifies toughness and hence, this coloured gemstone can empower the wearer and strengthen him to face all oddities. Black gemstones include: Diamond, Onyx, Tourmaline, Agate, Sapphire.

Choosing the right coloured gemstone that fits well with your requirement and personality will not only add to your aesthetic appeal, but also bring about positive changes in your life. So, choose wisely.

Astrological Birthstones for Leo 22 July – 22 August.

Peridot is best Leo birthstone but Onyx, Ruby and Diamond could be an alternative. People who were born under the zodiac sign of Leo are known as natural-born leader. Wearing one of these birthstones is capable to encourage their uniqueness and positive traits so that they can improve overall life quality.

As the fifth sign of the zodiac, the most prominent lucky gemstone for Leo is Peridot. This particular stone believed to work well and influence both positive and negative traits and characteristics of leo.

Besides Peridot, there are also several lucky birthstones, which respond to Leo such as black onyx, ruby star, and diamond. Just like its symbol, lion, Leo has ability of a king or commander who gives orders to other.

People who were born between July 23 and August 23 are under influence of Leo, and they have the strongest personality among other zodiac signs.

Leos are also very honest, as they speak what they think and what they feel, and they love to have intellectual argument. The people under this sign are very good public speaker.

Leo birthstone

Leo birthstone

People who have Leo zodiac sign was actually born in the month of July and August. For those born in the month of July should choose the Ruby as their birth stone and Onyx is second options , while born in August, Peridot be the right choice and Diamond is second.

Leo birthstone can have earth or air element, as they can work pretty well with fire, which is the main element of Leo, but water element should be avoided as it can drown the fire.

You can use stone with water element if you want to cut Leo’s emotion. Leos can be a good manager as they can manage things in a good and very organized way. They are honest and straightforward. Leo considered one of the most generous zodiac signs.

 August Birthstone For Leo

There Two birthstones for Leo that was born in August. The first is Peridot and second is Diamond. Both the birth stone has the nature of each which affects the characters of leo .

august leo birthstone

august leo birthstone


Peridot stone is variety of mineral olivine with green color. As a birthstone for Leo, Peridot can use as talisman to protect from evil and demons.

In gem therapy, it could attract wealth, health and to control emotional feeling. Green Peridot becomes the prominent Leo  birthstone because the stone is also ruled by energy of the sun, just like the zodiac sign itself.

For Leos who wear Peridot stone, it believed that they have ability to improve their loyalty and faithfulness quality. Peridot stone meaning is also said to attract fame, dignity, prosperity, and success, by giving protection to the wearers.

Not only that, Peridot also has healing properties, namely, to cure several diseases such as breast problems, respiratory problems, to strengthen stamina, and to promote immune system.


Considered as the most precious gemstone in existence, diamond comes with bright life and beautiful charms. In Leo, diamond can project their leadership skill in their professional career, as well as radiate the inner beauty. When wearing Diamond, they easily to attract love.

July Birthstone For Leo

Like in August, Leo Birthstone for July also has two stones. The first is Ruby and second is Onyx. Although both these stones have a much different colorbut it has a very goodeffect for Leo, especially for those who were born in July.

july leo birthstone

July birthstone for Leo


Ruby is categorised as  red gemstones that very popular that make it  in precious stone kinds. It promotes clarity, courage, and mental power for Leo.

People who wear ruby are also said to have peace and serenity of mind, allowing one to have healthy love life and relationship. As the stone of vitality and royalty, ruby helps Leo to encourage passion in their love life.


Despite the strong character of Leo, onyx stone can help to offer self-possession and self-control. This lucky birthstone for Leo reduces possibility of people to spend their abundant energy on something wasteful, and make it effectively powerful.

Besides, onyx also has a grounding character and allows them to control their strength, yet promoting optimism.

Wearing gemstone like Peridot, Onyx, ruby or diamond as Leo birthstone believed to cut the negative traits such as rigid, intolerant, and arrogant.

Which gemstones I can wear to enhance beauty?

We live in a culture that is fixated on physical beauty, and what’s interesting is that beauty really is a state of mind.  Have you ever had a day where you just felt really good and happy, and you noticed that you got more attention from strangers than usual?

Maybe you put on a new shirt that you liked, and you noticed more people looking at you, smiling, or even saying hello during your shopping trip to Target.  Or have you ever known a person who doesn’t have traditionally beautiful or handsome features; but because they exude such radiant and  captivating energy, they are constantly surrounded by admirers?  It just goes to show you that positive energy and feeling good can literally make you more attractive, because people want to be around somebody who naturally shines.

