With age and air, our skin loses its power of locking the moisturizer as well as healthy oils. The result can be anything from chapped or flakey skin to a dull complexion. Growing the prettiest skin is definitely a tough task, thanks to the polluted age we live in. However, with the use of crystals that can raise the frequency of your body and cure its disorders, goddess-like beauty is just a click away!

·         Aquamarine Beauty Water

Water infused with crystals is ideal to cleanse toxins from your skin. Aquamarine is traditionally associated with purification and popularly common to every mermaid’s beauty box. Fortifying the endocrine system, Aquamarine beauty water can be made by soaking  Aquamarine beads overnight during the full moon or in the sunlight at dawn to make the effects of beautifying water.

·         Jade Roller Serum

Ideal for wrinkles and loose skin, Jade is a powerful crystal known to increase the proportion of elastin and collagen in your skin. Jade helps to raise the immunity of your skin as well as grow new skin cells. Use this jade to make beauty water and twice a day rub it on your face . When applying, roll  jade on your face in a circular motion gently for 5-10 minutes. ( You can purchase actual Jade Rollers if you wish).

·         Jasper for Glow

Red jasper was known throughout history as the Goddesses stone and the symbol of bold beauty. Jasper is excellent for pigmented skin. If suntan has made a dozen variations of complexions at different areas on your body, all you need is a jasper sunscreen!

Place jasper stone inside your sunscreen and use it regularly during the day. Cleaning your cosmetic products by passing jasper crystal across it also removes the toxins from the product.

·         Onyx for Disorders

A protective crystal known for cleansing negativity from a crystal, person or environment, onyx is an excellent crystal for skin and hair related disorders. From rosacea to skin allergies, onyx crystal helps in curing as well as calming down any such attack.

Regularly using onyx stone to rub on your skin brings down inflammations, infection sand coarse skin.

·         Rose Quartz for Exfoliation

A gentle healing stone known for everything lovely, Rose Quartz is ideal for flushing out your dead skin cells. Every day our skin cells die and new ones are born. If you’re against bathing everyday or if you have oily skin, there are high chances that the dead cells, dirt and grime are heaped within your pores leading to clogged pores.

·         Amber for antioxidants

The fossilized resin from world’s oldest pines, Amber is potent and highly effective for skin disorders. Enlarging the beautifying qualities in the wearer, Amber helps in combating free radicals in your skin and making it fairer.

The best method to use amber is by massaging it on your face before bed and the nightly moisturizer. Overnight face treatment with amber brings back the life force to your face and keeps it rejuvenated.

·         Topaz for reversing Aging

Capable of communicating with the skin cells for growth of new cells, topaz is vitalizing healing crystal. Topaz wearers do not suffer from skin disorders as topaz helps in replenishing the cells and prevent environmental stresses from harming your skin. By sealing the moisturizer within your skin cells, Topaz is considered excellent for cold territories.

To make the most out of Topaz in your beauty regimen, rub it on your wrinkles and lines before bathing.