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    Biwa Pearl Ring

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    Biwa Pearls are actually pearls that are cultured by the mussels, not by oysters. The fresh water or Biwa Pearls can’t be touched as doesn’t have their external structure unlike the saltwater pearls. The farmers of Biwa Pearls cut the cloak of a living mussel in spite of creating an external part into that mussel. By this process, the mussel produces the nacre that results into the creation of an astonishing pearl.

    Healing Properties of Biwa Pearl

    There are various healing properties of Biwa Pearl. It is believed to possess the power of purity that cleans the thoughts of the wearer that flows in his mind and body. It also enhances the alertness and consciousness of the owner and increases his self confidence. It expresses his highest self.

    Metaphysical Properties of Biwa Pearl

    Biwa Pearls originates in unusual contours that look different from round shape. The typical Biwa Pearls that we usually see are in rice grain pattern.

    Where is Biwa Pearl found?

    Biwa Pearl originates basically in Lake Biwa that is located in Japan. China has suddenly become a tough competitor of Japan in harvesting freshwater pearls. This high completion that the Chinese have given to Japanese is one of the biggest reasons because of which the degeneration of the cultivation of Biwa Pearls took place.

    Know about some facts of Biwa Pearl         

    There are various facts about this charm that are discussed as follows:

    • The cultured or freshwater pearls like Biwa Pearls are said to possess the power that may offer safety, money, love and luck to the one who wears them.
    • It is also popular for solidifying the friendship and love relationships.
    • It also offers safety to the children from all the sorts of harm.


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