Gemstones are perfect for helping you to keep your energy and attitude light and uplifted.  Another factor in beauty is physical health, and gemstones can assist in neutralizing damaging toxins and in fortifying all systems of the body so that you glow from the inside out.  I do believe that regular and dedicated work with certain gemstones can assist you in making subtle and real physical improvements that you can see in the mirror.  They can assist in balancing and boosting the endocrine system, which can contribute to weight loss and to slowing down, or even reversing, the effects and signs of aging.  Here are my top three gemstones for helping you align with your true beauty.

Opal is a magical stone of rainbow iridescence that can help you to become as enchanting as it is.  Opals express in all color rays and have many appearances: milky, translucent, banded, sparkly, fiery, even jelly-like.  With all of these variations, one thing that all Opals have in common is their intoxicating beauty, making them a prized gemstone in many ancient civilizations.

Opals have been said to increase many things, such as love, power, fortune, healing, psychic vision, imagination, and luck.  Ancient lore also says that Opals bring out and enhance the beauty of the wearer, and this makes sense based on its properties. Any stone with a flashy, iridescent quality will naturally uplift your heart, mood, and energy, elevating you to a happy, high vibrational place.  And this is what makes you truly attractive to others.

Since Opal is Quartz-based and has a water content, this also makes it an extra-powerful energy absorber and amplifier that can hold programs.  So the magical key of this gemstone is to use it in deliberate ways and with intention.  I would suggest choosing a special and beautiful Opal ring that really captivates you with its radiant energy and colors, and dedicate it to bringing out your true inner beauty.  You can even program this into the stone by repeating this intention as a present tense affirmation at least eight to twelve times.

Then, before you start each day, gaze into your beautiful Opal and allow the vibrant colors and energy to transport your emotional state and consciousness to the higher realms of joy. Spend a moment appreciating something beautiful about yourself, perhaps the wise spirit in your eyes or the generosity in your smile.

Each time you do this, you strengthen and reinforce your intention, and you assist and empower your Opal to amplify and highlight your most beautiful features for all others to admire.

Aquamarine, a treasured gemstone in many cultures, has historically been associated with beauty, purification, and the ocean. According to folklore, it was found in the mermaid’s jewelry box.  Aquamarine has a calming and uplifting effect, raising your vibration and helping you to easily move into the higher flows.  It is known as the stone of release. It helps you to let go of grief, pain, stifling patterns, and heaviness that you’ve collected throughout the years, so that your beautiful soul essence can shine through and be seen.

Aquamarine is a beautifying gemstone because of its ability to purify on physical and energetic levels, and also because it heals, balances, and fortifies the endocrine system.  It carries the cleansing power of water, which can be applied to pollutants and toxins we are exposed to that accelerate aging and damage.  It strengthens the cleansing organs of the body, so that we can more easily release these harmful agents.

Aquamarine boosts the glands of the body, strengthening the thyroid, pituitary, and pineal.  Therefore, you can work with Aquamarine over the throat and forehead on a regular basis to balance the hormones, boost the metabolism, and activate your spiritual gifts.  I like this quote from the Young Again Forever website:  “If we can find a way to keep our hormones flowing, and the glands working at the optimum level throughout the span of our lives, we would have found the fountain of youth.”  Perhaps this is why Aquamarine has been known as the fountain of youth stone.  I would wear Aquamarine daily as a pendant, so that it is in close proximity to the thyroid gland.   

Amber, a fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, embodies the warmth and life-giving qualities of the sun.  Revered as medicine in many cultures throughout time, Amber was also known to enhance beauty.  It magnifies the qualities that makes the wearer attractive.  Amber acts in a magnetic way.  For instance, if you rub Amber against wool, it will attract paper.  So perhaps Amber’s power of attraction will rub off on you!

It is this same magnetic quality that gives Amber another of its helpful powers:  the ability to draw out negative energy from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and to help transmute it into positive energy.  In this way, it brings a sense of well-being and wholeness as it helps you to become more radiant and joyful.

Amber has been known to work on the endocrine and digestive systems.  With these systems highly functioning, you become teeming with life force energy and alluring vitality.  I would suggest carrying Amber with you as a loose stone that you can touch and rub throughout the day.

Rubbing a piece of Amber seems to activate its powers in a way that you can literally feel as bursts of positive healing energy.  I hope you enjoy working with these beautifying stones and recognize them as mirrors, reflecting to you your own enchanting beauty.

Chakra Gemstones

The word ‘chakra’ is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. Chakra in context refers to what yoga Upanishads consider the centre of psychic consciousness and spiritual energy. There are seven main chakras located in the human spine; located in what is defined as our ‘subtle body’. Unlike the physical body, the subtle body cannot be seen with any ordinary eye. Chakras are energy points in the human body. They are constantly moving and absorbing power and prana, which is a life-force energy.  Healthy chakras will allow positive energy to freely flow through our systems unhindered, providing inner balance which is paramount for maintaining good health.

The seven centres for energy correspond as follows:

Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra is the seventh chakra and is taken from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘thousand-fold’. The seventh chakra is also called the Crown Chakra; it is located on the top of the head. The head is considered the ultimate destination for the human soul. The Sahasrara Chakra corresponds to feelings of enlightenment, transcendence and spirituality. If this energy centre is well-balanced, it can transform into manifestations of pure wisdom, illumination and self-knowledge. If the energy flow is hindered, one will suffer from ego, vanity and excessive self-pride. The Sahasrara Chakra has 1000 petals and it radiates white, yellow and violet.

Sahasrara Gemstones:

Sapphire (Yellow or White), Diamond (Yellow or White), Citrine, Topaz (Yellow or White), Spodumene, Danburite, Opal (White), Moonstone, Iolite, Amethyst, Tanzanite and Charoite.
Ajna – The Brow

The Ajna Chakra is often referred to as the Third Eye or Brow Chakra and is also called the centre of Christ consciousness. The Ajna energy centre is located between the eyebrows. The concept of the Brow Chakra is sight, particularly in the spiritual and psychic sense. This chakra is associated with clairvoyance, intuition and clarity. A well-balanced Ajna Chakra will embody truth and empower clarity and vision. A hindered flow of energy can manifest itself into materialism, lack of focus and lack of vision. The Ajna has 96 petals and is associated with the colours green and indigo.

Ajna Chakra Gemstones:

Emerald, Jade, Diamond, Tanzanite, Charoite, Kyanite, and Fluorite.
Vishuddha – The Throat

The Vishuddha is the throat or fifth Chakra. This energy point is located at the base of the throat and controls the laryngeal plexus, including the throat, jaw, mouth, neck and lungs. Vishuddha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as ‘pure’. It is associated with the element of sound and the colour blue. The elephant symbolizes the Vishuddha Chakra.

Vishuddha Chakra Gemstones:

Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon and Fluorite
Anahata – The Heart

The Anahata Chakra is located behind the heart and is connected with the soul. The Anahata Chakra is said to be directly linked to the brain centre for creativity as well. From the energy point centre is where our insight is said to originate. The Anahata represents cleanliness and stainless. The element for Anahata is air and this chakra has 12 petals. The colours for Anahata are green and pink.

Anahata Gemstones:

Aventurine, Emerald, Chrysocolla, Peridot, Jade, Rose Quartz, Kunzite and Morganite.
Manipura – The Solar Plexus

The Manipura Chakra is the third chakra. The yellow lotus of energy makes its home in the stomach and represents fire and transformation. The energy centre is where we gather the ‘stomach’ for strength, courage and personal power. It governs how we respect each other and interact with one another. The Manipura has 10 petals and its element is fire. The colour yellow strengthens the Manipura Chakra.

Manipura Gemstones:

Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Golden Topaz, Imperial Topaz, Amber, Sunstone, Tigers Eye and Yellow Jasper.
Swadhisthana – The Sacral

The Swadhisthana Chakra is the second chakra. It is related to the spleen and intestines. It is located just below the pelvic bone. The Swadhisthana Chakra correlates with reproductive organs and our sex drive. It is tied with success, vitality, affection and creativity. The colour for the Swadhisthana Chakra is orange.

Swadhisthana Gemstones:

Carnelian, Citrine, Topaz, Tigers Eye, Spessartite Garnet and Amber.
Muladhara – The Root Chakra

The Muladhara Chakra is the root chakra. It is the red lotus of energy centre. Its location is just below the spine; this chakra is the closest to the ground, which is why it is referred to as the root chakra. It is said to be very grounding and controls our sense of security in life. It offers stability and footing and ensures we find our strength to stand our ground. Its element is earth and it sense is smell. The Muladhara has 4 petals.

Muladhara Gemstones:

Obsidian, Onyx, Red Jasper, Ruby, Hematite, Garnet and Smoky Quartz.


Wicca Spirituality – Gemstones Meanings & Spiritual Powers

Gemstones have meanings? Absolutely! There are certain stones and metals used in Wiccan rituals and Wiccan jewelry for their spiritual energy or symbolic attributes (which are pretty much the same thing). Gemstones are valued by Witches for their healing properties, and their ability to hold and channel energies.Metals also have inherent powers and associations.Witches use these materials consciously. Knowing their properties, we know that when we wear gold we are calling something different than when we wear silver. When we place a crystal on the altar, we know it is doing something other than a pearl would do.This awareness is fundamental to the living practice of Wicca.

Gem Stones

According to Edgar Cayce, the value of gem stones arises from the fact that they are essentially the same material as the soul.This is a beautiful thought. And he’s right. The beauty of gems lift our spirits to soar.The Power of gem stones, though, arises from their connection with the Earth. This gives them their healing power. Gem stones are manifestations of the Earth’s innate compassion.

Working With Gems And Other Stones

Virtually all gem and other stones are healing in some way. Most are specific — working on one part of the body or mind.You will have much greater success with gem stones – and with all ritual items — when you understand that they are not inanimate objects to be wielded as you wish. Stones have consciousness. And they are incredibly generous — willing to work with us for years.When you work with them, as equal partners, the Power is amplified . . . not to mention more easily guided.It is the purpose of dedication to create this working partnership.

Containers Of Energy

Gem stones hold onto energies. It is this which makes them so helpful in magickal tasks and healing.They act as containers for magickal energy. This makes gemstones ideal as altar tools and charms for spells. For healing, stones are willing to have dis-ease transferred into them. They then hold onto it until it can be safely flushed away. Healing stones don’t need to be gem stones — river and lake stones work wonderfully.This ability to hold onto energy also means that new gem stones aren’t “fresh.” They are holding energies from past owners, people who mined them, people who polished and set and sold them, and people who held them in the shop before you picked them up . . .So take care to cleanse all new stones thoroughly before using them

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Popular Gemstones’ Meaning

These are some of the most popular gemstones and their meaning used in Wicca jewelry and spells.

Amethyst  Healing on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. Raises vibrational frequency and protects against negative energies.
Amber Transmutes negative energy into positive. Bridges conscious self to the Divine.
Diamond Purifies. Amplifies thoughts and feelings – both positive and negative.
Hematite Grounding. Clarifies thought, improves memory, and calms anxiety.
Lapis Lazuli Deep wisdom and intuition. Opens the third eye and leads to enlightenment.
Moonstone Balances yin and yang. Enhances the inner feminine, and acceptance for yin attributes.
Opal Amplifies emotion, insight, and spontaneity. Very potent, and can cause difficulties with the wrong person. Each colour of opal has its own properties.
Pearl Pure mind and heart. Balances emotions and reduces stress.
Quartz Crystal Attracts, amplifies, and sends energy. Easy and safe. Useful for all kinds of healing.
Rose Quartz Balances yin and yang, restoring harmony after emotional wounding.
Turquoise Highly spiritual yet grounding. Uplifting to unconditional Love. Aligns chakras and opens heart.

Cabochon Jewellery

In jewelry use, cabochon gemstones are especially popular for earrings, pendants and rings. For men, cabochons are ideal for accessories such as tie bars, tie clips, cuff links and especially large masculine cabochon gem rings. Today, most high quality gemstones tend to be faceted, but there are some gem types that are still typically cut as cabochons. At one time, all gemstones were either carved or shaped and polished into cabochons. Cabochon cuts are excellent for specific gemstone types because they preserve special optical traits or perhaps they may be too opaque for faceting.

Considering the long history of gemstones, faceted gemstones were a relatively recent innovation. Gemstones were not cut with multiple angular faces and geometrical patterns until 15th century, when the invention of the horizontal cutting wheel came into play. Prior to this turning point, most gemstones were primarily fashioned into cabochons. This style of cut is often seen with opaque or softer gems types. The cabochon cut is one of the oldest and basic cuts, and most jewelry professionals should be familiar with the terminology. Cabochons cut gems are typically described with having a flat back, and a gently curved or domed upper surface, which allows for easy setting of the gem.

Even though most fine gemstones are now faceted, cabochons often referred to as cabs in the gem trade, are still very popular. Some of the popular gem types typically fashioned as cabochons are moonstone, opal, turquoise, star sapphire, star ruby and chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

Faceted gemstones will always have superior brilliance and fire, because they have been cut to maximize reflected light. Despite this, cabochons have their own unique charm and continue to maintain their popularity for several reasons. With so-called phenomenal gems, such as those that display a star or cat’s eye reflection, these gemstones can only display their interesting optical effects when finished as a cabochon, making some of the most interesting jewelry spectacles ever seen.

Other gems can be cut as cabochons because they are way too opaque or translucent, rather than transparent. Reason being is that faceting these gems would simply not produce optimal results, but they would have still an admirable end result if shaped into cabs. In addition, you can often found lower grade specimens of fine gem types, such as sapphire, ruby, quartz and garnet cut as cabochons. If an individual gemstone specimen has a very attractive color, but is not sufficiently transparent or clean enough to be faceted, it can still be shaped and polished to be a very attractive cabochon to be used as finished jewellery design.

From time to time, gem buyers who are fond of cabochons may seek out a high quality sapphire or ruby cut en cabochon, but these cases are extremely rare, because facet-grade gemstone material is almost always faceted instead for simple economics reasons: High quality, transparent sapphire will no doubt command higher prices once faceted, and so, lower-grade materials, known as “cabbing rough” in the gem trade, are better off being salvaged and cut en cabochon.

So, as a buying tip, look for high quality cabochons.